Last week, I shared the lessons I learned and the drawbacks to moderating comments in WordPress. If you think a comment needs an administrator’s attention or does not adhere to the WP Tavern commenting policy, hover over the comment and click the report button.
The system is open for abuse but I trust that the Tavern readership will use it responsibly. Comments that are pending moderation in the WordPress backend that are in response to another comment are hard to moderate. Epoch is a plugin developed by Postmatic and a few other contributors that enhances WordPress’ comment system. Epoch has a front end moderation capability that allows site administrators to approve, trash, or spam comments. In most instances, the comment form loads quickly but on certain mobile devices, the lack of speed is noticeable. Epoch relies on JavaScript to function so if a visitor browsing your site has JavaScript disabled, the comments don’t load.
Once Basic Comment Quicktags is installed, navigate to Settings – Discussion and check the box to enable them for comments. Simple Comment Editing, developed by Ronald Huereca, adds the ability for readers to edit their comments in a limited time frame. With Simple Comment Editing installed, the amount of contact form submissions and requests to edit a comment have gone down considerably. While I moderate comments from the WordPress mobile app or the WordPress backend, Postmatic is a great fallback. One of the problems I’ve yet to solve is being addressed by a number of WordPress contributors in ticket 33717. Even with all the features these plugins provide, I don’t think the comment system in WordPress or the form on WP Tavern is perfect.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. After you complete the last page of your dissertation, open champagne, and do your victory dance, it’s still too early to bind your masterpiece. One of the most common stumbling blocks in dissertation writing is the troublesome pairs of easily confused words. Economic is everything that is somehow connected with economy, whereas economical is something that is not wasteful. Historic characterizes historically significant objects or phenomena, whereas historical can denote anything that is somehow related to history. So, avoid the common pitfalls, make your dissertation perfect, and, finally, do your victory dance! On the other hand, if your photo needs specific editing such as blemish removal or straightening, you should strongly consider editing it separately.
The real key here is not whether to edit photos within your layout or not, but rather to take just a single minute to determine your needs and make the most efficient and effective game plan for you.
If you are a Photoshop or Photoshop Elements user (and have one of the latest versions), then there is a fantastic photo editing secret just begging you to dig for it! You may have read about the benefits of shooting your photos in RAW format, most important being complete control of your image in post production. October 9, 2013 by thisreadingmama 6 Comments Welcome back to Simple Writing Lessons for Primary Grades, a series from The Measured Mom and me! I went through each of the steps in the checklist explaining and demonstrating {using a couple examples from each} with his writing how he can use his colored marker to correct his mistakes. S is for Spelling: Go through your work and circle words that you think you may have misspelled. This is the 10th lesson in a 12-part series for Primary Grades.  Click HERE or the image below to view more simple writing lessons. If you know any other teachers who might be interested in this Website, please forward this to them and if you have any questions, feel free to message me.
I really enjoy all the materials for my reading groups, it keeps it interesting for the children.
We’ve covered multiple image format converters for both Mac and Windows, and several web apps that allow you to edit images, but few that allow you to add watermarks to them, and that, too, in batches. Download the file, extract it and run the siet-launcher JAR file in LIB folder to start the app.

