Results inspired radically new Corn  Pops positioning impacting packaging and creative,  rejuvenating brand image, and increasing sales, share,  and awareness. Researched multi-channel marketing efforts  of five key advertisers to prepare comprehensive report on  how to target Baby Boomer women for agency-wide project. Explored multi-cultural trends and  developed volumetric sales analysis to convince Kellogg's to  address diverse '"non-traditional" audiences across all 17 kid-targeted brands.
Partnered with nationally recognized Teens Research Unlimited (TRU) presenting leading research studies  to entire 50-person Kellogg's Kid brand and agency teams. Created a Marlboro-first brand personality  chart spanning family of 10 varieties fundamentally altering  new creative executions, and segmenting mailing to millions of adult smokers. Developed, sold, moderated, and interpreted results for more than 100 qualitative focus  groups and one-on-one sessions for Marlboro. Led several Key internal brand team  ideation sessions across new products, promotions, and  Marlboro racing school, preparing holistic planning  platforms and guiding brand personality studies. Introduced planning discipline and mass  advertising techniques to entertainment retailer with more than $250MM in sales. Turned 17% sales decline into 20% increase  in two years by overhauling entire marketing effort and  launching company's first-ever national advertising campaign.
Introduced new psychographic target and  launched television, radio, magazine, billboard, theatre,  sponsorship, partnership and licensing plan helping stores  grow from $100MM to $250MM in sales. Conducted company's first-ever foray into  qualitative research inspiring creative executions for  nationwide campaign launch.
Extended Masterfood's Kid's Point of View  (KPOV) qualitative research program to include 75 inner city  schools providing a more diverse constituent perspective. Developed agency competitive analysis  standards and processes correlating media activity to sales.
Designed and conducted proprietary  nationwide research study on inner city teens seed by agency  for all M & M's brands.
WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. The plan undertakes situational analysis which helps to identify further potential of sales growth. On the basis of situational and competitors’ analysis the plan undertakes SWOT analysis which shows that Sony Europe shall advance its Product Mix component to increase the appeal to potential customers. The plan develops a marketing strategy which incorporates the findings of situational and competitors’ analysis and SWOT and suggests a specific plan of actions designed to meet the set objectives. The monitoring section provides the guidelines for monitoring of the results of the marketing campaign.
This marketing plan exercise is focused on determining the marketing objectives, target market and product mix strategies for Sony PS2.
The company’s mission is to design products that improve user experience with both work and entertainment technology.
To become the company most known for changing the worldwide poor-quality image of Japanese products.
Before launching PS2, it is imperative to analyze macroeconomic and micro economic audit to analyze key strategic issues, problem areas, and opportunities. Macroeconomic stability – Macroeconomic stability is the major factor that affects the potential of console sales and console game sales. Price sensitivity – Mintel (2004) believes that at the moment the price has become the key determinant of purchase choice.
MMO games – The recent vast development of Massive Multiplayer Online games shows that games become the new communication media. Fashion – according to Mintel (2004) research the large number of UK consumers are fashion conscious. Censorship regulation– the recent serious problems of Rockstar with regards to Hot Coffee mod of GTA San Andreas showed the importance of adherence to video game parental control standards. Piracy regulation– the strong tendency of importing pirated products from China shall be traced by Sony Europe. Next generation consoles – The introduction of new generation consoles will change the preferences of different customer segments.
New distribution channels – The continuous technological development, especially in the area of digital and communication technologies create new operating opportunities such as new marketing mix channels, new service encounter environment (online sales) and new market research tools.
Internet usage– The current penetration of Internet creates the stimulus for the increase use of Internet as information and transaction zone. New information requirements– The introduction of new technologies have changed the nature of customer’s expectations, creating new zones of tolerance. The compliance with safety requirements– Sony Europe shall resolve the issue regarding the possible threat of fire hazards and overheating of PlayStation 2 Adapters. According to Mintel (2004) the market of console games is growing with PS2 accounting for the major share of the overall sales, reaching 5 million units target in 2004. The other important factor was the introduction of the network capabilities and the development of the online gaming solutions. According to Mintel (2004) the UK video games distributors can be divided into three groups: specialist chains, non-specialist retailers and online retailers. Among the non-specialist retailers there are such distributors as Dixons Stores Group, PC World, Curry’s, HMV, Virgin Megastores, Comet, MVC.
