We’ve covered multiple image format converters for both Mac and Windows, and several web apps that allow you to edit images, but few that allow you to add watermarks to them, and that, too, in batches.
Download the file, extract it and run the siet-launcher JAR file in LIB folder to start the app.
In the section on the top right, enter a destination for saving the files, and if the destination is the same as the source, check either the Rename or Overwrite buttons to tell the app how to deal with duplicate file names. If you want to add a watermark, check the Enabled option in the fourth section, Watermark, in the bottom left corner. The fifth section, which takes up most of the room on the right side, allows you to preview the changes you are making to the image.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. Have you ever needed to do some simple photo editing or creation, but didn’t want the hassle of opening up Photoshop, or are too afraid to learn it? Developed by Flying Meat, Acorn is an image editor that allows you do paint, draw and crop photos.
We reviewed an earlier version of Acorn last year, but will be covering new features and exploring the basics in greater depth today. On the bottom left-hand side of the window, there is also information about the project you are working on.
As you would expect the canvas window can be resized to suit your amount of screen real-estate. After playing around with the filters, I must say, I have come to love the way Acorn’s interface stylises it. Acorn is a good, solid image editing application for those who are afraid of the Photoshop learning curve and price. For what it does, Acorn comes very close with Pixelmator in terms of features and value for money. Acorn is a solid image editing application for those who are afraid of the Photoshop learning curve and price. Leaving Adobe Photoshop CS4 out of the equation, the Gimp is by far the most feature complete App, it beats Acorn, Pixelmator and even Elements 8 hands down. There is one big caveat, however, using X11 on the Mac which makes copy-pasting and overall integration a mess.
Unless there will be a Cocoa version for the Mac, Gimp on OSX won’t be able to compete. With all due respect to the opensource community and the developers of GIMP, GIMP is garbage. My great wish has always been for Adobe or a competitor to release a good, currently maintained product that did both for a lower price than Photoshop. Pixelmator is far more better than Acorn when dealing with big images such as a 3600*3600 one. If you are one of them, here I would like to introduce a powerful but easy-to-handle software. This entry was posted in knowledge and tagged best mac video editing program, easy video editor for mac, mac version of Sony Vegas, mountain lion, sony vegas can run Mac, sony vegas for mac. PDFToolkit is an effective tool package provides Mac users with powerful functionality to combine, split or reduced capacity as well as support extract text from images and PDF files. Save multiple PDF files into a single file for easy reading, store or send email and share with friends. Compress PDF file according to the following 5 modes: average image quality, image quality, low, normal compression, compression and compression minimum size does not affect quality. Compress all down about 40-60% PDF file size, for example 1 PDF file 21 MB capacity can be reduced to less than 8 MB. Option to extract images and text from the current page, all pages or page range to be determined. Identifies more than 48 languages, including: English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Czech, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, etc. MergePDFs 1.0 for Mac, this application allows users to Mac OS combine two or more PDF documents by inserting or merge pages together, then rename the document results.
ForumPilot, you knew a lot of software used to download content for viewing web pages offline (offline).
1:54 Super Explorer Super Explorer lets you preview file contents before you open and perform printer operations in the preview pane. MP3Producer, MP3Producer is an ideal solution for converting audio CD collections of you to a variety of audio compression formats are the most popular as MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA with excellent quality and high ripping speed . Most desktop editors (like Photoshop) are extremely powerful, but have a daunting learning curve.
Enter CameraBag 2, which builds on its predecessor (guess what it was named?!) to bring power and ease of use to your Mac desktop.

In choosing your editing tool, CameraBag 2 reminds you what they do (don’t lie, you’ve forgotten what a gamma curve is about) and gives you a quick preview of what you’ll see if you apply the effect. If you need a grander sense of what the adjustments presets might do, a ‘Quick Look’ button brings up a menu of all the filters and what your pic will look like once they’ve been applied.
The custom filter preset will be ready to go with a single click next time you want to edit. CameraBag 2 can be found via the App Store, and is currently selling for $29.99 — it’s also worth every penny. It is better to save copies of your edited GIMP images rather than overwriting the original. In this tutorial I’ve shown you how to perform simple photo edits, such as cropping and adjusting the brightness and contrast of your images, using GIMP.
While it may not be as powerful or as polished as Photoshop, it is still a worthy competitor, especially given the price difference.
The interface is nothing that you will instantly fall in love with, but the app works flawlessly. Select which format you want to convert the file to, and if you don’t want to add a watermark, click Start on this second section.
By default, the app resizes images; however, you can choose to crop them by selecting the Crop to match exact size option under third section, Resize, just below the add file section. Type in text for the watermark in the Text field, choose a font, color, font size, transparency and location for where the mark should appear on the image. In all fairness, the app is more of an image watermarker with additional features for image conversion and resizing.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
I came to like the toolbox in Acorn because after selecting a tool, the advanced options show up in the same panel, right next to it (as seen below). Including; move, zoom, crop, pan, draw, select, erase, text, gradient, flood fill clone and shape. It has many advanced options that allow you to set spacing between letters and lines – giving you more power than just a text box!
There are a fair few that users will notice from Photoshop and other graphic editing applications. If you’re looking for a lightweight application that offers basic editing, than this is the application for you! As a non-designer it’s an excellent tool to have without having to dish out hundreds for something like Photoshop.
I shouldn’t have to explain why because if you have ever used any of its competitors you will see how weak it actually is.
It beats Pixelmator hands-down, with vector support and all it’s great other features. This makes it an serious threat to Photoshop if it keeps evolving like that (Might even beat him!). This blog was extremely of interest to me, particularly because I was searching for ideas on this matter yesterday. Supports all popular downloaded or homemade video formats like AVCHD, M2TS, MOD, MP4, WMV, MOV, etc. However, to download the contents of the forum (forum) is not feasible because the database structure and new entries are updated continuously increased. The software also features open folder tree and file transfer graphics to different formats. With apps like VSCO Cam and Enlight dotting the landscape of mobile, you might wonder why you’d even take your photos to the desktop. For the novice — which we all are at one point or another — an app that has actual courses to learn how to make use of it probably isn’t worth the investment. Though many photo editing apps have tried and succeeded to offer simplicity and strength in their own way, CameraBag 2 is just plain better than the rest at pairing the two usability attributes. Even after you choose a preset, the individual components that make up that preset are found as building blocks under the pic. The building blocks (I’m not sure what the CameraBag 2 team refers to them as, so I’m calling them blocks) at the bottom of a pic are just outstanding.
It’s just plain awesome for those times you’ve forgotten just what the temperature tool might do to your photo, or know you need it to look kinda old-school, but forgot the effect you were looking for is called vignette. We watermark a lot of pics at SlashGear, and though I’ve got a macro set up via another program, CameraBag 2 makes individual and batch watermarking a breeze.
If, for instance, I wanted ‘The Walls’ square in the photo I took of street art in Portland to pop with color while the rest was black and white, I’d have to take my photo elsewhere. Almost any smartphone’s camera produces nicer photos than any point and shoot from a few years ago.

