Affiliate programs has become one of the most popular strategies for online merchants, as it benefits both users and merchants.
This tutorial will show you how you can easily build and customize your affiliate site with the Themify Builder.
2) Shortcodes = [Optional] Insert any shortcodes you would like to appear on the description.
3) Content Editor = [Optional] Enter any description you would like to appear when the user goes to the actual post. 6) Media Position = Choose whether you would like your image to appear below or on top of your title.
The post How To Build an Affiliate Site with the Themify WordPress Builder appeared first on Themify. More precisely, we will build a product review site using the platform we so love and cherish.
You will make money with your affiliate site, provided you’re prepared to put in the effort required. If you can strike deals with local businesses to score your users great discounts, you can rake in an immense fortune in commissions. A large part of the work revolves around collecting deals from businesses and manufacturers who can provide huge discounts that incentivize users to buy stuff they don’t even need. An easy way to get your coupon site up and running asap is with a pre-styled coupon theme like the Kupon WordPress theme. The Go Responsive Pricing & Compare WordPress Plugin is perfect for creating comparison tables for just about anything. The Review WordPress theme is a stylish review magazine theme with easy review options for readers to leave their ratings in addition to yours. If you want to add reviews to your current site, then checkout the Taqyeem Ratings & Reviews WordPress plugin. An awesome free option is the WP Product Review free WordPress plugin which comes with solid options for a free plugin.
At the end of the day, affiliate marketing is all about promoting someone else’s products and earning a commission by so doing. If you’d like to create an affiliate program instead, you know, to promote your products, check out how to create an affiliate program using WordPress by Nathan B.
Obviously, WordPress is beautiful, but there are many other reasons why even the big brands use and love this CMS. WordPress is search engine friendly, built on clean code and following the best web standards – all meant to entice search engines.
A valuable blog will also foster user trust, exactly the quality you need to keep the commissions going up, up and up. Using widgets, you can easily integrate ads into your WordPress-based affiliate site maximizing your earning potential. From bloggers, consultants, fellow contributors, developers, and experts among others, you’ll have the best support you can ever dream of. The best WordPress hosting – Your affiliate site has to be super-fast for good user experience. Great WordPress theme – Go wtih a versatile, preferably multi-purpose theme that will make your reviews stand out. That aside, setting up your review site involves choosing the right WordPress hosting, installing as well as configuring WordPress, themes and plugins. Installing WordPress is easy peasy work; many web hosts offer one-click installers that make your job a bliss. Remember if you promote shoddy products just to milk a commission out of your users, your brand image will suffer the brunt of your insolence.
Still on this passion and content business, the products you ultimately promote need to tie in with your content. Moving on, don’t ignore recurring commissions such subscriptions that pay commissions whenever the subscriber hits the renew button. In how to drive more traffic to your WordPress site, we discussed why high quality is of crucial importance. Alongside publishing high quality content, you need to make a conscious effort in promoting your site.
Even with the best plan, you will need to remain flexible and adapt accordingly as you build your WordPress affiliate business. The tools you end up using to build your WordPress affiliate site depend entirely on your business needs.
Building a profitable WordPress affiliate site takes time and effort, so don’t expect to make a killing overnight. Freddy is a writer, web developer and founder of Vistamedia, Inc., a nice place dedicated to the online entrepreneur looking to boost conversion rates using effective web content.
Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. Have you decided to self-host a WordPress blog or website but are unsure of which hosting company to use?
Hope you are well, just wanted to post a quick note to let you know how it's going with my site. In the coming months I will implement the back end sales plan to really make the site what it should be(like your model). Just a final thought: Looking at other affiliate sites around, I must say that your model is far superior to anything else out there! We run 2 FBA business's with Amazon and I felt confident that this affiliate marketing business model would work as I am aware of the high conversion rate of Amazon products as opposed to digital products.
Our reason for building an Authority niche site is because there are many products that an FBA merchant may not be able to buy into but can still market and take a commission from as an affiliate. If you are serious about building something real that works, Jan's program is a blueprint for how to do this. Jan has helped me build my website and I learnt from him through the most simple videos ever created and easy to follow, and I am happy to say with only 40% of everything applied I have made my first juicy sale and I am so happy to say that it is worth every penny!
Thank you Jan and your team for supporting me and answering all my million questions on time and helping me achieve what will now grow to be my income stream and my freedom. I've been a WF lurker for a very long time (even before this account), and feel like there have been a lot of butterflies that were worthy of a chase; but just didn't feel right. Yes, you can pay $7 bucks for some program that will turn a profit, but in all honesty, its more than likely a gimmick.