The deregulated state of the market provides certain opportunities for new entrants to start the business. There is a wide range of various entertainment substitutes that can directly compete with video games.
In the light of the fierce competition and wide variety of substitutes consumers enjoy strong bargaining power. The market share of Sony is far ahead of all other market players of the game console industry in UK. This chart clearly indicates that Sony is market leader by huge margin where its main competitors Microsoft (Xbox) and other miscellaneous player (mainly dominated by Nintendo -Pear shaped for Cube & Handheld heaven) and PC games however even in combined form t are far behind PS. This market share is ideal to launch Sony Playstation2 as current market share suggests that customers are more tilted towards Sony brand name in games market.
The market analysis indicates that although there are PC games that contributes to market, but main competition for PS2 will be from Xbox and Nintendo. Considerable analysis suggests that PS2 will not be facing immense competition from Microsoft Xbox. The presence of powerful competitors with established brands create a threat of intense price wars and poses s strong requirement for product differentiation. The high bargaining power of retailers necessitate console manufacturers to use cost effective distribution channels as well as leading ones to maximize sales of consoles. According to annual report, despite the global decline of hardware sales, Sony Europe generates the steady revenue streams from the sales of the software products. According to GameIndustryBiz and recent marketing campaign launched by Sony Europe the current marketing objectives of Sony entertainment is to persuade casual buyers to buy PS2 consoles. Comparing to same generation consoles the major competitive advantage of PS 2 is its Product Mix advantage in terms of Emotion Engine capability which creates unique gaming experience. The major core competence of Sony as console manufacturer is its ability to blend advanced technological capabilities of PS2 consoles with the efforts of game developers, licensed to develop the games for the market. The strong relationships with third parties make Sony very attractive for the wide range of consumers. Though Sony was one of the first movers when it introduced network adapters it did not place particular focus on the development MMO games. Both technical capabilities of PS2 as video game console and its options for consumers to use it as multimedia centre, supported by wide range of powerful software products create unique overall experience for casual consumers. Sony Europe collaborates with all leading distributors from all groups which creates maximum availability for a mass market. Due to wide range of software titles, the console is regularly promoted via different media channels. Sony Europe’ marketing department collaborates with the departments of game publishers in order to track the effectiveness of the use of various marketing tools. Third party support – One of the major advantages against both same and new generation consoles is the wide range of gaming titles. Distribution – The strong collaboration with leading UK distributors maximise the availability of consoles and games for customers.

Price Mix – The fact that PS2 is more expensive than its direct same generation competitors might alienate casual gamers.
The Product Mix appeal to mass market – The wide range of famous titles, wide range of online capabilities and strong market reputation create a strong opportunity to attract mass market consumers.
The entry of new generation consoles – The entry of new generation consoles is very likely to attract innovators and early adopters. Emotional benefits – Kotler (2004) claims that emotional benefits are one of the key elements that create emotional attachment of patrons to a particular product. The section above showed that potential and existing customers will use the set of salient quality attributes to assess the overall value proposition of the PS2. The environmental analysis revealed the importance of Product Mix as a strong appeal to customers. According to Kotler (2002) promotion decisions encompass the range of communication and motivation instruments needed to raise awareness and precipitate purchase of the product. Provided that the PS2 products are mostly goods rather than services it is very hard to define Process Mix, People Mix and Physical Evidence Mix components. 100 000 British pounds will be spend on monitoring the effectiveness of the implementation. The collection of the feedback information will be done on the monthly basis to evaluate the effectiveness of the suggested marketing strategy. Confluence is where your team collaborates and shares knowledge — create, share and discuss your files, ideas, minutes, specs and projects. Regardless of the medium, a thorough analysis is conduction to ensure the proper networks or radio stations are being included in the plan. Rick utilizes many different research tools to determine the most effective media plan.