In the section on the top right, enter a destination for saving the files, and if the destination is the same as the source, check either the Rename or Overwrite buttons to tell the app how to deal with duplicate file names. If you want to add a watermark, check the Enabled option in the fourth section, Watermark, in the bottom left corner.
The fifth section, which takes up most of the room on the right side, allows you to preview the changes you are making to the image.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. In this post, I highlight six plugins that solve a problem I encountered or enhance comments for both readers and site administrators.
You can configure how many reports a comment needs before it’s sent to the moderation queue and whether administrators should be notified when it happens.
Show Parent Comment, developed by Stephen Cronin, adds a Show More dropdown to the edit-comments.php screen that allows administrators to see the text of the comment that a person is responding too. Unlike services such as Disqus or Livefyre that replace the comment system, Epoch adds features to WordPress’ native comments. Replies from the post author are a different color from regular responses and the date and time the comment is written is displayed at the top. Unlike the native comment form, Epoch doesn’t load the comments unless the browser reaches a certain point on a post or is accessed via a direct link. The team is aware of the performance issues and is attacking the problem with a three stage approach.
I also think the email template looks great and offers a better user experience than the comment notification emails provided by WordPress.
Ask your instructor as to this important aspect, because different institutions have different requirements.
Use this contracted form of the word and (&) only in the reference list and brackets after a parenthetical quotation. You can edit levels, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, even gradient, all with adjustment layers.
While you are not retaining the full spectrum of image information as with a RAW file, you are able to leverage the intuitive and efficient editing capabilities of Adobe Camera RAW. Our goal has been to SHOW you some simple ways that you can teach writing to your child…from brainstorming a topic and now, to editing. This makes learning the concepts of editing more authentic and meaningful for the child {much more so than a ditto sheet}.
I like using a colored marker or pencil because it helps the corrections stand out from the original rough draft. She is fueled by a passion for literacy and loves to share it with others through printables, reading curricula, and literacy activities. The interface is nothing that you will instantly fall in love with, but the app works flawlessly. Select which format you want to convert the file to, and if you don’t want to add a watermark, click Start on this second section.
By default, the app resizes images; however, you can choose to crop them by selecting the Crop to match exact size option under third section, Resize, just below the add file section.
Type in text for the watermark in the Text field, choose a font, color, font size, transparency and location for where the mark should appear on the image. In all fairness, the app is more of an image watermarker with additional features for image conversion and resizing. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It’s important to note that detailed information of who reported the comment is not saved to the database. Chris Christoff created a ticket in Trac with the suggestion that a user interface element like the one in Cronin’s plugin be added to core.
This allows you to keep comments within your database at all times without relying on a third-party. Epoch also uses Ajax to send and receive comments which eliminates the need to refresh the page.
While I agree that the text is not relevant, I think the comment form should have basic text formatting buttons so readers don’t have to remember and manually type HTML tags. The best part of this plugin is that it exposes a built-in core feature using the Quicktags API added to WordPress 3.3.

Although no configuration is necessary, you can alter the time and behavior of the plugin by using actions and filters. Postmatic has a beautiful email template that shows the most recent reply, the commenter’s Gravatar, and a recap of the post and conversation. Postmatic does a lot more than what I describe above but for the purpose of this article, I focused on the comment portion of the service.
I especially wany to know if it’s easier to keep track of and take part in conversations. Once added, readers whose comments end up in the moderation queue will automatically be notified by WordPress when it’s approved. If your photo simply needs a tweak or a nudge, then add your photo to a layout and clip the adjustment layers to your photo.
It is important to have the flexibility and control to flatten images as needed to achieve the effect you’re after.
However, not all cameras have this option (especially point & shoots) and the files can be several times as large, hogging precious memory card space. Whether you open more or multiple photos, with ACR (as its called) you can make a whole suite of adjustments (white balance, contrast, brightness etc.) from one single control panel of sliders. Here at Simple Scrapper you'll find tools and support for purposeful memory keeping using my easy 3-step method. If you’re new to the series, feel free to click HERE to read the introduction and visit all the topics thus far. Note that I have him write his rough draft on every other line so we have a place to write during the revision and editing process. Lately, however, she does most of her writing in school, and I hope that her teacher is using a similar approach. I just started a new website called Resources4teaching where educators can buy and sell lessons and educational resources. Image conversion and compression aside, the watermark feature is no doubt of interest to anyone wanting to protect images from copyright infringement, or even for freelance designers who want to share design mock-ups with clients who seem unlikely to pay for work.
It is also worth mentioning that since this app is Java based, it is OS-independent, and will work on all operating systems that have a Java Virtual Machine (Hence Windows and Linux are also supported). Text formatting buttons in the comment area is a courtesy I’d like more site owners to give to readers. I’ve changed the time limit to 15 minutes on the Tavern to make sure readers have plenty of time to make edits. Instead, it uses the native comment system in WordPress allowing you to keep and own your data at all times.
By choosing the right one for your photo, you can maximize productivity and find just a little more time for scrapping! In other words, for photos that need only minor corrections, do the work in the same workspace as your digital scrapbooking. Additionally, if you plan on printing your photo separately from your layout, you might want to have all of your edits in a separate file.
Even though you and your child have already revised the writing, there may be other places you and your child see fit to change again. I divided it up into two days.} On day two, I led him through each of the remaining steps of the editing checklist.
We are new and are looking for people to join and put up their materials for sale on our website. In sum, if your photo requires more substantial corrections, you plan to use an action or print the photo, then edit the photo in a separate workspace from your digital scrapbooking. Before the child moves on to the publishing stage of writing, these mistakes need to be fixed.
When my child is unable to find the word’s correct spelling, I step in and provide it.
When my child misses a punctuation mark or two, I might mention it if it’s appropriate. But otherwise, I take a final look at the piece and make a final edit before it’s time to publish.

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