Audio Visual Integration is one of the top security camera installation companies in Orlando.
We only use the most technologically advanced and dependable equipment available for our security camera projects. Our biggest priority for customers requesting security cameras is that they feel safe and protected once we finish a job.
When asked by Guy Harvey Inc., to outfit their new offices and showroom with a new state of the art audio and visual system, our engineers were challenged to tailor the new gear to their needs, wants, the space, and their budget.
Initially, the offices were pre-wired for distributed audio and video including security cameras.
With the continual increase in theft, burglary and vandalism, crime is something everyone thinks about. In order to figure out exactly what home security camera you need, you will need to understand what types of cameras are out there, from a surveillance camera to a wireless camera. With this said, we think this Sharx Security infrared security camera, which happens to be wireless, is a great option. In keeping with the 2011 wireless security camera trends, this infrared security camera allows you to view and adjust from your smartphone. Home security cameras provide homeowners a peaceful mind regarding their personal property, loved ones and pets. Since the 1960s security cameras have been steadily growing in quality and convenience of use. If you make sure these three elements are included in your security design you’ll be covered against crime and you won’t be among the statistic of break-ins.
Tucson, AZ company deploys GPS Tracking equipment and hidden cameras to combat nativity thefts. We decided to send a clear message by offering GPS Trackers to those who wouldn’t normally be able to afford them. SpyGadgets LLC, an industry leader in covert GPS Tracking technology is known in law enforcement circles as the place to go when difficult situations require extraordinary electronic equipment.
As far back as nativity scenes and Christmas decorations have existed there have been problems with theft.
Other GPS retailers have offered similar devices in the past but those being offered by SpyGadgets and BlackOps GPS Tracking differ in that instant alerts will be sent via e-mail or text message to a designated individual or group should a decoration be removed from the property.
A real time GPS Tracker is a device slightly smaller than a cell phone that can be placed in anything from a shoe to a cruise ship. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.

Best Home Surveillance Systems including Outdoor Security Cameras, Wireless Security Camera Systems. Outdoor light bulb hidden camera fits into any standard fixture and captures crystal clear surveillance video day or not. Our trained technicians are experienced in security camera installations, but more importantly they’re friendly and trustworthy.
After working closely with the VP of operations, AVI engineers formulated a plan which accomplished every aspect of the request. By understanding what is needed to have good security for your surroundings, you will be able to purchase a surveillance system and specific surveillance cameras to suit those needs for things like home security. We often find that customer reviews and comments give a real world look at how well a wireless security camera really is.
There is a long list of supported browers and operating systems and we are pretty certain if you have a recent smartphone that you can monitor this security camera with it.
It has been found that homes without a good security system are 300% more likely to be broken into. Most cameras available these days are the product of simple innovations that make them not only cheaper but better. Many people overlook the DVR assuming anything will do the job credibly, but that’s not really the case. If you can’t afford cameras to cover an area, or you simply want to be doubly sure that you’ve got your defenses up then you should utilize motion sensors.
Outdoor hidden camera disguised as a rock with build in digital video recorder.GPS Tracking map with GeoFence TechnologyGPS Tracking map with geofencing technology helps alert users the instant an asset moves from a designated location. Buy a small, secret,hidden spy camera for your surveillance security needs whether for professional, home or business needs. For residential projects, we understand the importance of protecting your home and keeping your family and belongings safe. At AVI we understand the value of hiring a security company you can trust and that’s why we go the extra mile to make sure you’re in good hands. Another top priority of ours is that we want to make sure our customers fully understand how to use the products we install. What type of security you should invest in, whether ita€™s a home security system or surveillance for your office, are all things to consider even before moving into a new home or office. A review site often puts an infrared security camera through its paces and then moves onto the next review. Many amazing features include a heat sensor which can email you when somebody enters a room!

THREE HUNDRED PERCENT, that’s kind of crazy.Do you know what else is crazy, only 17% of American homes actually have security systems installed. For example, PTZ security cameras can not only pan, tilt, and zoom in live footage, but can also pan, tilt and zoom in on recorded footage (within the footage that was in frame of course).
It’s important to make sure that you choose the DVR that will provide you with the power and features you need to really have control over your home security camera system. These are cheaper than cameras most of the time and provide notification if they sense radiation or specific sounds in the case of glass break sensors. For commercial projects, we know that protecting your property, equipment and other investments is vital to your Orlando business.
That’s why we say the job isn’t done until you understand every function of your security camera equipment. There are numerous types of options, from spy cameras or nanny cams that are small, efficient and can resemble anything from a fake plant to a wall clock, to CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras used to capture images that can later be used in courtrooms to catch kidnappers and thieves. With home invasions on the rise and nearly 2 million burglaries happening each year the excuses for not having a home security system are beginning to sound less and less convincing. Look for DVRs that provide you with high definition resolution while streaming live AS WELL AS, high definition resolution when reviewing stored footage. Whether it’s money or laziness that drives you to not have your security system installed yet it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you take action on protecting your home and family. Other cameras have motion detection features, meaning they are activated by motion and can send you an email with the feed or an image when that happens.
Because HD recording requires a lot of space, you’ll also want a DVR with a large amount of storage.
When it comes to wireless and network setups, it’s not always a simple plug and play situation depending on the wireless security camera that you are trying to setup. Also if you’re planning on utilizing remote access for you and your spouse you’ll want a DVR that supports more than person viewing remotely. With this kind of image you’ll have a reliable amount of information in the case of a break-in. Placing a few cameras around the entryways to your home is an incredible element of protection in your security system.

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