Just a few modules in, I know Jan knows his business; I'm just grateful he's willing to share it with me. Jan says in his Welcome video that if you get this, you won't ever have to buy another WSO or biz plan, and he is right.
If I were a Newbie or even been online a great deal, I would grab this, study it and follow what Jan says, step-by-step. Kristie Chiles from Georgia Originally Posted by carlo_sim Hands down one of the best courses that I've read. The info is worth much more than that Originally Posted by 60MinuteAffiliate Ah Jan great to see your latest release. Jan only releases a product once every few years because he's too busy making money with his websites.
Colleen Originally Posted by trueabsolutehere Before I've gone through his new course, I thought I had all information I need to make my sites successful and was comfortably focusing on only backlinking at this moment. Olivia Kim Originally Posted by HansM Here's a quick review for those still on the fence. Currently I'm about half way through the course, implementing it, but of course I don't yet have any sales.
This is basically a no fluff course, of 20+ video lessons, some other material and including links to a couple of WP plugins AND a few of Jan's custom WP plugins. What sets this course apart from most other courses (and definitely 99.9% of the WSO's) is that he provides the whole picture, the entire proces from picking a niche, planning your site, how to structure and write pages, to getting paid traffic from several sources, getting free traffic, monetizing your site using a portfolio of different options (affiliate, ads, etc etc), to building and monetizing your list. The caveat: It's pricey, definitely for a WSO, and to get the most of it, you'll have to make a couple of additional investments, including some cost for paid traffic.
LystLyst CEO Chris Morton.Most companies would give their eye teeth to be selling $25 million worth of clothing from huge brands like Burberry and Roland Mouret. But about two years after launching online fashion company Lyst, CEO Chris Morton decided to kill off his original business model even though its gross merchandise volume had already reached $25 million (A?16 million).
To understand why, you have to look at one of the biggest problems the online retail industry faces a€” shopping cart abandonment.
Lyst's app and website let people browse major brands a€” Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Oscar de la Renta and Stella McCartney, to name a few a€”A on one site.
But at first, Lyst sent customers back to the brand's website to buy the products they wanted.
So Morton, now 32, and his cofounder Sebastjan Trepca, 33, decided that it was time for Lyst to make its own "universal" checkout, whichA lets customers buy from multiple brands at the same time without leaving the site. It's common for a startup tech firm to do this kind of "pivot" a€” meaning change in business strategy a€” especially if the sector they're in is going through a change, too. Lyst has since launched its own "universal" shopping cart and checkout for its US site, which is where it does the majority of its business. It helped that Lyst was already shifting double-digit millions in sales for some of its bigger partners. The company expects to finish rolling it out across all partners and products in the US in the next 12 months. Partners from both firms a€” Sonali De Rycker from Accel and Suranga Chandratillake from Balderton a€” said that Lyst's numbers speak for themselves. Based in Hong Kong, Lane Crawford is a department store chain with nine outlets across Greater China. So when Morton joined investment firm Balderton Capital in 2007, A he didn't let that idea go.
Morton wasA living in a house with four other friends from university a€” three of which were obsessive online shoppers,A but were having a terrible experience with it.
Online fashion had been around for a while a€” led in the UK by Natalie Massenet's Net A Porter a€” but development had been slow. In March 2014, Morton's old company Balderton a€” where he'd worked with online fashion retailer Yoox a€” invested in his new company. While many customers come to Lyst knowing exactly what they want, curating content with "Lysts" is a big part of what sets the company apart from competitors like Farfetch.

Those people are drawn to "Lysts," a "glossy, fanatic kind of entertainment that helps drive the discovery process" Morton says. But at the end of the day, Morton says, Lyst is a technology company, and looks at tech firms in other areas, like Spotify, for inspiration.
Now, an autoresponder sequence shouldn’t be used to bombard a list with offer after offer.  Instead it’s important to strike that healthy balance between providing value and promoting a product.
By the time you’ve finished this article, you’ll know how to build a successful affiliate autoresponder sequence.
What usually happens is you get sick of this marketer within a week and hit the unsubscribe button.
Build an autoresponder sequence that blends aggressiveness with a whole lot of quality content!
Next you’ll want to insert a tracking ID for the affiliate links in your email.  Again this information helps you measure the performance of each message.
Tracking each affiliate link is super important.  It’s the only way to know what’s actually working with your marketing. Developing a publishing schedule is the final building block of a solid autoresponder sequence.  This tool is the ultimate way to manage the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Don’t worry if you’re confused by some of this information.  All will be revealed by the end of this post!
