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Building an effective retail brand today needs new ways of looking at how to communicate with customers across multiple digital and traditional channels.
Omnichannel is the mix of all physical and digital channels to create an innovative and unified customer experience.
The focus is on improving the experience across channels leading to improved brand preference and transactions online via web and desktop or in-store.
Whilst most major retailers do now have a physical and digital presence, they struggle to be unified and innovative in the way they serve the customer on these channels.
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Mall Home - Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. With the growth in importance of mobile and social media touchpoints, omnichannel has displaced multichannel as the preferred term in 2013 for managing these interactions. Omnichannel plans define how to use the strengths of the characteristics of web and store channels as customers research products leading to transactions in their preferred channel. The large variety often found in larger chain Plaza Star At our recently renovated Plaza location we provide additional specialty items and a larger selction of products.
If all store staff do is scan products and collect payment then they are adding no value at all.

Through developing a strategy for omnichannel marketing, the opportunities and challenges can be defined and strategies developed to improve the experience and the commercial benefits. One must have to go through the above post in order to ascertain a good and in-depth knowledge of the same. As we’re seeing at the major supermarkets they can be replaced with touchscreen terminals connected to chip and pin devices.

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