The new iPad has a much improved camera -- so much improved you might even find it convenient to take quick, fun videos to share with family and friends on YouTube and Facebook. Next, fill in all the information about your video from the title to description, tags, and category. To share a video to Facebook you'll need to have the Facebook for iPad app installed first. Once you've got the free Facebook app installed, you're ready to upload a video (or photo, the process is the same for both). Navigate through your photos and videos to select the one you'd like to upload and select it.
If you'd like to tag someone in your photo, click the icon with a person on the left and start typing their name.
Tap the little gear in the right bottom corner to adjust what people or lists can view your media. If you want to edit, add titles or transitions, or otherwise make your videos even more fantastic before uploading, you can do that right on your iPad with either Apple's iMovie or Avid Studio.

Now you know how to share videos to both Facebook and YouTube so you can get out there and start testing out the new camera in your brand new iPad.
So it begins — the schadenfreude that comes with Apple, and a 'bad' quarter with Wall Street. A Brazilian judge has ordered that WhatsApp be blocked in the country for a 72-hour period. A new report claims Hulu is developing its own internet-based cable TV service, which would provide access to live TV in addition to on-demand viewing of network shows. Share your story below and it just might serve as inspiration for one of our programs on PBS NewsHour or spark the production of  an original podcast. You can also choose whether you want to upload the standard definition or high definition version. You can close out your Photos app and continue doing other things on your iPad and it will upload quietly in the background. For every videos uploaded to your Youtube account, update for the same will be posted on your Twitter and Facebook timeline.

Once it's done you'll get a pop up notification letting you know the upload was completed successfully. Your front line observations are critical to our work, and we want to hear your thoughts  about what needs to change and what’s succeeding. It will take longer to upload though, so if you're in a hurry, standard definition will do. Similarly, you can setup updates on Facebook account by clicking on Facebook button and logining into Facebook account.
Spread your Youtube video updates automatically and quickly over your social networks on Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader.

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