The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is thrown around a lot, with different people providing a variety of definitions. With your content written, you can begin implementing additional SEO for your WordPress website. By default, WordPress is set to name the URL of all of your posts with a unique identifier. In addition to the use of SEO plugins, URL optimization, and providing relevant content, there are many more methods of ensuring good SEO for your WordPress site, including social media integration and making sure that you provide each of the major search engines with updated XML sitemaps each time you create a new post or page.
There are few things I talk to clients about that can be as confusing as search engine optimization or SEO. One of the reasons it’s easy to get fooled is that no one without a strong IT background truly understands the Google algorithm, and even if they do, it’s constantly changing.
Recently I looked at a client’s web page, and while it had content, it was embedded inside an image. This article “Top SEO Black-Hat Tricks Still Being Used” courtesy of Media Post on the black hat tricks still being used will give you some ideas of what to be aware of when you talk about SEO.
Here’s where you’ll find our opinions, memories and even narratives about our pets as well as industry information about the latest trends in digital marketing, public relations and employee recruitment advertising.
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If your offer is accepted by both parties or you have completed the Buy It Now process, you will receive a notification advising you of the next steps. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves crafting a website so that it ranks well in Google’s search algorithm [SEO also applies to other search engines, but Google is the most important]. Websites that rank well will show up at the top of Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs). Since web searchers are an impatient lot, it is important to be among the first few results Google delivers for your targeted search terms. Not all businesses necessarily rely on search traffic, but if you are in a business where you need people to be able to find your website easily via Google searches, then SEO should be a top priority for you. SEO involves trying to understand what factors search engines use to rank web pages and then crafting websites to excel on those factors.
The overarching idea is that you want to build a website that provides visitors with a more relevant experience than others site in your field.
It is fairly easy to test if your site is doing well (or well enough) in SEO simply by trying some search terms that are relevant to your business and seeing where your site shows up.
Please contact us and let’s talk about how we can work together to make your site kick butt. About UsWebdot Marketing is a web consulting firm that specializes in website development, web marketing, and social media. Contact UsWe are located in Fernandina Beach, FL and serve clients on Amelia Island, the Jacksonville area, and across the country. Before becoming an SEO specialist, I remember getting so excited for Christmas every year because that’s when Santa Claus would come to visit.
When I was first starting out in search engine optimization, I felt that similar feeling whenever I thought a certain technique would help one of my clients, and eventually find out that it would have no effect or even worse, hurt their site.
I have had clients in the past that had template content through their site that riddled certain keyword phrases onto the site to the point where it did not read naturally.
One of the most common SEO tips that most people hear about is making sure their meta tags contain the keywords that they want to rank for. This SEO myth is relevant because we’ve learned how important linking is to helping your site gain traction and visibility in organic search. For instance, a former client hired a contractor who created microsites that pointed tons of links back to their site. What are some other SEO myths that you’ve heard, and what tips would you give to debunk them?

