Since 1999 we build Organizer Software, Personal and Professional Information Managers for Windows. Thousands of Companies, Public Institutions, Professionals, Self-Employed and Individuals Worldwide are More Productive Using Our Software. MSD Pets, a New Diary for Your Dogs, Cats, etc.Click Here and Discover our Latest Program !!! MSD Sales is a powerful sales analysis software tool which allows to view sales information of one or more companies in table format, in decision cube format and in chart format (columns, bars, lines, areas and pies). This tool will improve your sales reports, allowing you to analyze the sales information by products, groups, clients, salesmen, payments and countries. The sales reports can be configured at will by dragging the sales database fields to any of the three available data areas in the decision cube. This sales analysis software allows to print the sales tables, the sales decision cube and the sales charts. In addition to this, MSD Sales features stand alone tools such as a word processor, a spreadsheet and an image viewer.
MSD Sales Multiuser is also available, allowing several users to share the information in a local area network with user access control.
In the following tables you will find a description of the main modules and tools of this program. The Ironbark Sales Analysis software interacts with Customer Orders to provide online analysis of sales by user defined criteria.
All sales costs are updated at the time of payments or from back flushing within the Ironbark system. It allows weekly or monthly report set up, user defined week dates, user definable reports, forecasting ability, dynamic interface to customer orders and the facility to report or enquire on current & prior years. Ironbark Sales Analysis software is a full reporting solution, for further information view the Sales Analysis software overview or call Ironbark today on 1800 649 524.

Get a comprehensive view of sales pipeline and performance with Birst dashboards and reports. Conducting the sales analysis process helps companies to investigate current sales performance and exploit opportunities for business growth and development. Preparation for the air vacation is actually the beginning of the trip, because when you start planning, it gives you a thrill of anticipation. Any record in the program main database may contain a word processor document, a spreadsheet and an image. New reports can be added or existing reports modified at any time and data rebuilt for current or prior years. Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. Use the following checklist to find out what steps you can take to carry out the process and improve your company’s sales activities.
In order to gain helpful information on how efficiently your organization utilizes its working capital within a certain period of time, you need to calculate the turnover of your working capital.
If you try to use sales performance indicators (like Time to Market) you will find out that some of your products require more time and effort to be delivered to the target audience.
There are three sales cycles including Retaining Customers, Attracting New Customers, and Enticing Existing Customers. Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time.
You need to divide your company’s net income by last year's earnings and multiply this expression by 100. Your task is to define these characteristics, analyze their impact on sales and develop a strategy for increasing the company’s strengths and remedying shortcomings. For example, selling a technological product usually requires a long certification cycle that extends the overall sales cycle and so stretches out the time necessary to deliver this product to the target customers.

You need to investigate sales performance for each of the cycles and identify ways for improvement. To calculate your annual sales growth you need to subtract sales revenue for the last year from the current year and divide this expression by the sales revenue from the last year.
It helps you analyze your company’s sales performance and identify actions necessary to increase sales and profits while minimizing losses. Try to use information on seasonal variations, random events and cyclical sales to adjust your sales strategies and exploit development opportunities.
Online surveys will help you gather valued information that you can use in forecasting your future sales figures. In such cases you need to investigate your market and define the best customer segments and niches with minimized sales cycles.
Sales analysis inquiry and reports provide the information you need to analyze history and current trends to target and adjust for more profitability.
A high-level turnover could mean that the company involved too much capital in sales activities. If the first indicator is higher then you need to allocate additional financial resources in order to sustain your affordable growth. Now you can use the indicator to investigate what products have shown an increase in sales and what products have been sold with declining.
If the annual sales growth is lower then you need to consider reducing your sales investments for the upcoming year.

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