Including TV as part of a media plan depends on many factors and warrants indepth conversations with the client in order to develop a plan that best meet their objectives. RADIO: Radio is another effective medium for reaching a broad mass audience and is very effective for branding and awareness campaigns. Participation in radio station events or promoting a client's event on the radio can be very effective.
NEWSPRINT: Newsprint circulation numbers have been dropping considerably for the past few years. As a result of lower circulation, many newspaper organizations are looking at other electronic forms of communications to make their product more appealing and effective. Some newspapers have formed strategic alliances that allows them to offer other electronic products and services.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Comple One Yrly Activity Action Plan Wk Hrs Wk $ Mo Hrs Mo $ Yrly $ Goals ted Time HrsCompetitor Research: 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 Variety of tools such as PR Web, PR SEO 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Pitch Engine, etc. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The situational analysis covers such areas as the review of macro factors, the investigation of the current consumer tendencies with regards to both gaming and entertainment experience and the impact of these factors on sales. The price and technical inferiority were recognized as one of the major current weaknesses which might alienate potential casual gamers and incur the cost of lost customers.
The plan of actions suggests the way Sony Europe can develop the right mix of 7Ps’ tools to appeal to target customers and increase customer yield. To achieve this aim, this plan will encircle the business mission of Sony, external marketing audit through analysis of macroeconomic and microeconomic environment and internal marketing audit, and lastly SWOT analysis.
The economic factors determine the nature of the competition within local and global markets. Low interest rate creates a strong stimulus for consumer spending, whereas high interest rate creates a strong stimulus for saving.
Various consumer groups are used to various offers and always look for the best price opportunities. At the same time, both game publishers, PC and console hardware companies might use various opportunities to maximise sales and increase the customer loyalty. Their choice of product strongly depends on the appeal of product mix and its congruence with their self-concept.
Since Playstation 2 consoles are usually sold with the free chart game included in the product box, the company shall be very serious about its game selection.
Though, various PR initiatives were undertaken by government to persuade people into buying genuine products, the anti-piracy legislation is not yet very effective. At the same time, Mintel (2005) is certain that it will require certain time till the proper market adoption of new generation consoles will take place. According to Mintel (2004) more and more retailers switch to new cost-saving distribution channels. The major issue is the current tendencies towards Internet consumption which vary respective of a country of operations. Today, customers expect more flexibility, speed and dependability from retailers, than before the introduction of web-based technologies.
Players have complained of eyestrain, headaches, chest pain, fatigue and mood swings (Tazawa et al. Sony plans to counter this ecological factor by not only ensuring heat resistant technology but also continuous recalling of complained adapters all from everywhere possible to assess the potential effects and respond to this problem effectively by renewing adapter technology. Sony needs to make sure that it products comply with the health and safety standards and that consumers are aware about that. Mintel analysts believe that the major sales drivers of the video games were the rise of the disposable income of the consumers due to the change of gamers’ socio-economic status. New technical capabilities increase the impact of Product Mix both for hardcore and casual gamers. Among the specialist retailers the dominant role is played by the Game Group and Gamestation ltd.
The distinguishing feature of online distributors is that they created strong pressure on other distributor groups. PC games, MMORPG PC games, portables consoles, mobile phones – all these entertainment alternatives can directly affect the retention of existing customers and the conversion of new ones. At the same time, Game Industry specialists claim that the development of specific game communities might create strong consumer attachment both to a specific game title and to a game platform.
So despite Nintendo being old player in game industry, but in UK console industry, it is still considered as a new entrant as compared to Xbox and PS.
