You have the perfect recording studio- quality equipment, talented engineers, and sharp ears. Yet, we all know that you can do more and if you do, you’ll become immensely more successful. Get ahead of your competition with these tips, written by our marketing experts that have also owned their own studio. There’s so much to internet marketing, it’d take a 62 page eBook to cover the just the basics. TweetI consider myself lucky to live in a time period when recording technology is developing so rapidly. Want to setup a studio, had one about 15 years ago here in the Bahamas using Logic, Mac pro, etc… where do I begin? Sounds like the essentials you would need are a digital recording interface, microphone(s), and microphone cable(s) just to get you started with recording.
Not sure how loud the cars are driving by, so it’s hard for me to judge, but one of the simplest effective solutions without going all out and soundproofing your room would be to have a close range dynamic mic like the SM-57. Not sure what your budget is, but if you only need to record 1 or 2 tracks at once and want to get a lot of bang for the buck on a recording interface, look into the Presonus Firebox. It depends on your price range and your personal preferences for what sounds most appealing to your ears. Give your studio a name that’s easy to say, spell, remember, and find easily on search engines like Google.
Brand your studio with an amazing logo, a slogan, and specific colors to use across all of your marketing materials. We’re going to touch on a few here that apply specifically to studios, but we recommend learning more by downloading the free NOOB Guide to Online Marketing here. Craft a fantastic website: take professional photos, list your equipment, boast testimonials, host your best recorded samples, and use a WordPress theme to easy add and edit it. Record videos and take pictures of the recording in progress to post on your sites and for your clients to share across their social networks.

Network with your market online through social media, forums, and Q&A sites like Quora.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a free way to have your studio found via search engines!
Register your business on online directories like Yelp and Google + Local so that it’s easier for people to find you. Gather the emails from all of your customers and put them into an email campaign through MailChimp.
Measure the effectiveness of your Internet marketing by setting up Google Analytics on your website and monitoring it on a weekly basis. Promote with posters, demo CDs, stickers, and fliers in local areas that musicians visit like: Guitar Center, coffee shops, practice spaces, venues, record shops, Hot Topics (and similar stores), bars, etc. Print your logo on blank CDs or USB drives to use for masters that you send home with your clients.
His goal is to help musicians and recording studios become successful with providing awesome content to this blog.
When I was a child, I never thought it would be possible to produce professional sounding music at home. It depends on your budget, but I recommend to begin with a computer capable running audio software, your choice of DAW software (I like Cubase), at least 1 good multi-purpose microphone (SM-57 is popular), a good recording interface (I like the Presonus Firestudio), some studio reference monitors (for this you should go to a music store that lets you listen to them on display such as Guitar Center, and pick the one that sounds best to YOU while listening to music you are very familiar with.
Then, I would seriously consider getting a decent set of studio monitor speakers so you can have an accurate reference when mixing your songs to make them sound nice and spiffy! Get it as close to the sound source as possible and make sure the sound source is loud so you don’t have to make the recording signal as hot (Although you still want the results to be somewhat close to clipping without actually clipping.
If there is a Guitar Center near you or some place where you can listen to monitor speakers on demo, this is the best way to do it. That could be a test area – try your mix on as many systems as possible, including car speakers. Create a referral program for bands; giving them a specific amount of studio time for each time they refer new clients to you.

Make the prize studio time, but require the fans to share a picture advertisement of your studio to enter. You’ll only have to pay when people click to your site and it gives you the power to focus on specific markets, like people specifically in your area.
Write quality posts about gear, recording tips, and tips to help musicians further their career.
Send tips and cool stuff to their inbox monthly (not spam!)–Briefly reminding them to go to your studio again.
Getting an article written about your studio will help build awareness and boost your SEO (for online articles). If you have any famous clients, ask them to post a link from their website to yours to help your SEO. Bands promote these more than any other type of show and chances are- the losers will record with you anyway. You can bring what you want to listen to and ask the staff if you need assistance), and of course some decent cables and microphone stands. Its better to start with what you need to start producing, and more importantly, get your media exposed! Here are some ideas: focusing on one genre, offer more than recording services, be the only studio in town with 30 different amps, create a sampler CD of all of your clients.
Make them feel like they’re living it (customer service, decor, equipment), and they’ll come back for more. Choose the ones within your budget that are most true to the way the track sounds (of course, you may want to check reviews on it first as well just to be sure its good quality). I also have the problem with cars driving past on the Prince George Drive making some noice whole day.

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