And while we’re on the subject of SEO, what do you think about posting existing content on websites?
Our very own Christine Rochelle was named one of Jersey’s Best Marketing and Communications Professionals.. Music is a major aspect of Hispanic culture, often taking a central role at social gatherings. Agency leaders foresee the future of what the buzz will be in a year from now, do you agree?
Twitter and Rhapsody are pulling a power-play by teaming up to allow users to stream full-length songs.. Looks like McDonald’s really blew some consumers away with their food truck as official sponsors of South.. In reality, SEO in its simplest form refers to optimizing a website to get better search engine results. The reason behind this is that search engines, especially Google, focus on the content of your website before factoring in other details and determining search rankings.
There are many ways to add keywords and content to your site so it can be found by search engines. Unfortunately Google doesn’t read images which means all the content they added wasn’t being picked up by the search spiders. If you are looking for white hat tools, we are glad to review your sites to offer solutions that can work. A recent study showed that the top three search results get a whopping 77% of total clicks.
If you are providing the best experience, then, over time, Google will generally choose to list your website high in the search engine results. When doing this, it is important to use terms that are reflective of what ordinary searchers are likely to use (as opposed to people who already know you or your product). Keyword analysis involves identifying what keywords are most relevant to your business needs and then assessing what can be done to get you better performance on these terms. Content analysis takes a careful look through all your website content to determine how it matches up against your target keywords. This type of work involves making behind the scenes changes to your website that will help you perform better on the more technical elements of SEO. A content tune-up involves reworking the content on your site to provide information that is more closely tied into your target keywords. We help businesses establish and expand their online presence to deliver maximum business impact.
I also remember the disappointment I felt upon learning that the jolly guy from the North Pole was nothing more than a myth.
To avoid disappointment (and potential traffic loss) this holiday season and beyond, check out these common SEO myths that should be avoided.
It’s true that they are important for search engine optimization, but what you may not know is that there are approximately 40 different meta tags!
As an SEO specialist, I can assure you that only a couple of them are essential for your site. However, you should know that Google frowns upon links that aren’t seen as ‘natural.’ This means that the links should be pointing to your site over time and come from relevant sites that hopefully have a high Page Rank. Unfortunately, with all of Google’s updates combined with the fact that the links came no-name microsites, these links become irrelevant and actually brought their site’s rank down in organic search. Some people to this day are still keyword-stuffing their articles while others are still using nothing but black-hat techniques. Using WordPress for the creation of your website or blog will give a good start on SEO for your site, as WordPress incorporates several methods of SEO that are automatically applied to your pages and posts; though, this may not be enough to give you the search engine results you are hoping for. When you write a WordPress blog posting or an informative article, you should aim to provide relevant content.

There are hundreds of different WordPress plugins that provide some form of SEO, from automatic sitemap generators to keyword usage calculators.
Instead of automatically naming your posts using the default setting, you have several other options. This goal can make them vulnerable to scams and false promises of those who say this is simple to do and promise to do it quickly. Some terms can be very competitive, so it is not always possible to get into the top 3 results, but if you are not at least on the first page of search results, then your chances of being found are quite low.
On the other hand, if your website provides a poor user experience, then it will be listed lower in the rankings. For example, if you sell a medical product with a specific brand name, don’t search for your product brand name. This involves an in-depth review of both technical and content factors that affect SEO performance. The idea is to figure out if your webpage content does a good enough job delivering content that ties into the terms web searchers would be using to find your business. You can also proactively create content on other sites that may include a link to your own website. Someone wants to find cheap Christmas decorations, so they type that into the search engine and they get the results shown in the photo above.
This simply means that Google sees these sites as the most important or the most relevant for that specific keyword term.
The title tag and meta description tag are both essential since they are not only visible to web-crawling spiders, but they are also visible the user when searching. I used Webmaster Tools and disavow all of these suspect links to tell Google that these links should not count towards the value of the site. On the other hand, however, isn’t article syndication similar to posting existing content anyway? To increase the amount of traffic from search engine queries, learn how to improve Search Engine Optimization for a WordPress site. Once your content is created, you can start worrying about additional SEO for your WordPress site. Be far, one of the most popular and widely used SEO plugins for WordPress is the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. It can also involve adding entirely new pages designed to be highly focused on specific keywords.
We can evaluate your existing inbound links and identify options for generating additional links.
As I said in my last blog about SEO tips, it takes more than just keywords to get to the top of an organic search result page. In addition, if you want to control spider access on your site, you should make sure that the ‘meta robots tag’ is accurate. This will also help you retain visitors, as people are more likely to want to come back to your site and share your posts, if they found your content useful. A free download, this plugin will automatically generate XML sitemaps and provides a method of analyzing your post to ensure you do not use a keyword too often or not enough. Whichever method you prefer, any of these options are better for SEO on your WordPress site than going with the default setting.
Finally, it includes identifying some of the search terms that are most relevant for your business and then quantifying how well you are performing on those terms.
This is especially true if you stuff keywords into every sentence, making your content look like spam.

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