These figures show that irrespective of the current UK maturity and declining sales, Sony Europe might generate profits by selling software solutions and each customer contribution margin. Grant (2005) claims that Sony managed to develop strong beneficial relationships with wide range of leading game developers and publishers including such industry giants as Electronic Arts, Capcon, THQ and Ubisoft. Both positioning statements are duly supported by Product Mix elements and the efforts of software developers. According to Electronic Gaming Monthly (2005) the wide game titles library with a large number of AAA games makes PS2 a real value for consumers. The analysis of macroeconomic factors showed that the development of online game opportunities, especially with regards to both gaming and socializing experience is an important competitive prerequisite. The console is not already appealing for innovative type hard core players who look for the most sophisticated solutions.
Provided the price sensitivity of casual gamers, the price is a competitive weakness of PS2. Hence, in case of a positive purchase decision a consumer has wide range of opportunities to get PS2 console. According to Mintel (2004) one of the most advantageous promotion channels is the word of mouth communication and community building. This type of collaboration which includes information exchange, joint marketing planning and co-marketing activities increases the effectiveness of marketing expenses.
According to Rogers (1995) both late majority and laggards, who might constitute more than 35% of the overall sales during the product life cycle are very attractive customer segments.
Though, it will take certain time for game developers to create sufficient game choice for new generations, PS2 sales might be affected by the further penetration of new products on the market. The quality of game related communities might create various emotional benefits for casual gamers.

In this relation to insure that all the available benefits are properly communicated, the pub needs to understand customer preferences, define the sources of information that shape consumers expectations and develop the marketing mix elements that will communicate the required benefits. Hence, to attract casual gamers Sony Europe needs to make the Price Mix of PS2 be competitive against direct competitors.
Sony Europe shall maintain the strong relationships with major distributors to secure the availability of PS2 products. Sony Europe shall use various mass media tools, including celebrity endorsement and events to increase the overall PS2 hardware and software sales. At the same time, C2C online activities and gaming experience create various opportunities for Sony Europe to manage People Mix and Process Mix. As the table two shows 2 million pounds will be spend on increase of PS2 software and hardware sales. 4 million pounds will be spent on porting MMO games on PS2 and its promotion for hard core gamers. In case no or flat response to promotional activities, contingency measures will be employed. This data can be useful when determining whether to advertise in a particular publication.
Rick gathers radio station format information to determine the best station fit for the desired target audience. Live radio remote broadcasts are also a very effective way to promote an event and can be done right at the client's business.
Copy TBD 0 0 0 0 0 0 Grab and analyze screenshots of TBD 0 0 0 0 0 0 various sensors pages Increase unique visitors, Website Keywords Analysis TBD 0 0 0 0 0 0 1st page on top 3 keyword phrases Implementing Google Analytics TBD 0 0 0 0 0 0 Mobile Website TBD 0 0 0 0 0 0 Design TBD 0 0 0 0 0 0 Lead generation – (i.e. Why not choose your writer by browsing their profiles to learn more about their specialised subjects? The analysis shows that in order to increase sales Sony Europe need to take into account price sensitivity of casual gamers and fashion consciousness of today’s customers. In terms of Product Mix the plan suggests the introduction of new console design to create appeal for fashion conscious gamers, develop further network capabilities to increase the overall experience from using the product.
The case of UK consumer trends shows that long term macroeconomic stability created a strong consumer confidence and was one of the major sales drivers (Mintel, 2004). Not only will it have to do with the process of market adoption of new product, but with mere availability of sufficient range of games for new consoles.