After this tutorial you’ll know how to crop your photos, increase their brightness and contrast, adjust the saturation, convert them to black and white, sharpen them and export them for social media.
While it does not offer some of Photoshop’s best features—such as non-destructive image editing—or have the same level of polish, it has all the tools you need to perform simple, and not-so-simple, image edits. Once again, dragging the slider to the right increases the values and dragging it to the left decreases them. For emailing to friends, posting on your blog or uploading to social media low-res files are better. If you are editing pictures from your smartphone or camera they can be more than 3000 pixels wide; I like to reduce this to around 1200 pixels. If you are only looking to improve a few photos you’ve taken with your smartphone or point and shoot, GIMP is perfect. Image conversion and compression aside, the watermark feature is no doubt of interest to anyone wanting to protect images from copyright infringement, or even for freelance designers who want to share design mock-ups with clients who seem unlikely to pay for work. It is also worth mentioning that since this app is Java based, it is OS-independent, and will work on all operating systems that have a Java Virtual Machine (Hence Windows and Linux are also supported).
Hola, mi nombre es Patricio, y esta es la configuracion de mi espacio de trabajo en la oficina. In applications such as Photoshop, these options are part of the bar at the top and can be often hard to locate for beginners.
In a similar style to Photoshop, tools that have a black triangle on the bottom right of their icon, can be changed to other tools of a similar nature. The crop tool automatically creates a grid for you so when you are cropping, you can get your image just right.
But after searching through the documentation, I have found all the tablet features that work with Acorn. I haven’t had too much to do with GIMP myself, but I have heard great things about it.
If you are going to be editing a lot of images, investing in these programs would b well worth it. OTOH, I would like to see if the folks at Flyingmeat are going to produce some features in Version 3.0 that allow you to do Illustrator-like raster activities within Pixelmator. The answer, more often than not, is power; your desktop apps typically have more (and better) editing tools, and better hardware to lean on. CameraBag 2 always shows your edits in real-time, so you’re never guessing how a photo might turn out.
In addition to being able to dismiss or toggle them on or off, clicking each allow you to fine tune them. That’s a wonderful idea should you want to create a custom book of a vacation that you’d like to look a certain way; a trip to your family origins in an older country might need a certain feel when you’re editing pictures.
You can crop the pic and remove the trim after you make your changes (if you’ve got one area you’re concentrating on), but it’s not quite as useful if you have different pieces of a picture that need separate effects. CameraBag 2 won’t replace an app like Pixelmator altogether, but it has taken over my photo editing workload. It should also be noted, for those of you who want advanced grid features such as this, check out Slammer. You are also given blending modes and opacity sliders so you can take control of your layers.
The filters window also gives you a live preview of what your design will look like the the filter applied – the advanced thing about it however, is it will give you an animated preview (Very useful when doing blurs because you can see what looks good before you even add it!).
For those of you that have a tablet, It’d be great to see your experience with this application in comments below!
Problems are that it is costly and a little bloated with a great deal more functionality than most people need.
It has HDV support and accepts limitless tracks for audio and video, even 2D and 3D transition. The gold standard application is Adobe Photoshop and, more recently, Photoshop Lightroom but even with the special photographer’s subscription price, they cost more than $100 a year.
New in 2.1, you can also sort your layers intro groups so that they stay organised (handy for when you are sending your work to others). Acorn, offers some of the functionality of Photoshop at a fraction of the cost, meeting the needs of many! Not even a problem; nor do you have to remember where in a menu or settings the RGB curves are.
However, when they do the google search for a€?Sony Vegas for Maca€?, they must be upset for there isna€™t Mac version of Sony Vegas available.

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