The use of various discounting offers and price cutting techniques created intense rivalry between distributors with the use of bundling offers to drive sales. The continuous change of life style preferences create various opportunities for a new gaming experience. Historical evidence suggests that Microsoft launched Xbox in UK after long time when PS had already succeeded in market. It is general perception that its UK position is the third most popular games console and lagging some way behind the Xbox in the UK software and hardware market (Eurogamer, 2004). Hence target customers are segmented not only on the demographic basis, but also on the basis of adoption basis. Hence, despite certain inferiority of PS2 against Xbox in terms of technical specifications (see appendix I), the strong titles makes it more appealing to casual gamers, who are not as sophisticated as hardcore gamers. After unsuccessful to port Everquest from PC to PS2 Sony did not invest in the development of this direction. At the same time, the casual gamers get the access to wide range of entertainment opportunities. At the same time, Mintel (2004) claims that TV, magazines and other promotion media are very important in term of creation awareness regarding new game titles. Having POS data on the sales of game titles and consoles, the marketing department gets the access to relatively precise information regarding sales potential, customer trends, upcoming events and seasonal limitations. At the same time, the influence of fashion trends set specific requirements for the development of new designs. Mintel (2004) stresses the importance of POS promotions such as price reductions, special offers and special editions and the importance of word of mouth communication. Using Game mastering, holding tournaments and online competitions, supported by game communities Sony Entertainment can make use of People Mix, Process Mix and Physical Evidence Mix.
As the table shows the promotion activities will include celebrity endorsement with the use of TV advertising and events, radio advertising, online promotions and POS promotions, cover mounts and software reviews in the leading console and lifestyle magazines. The monitoring activities will collect the information about the use of various promotional channels, whereas evaluation phase will deal with identification of the most efficient promotional channels that shall be further kept in top priority. All forms of copying, distribution or reproduction are strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the Full Extent of Law. Broadcast TV, on the other hand, provides a much broader reach and is capable of covering a greater geographic area. If radio is recommended in the media plan, schedules will be developed identifying the days, daypart and frequency necessary to effectively reach the target audience. However, within some smaller markets there may be benefits to making a media buy with the local or hometown newspaper. This creates some advertising opportunities and enables advertisers to reach their target electronically with the use of banner ads that contain links to the clients website. This partnership allows the newspaper to offer advertisers Yahoo's Internet, behavior-based advertising.
The review of technological factors showed the threat of the release of new generation consoles and the opportunities stemming from the use of online distribution channels and the development of MMO (massive multiplayer online) games.
The Price Mix is suggested to be adjusted making PS2 competitive against same generation consoles. The gaming industry depends on economic state as it affects inflation rate, interest rate and disposable income of the consumer.
It means that with the further increase of Internet as transaction area distributors with well-developed e-capabilities will have increased sales and market coverage. Alongside its standalone outlets, GAME operates concessions in Debenhams, House of Fraser and Fenwick department stores.
At the same time, the current industry enjoys strong cooperation with game developers and publishers who affect the final gaming experience of consumers. Similarly as this PS2 will be launched, there are no immediate plans evident from Microsoft to launch any newer version of Xbox to compete PS2.
Provided the large number of appealing titles PS2 is still competitive against new generation consoles which can not offer the similar software titles depth. To attract casual gamers, Sony Europe shall strive to maximise overall customer experience by offering attractive bundles and enhancing entertainment capabilities of the PS2 console. In this case the involvement of other gamers will create additional emotional benefits for customers and create the tangible advantages of PS2 services. Research shows that in smaller markets, local newspaper advertising can be effective depending on the product being advertised. This product allows advertisers to target based on the measurable shopping behavior of the consumer.
Sony Europe needs to take into account both legal factors in terms of piracy threat and compliance to health and safety standards.
The plan emphasizes the importance of Promotion Mix to communicate the advantages of PS2 to target customers. In terms of marketing strategy the economic factors determine the future market value and might influence the budget allocation for promotion activities and new product development. Additionally, the development of MMO games will attract hardcore gamers and might enable certain gamers to switch from other consoles. At the same time the specific attention shall be paid to maintaining strong relationship with distributors to maximize the availability of PS2 hardware and software products.
According to Mintel (2005) in recent years, the UK economy has been among the strongest in Europe. Mintel (2004) claims that Gamestation Ltd is the only real challenger to GAME in the specialist sector.
In terms of process, people and physical evidence elements, the paper suggests the development of C2C activities which are expected to enhance the emotional benefits from using the products.

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