Think of those automatic messages you get when a person is “out of the office” or on vacation. The beauty of an autoresponder sequence is you only have to set it up ONE time.  Then these emails work on autopilot as you get to enjoy the rest of your life.
The moment a prospect joins your email list, he or she will automatically receives this sequence – WITHOUT you doing a thing.
A broadcast message is an email that’s sent to prospects – Regardless of when they joined.  In theory, a person who just subscribed receives the same message as someone who’s been on your list for years.
Sending a broadcast message is useful for those times when you deliver date specific information.  Like a link to new blog post or a promotion for a new product that’s just hit the market.
Another great thing about a broadcast message is you can target a certain group of people on your list. Ultimately broadcast messages are the best way to stay current with your list and make sure you’re sending up to date information to each subscriber.
Put subscribers through an autoresponder sequence.  And then add them to the list of people you contact via broadcast messages. By stringing together a series of emails, focusing on a single product, you build excitement and anticipation.  Done correctly, this sequence will make want to buy before you’ve even seen the sales page.
The reason marketers use product launches is because they WORK!  With a blend of content and salesmanship, this technique eliminates all objections that people have about a particular course. You can take the fundamentals of a product launch and apply to your autoresponder sequence.
To start I recommend using 3 to 5 emails for each product.  This is that sweet spot between aggressive promotion and giving quality information to a list.
With the value email you want to talk about the same product you mentioned in the last message.  The only difference is you’re now providing a few examples of how it helped you solve a problem.
To be honest, some folks need an extra step to take action.  Sending a follow-up email is a great way to get people buy a product before they miss out.
Finally after the bridge email you’ll start back up with another autoresponder sequence (3 to 5 emails) that promotes a second product. Okay…You might be wondering how to come up with so much content for your autoresponder sequence.
Fortunately it’s not that hard!  Probably you already have a bunch of content that can be reused as an autoresponder. The important thing is to blend content with great marketing.  Basically you’re giving away top-level content while earning a sizeable affiliate income. Remember how every email has its own tracking code?  Well, periodically track the results and measure the performance of each email.
You can put this information on a new spreadsheet or simply add a few columns to your autoresponder publishing schedule. I figure the best way to demonstrate the value of my course is to give you a small excerpt. Honestly, I knew 90% of the stuff you’ve written about, but the 10% (I particularly like the diagram and content ideas for follow-up) is pure gold. You’re going have some people leave your list regardless but done right a person would probably be happy staying on your list for years.
Good point as long as the + comments exceed the – comments chances are you are doing the right thing. There are always going to be people who forgot why they got on you list (because you gave them valuable free stuff) and just complain because you caught them on a bad day or they didn’t like one message.
The only challenge for readers is that because this info is free, they may not appreciate the insight and hard-won knowledge packed in this post. I’m going to dig through this post like crazy when I have an entire afternoon because this is definitely going to be the thing that makes the list crazy as shit valuable.
Your description of the different types of e-mails and then the bridge was a hue help to me in understanding how to do the launch. If this is an indication of the quality of your course, then it looks like it will be quite good.
I can’t wait till I really get into affiliate marketing after I get my traffic where I want it to be.
Thanks William, if you are planning on getting into AM it is never to early to start building a list.
Glad you liked it and i hope that you continue to get some good info from this for now and into the future. I will be using a lot more content emails, but I will be using your 4 steps to launching instead of just pitching at once. The exact plan and makeup can vary (though I have tested this one bit for myself), the important thing is that there is a plan and that you refine it over time with split testing and tweaking as you go.
And if you cover all the aspects of affiliate marketing in this way, you ebook will sure be to great to pass Steve! Since being introduced to your blog I must admit it’s one of very few that totally blow me away for great free content. I hope the eBook will be a great seller for the selfish part of myself , but I actually really do hope it will be a very useful tool for people also. Glad you are reading the freebies and getting good info, I tried to pack some good stuff in there too! Thanks for sharing that Information with me Steve, I look forward to your products release. That’s because there are different types of affiliate sites as we will see in a moment. Although I will try to keep this post general, this section intends to help you in choosing the best affiliate website for you. The internet is rife with daily deals websites because they are considerably easy to set up and the business model is rather straightforward. The more deals you dispense, the bigger the affiliate commission. This theme has everything you need for your daily deals site like front-end deals submission, easy theme options, coupon countdown, social integration and more.
Magic WP Coupons Lite is a free WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to add basic coupons with a click counter system, likes & dislikes and the option to upload new coupon templates. They usually feature product reviews submitted by users, which make the bulk of their content. How does a price comparison site make money?
It is a great option for sharing your favorite products and services with your readers using easy to read comparison tables with logos, dates, prices, and more.
Add images, videos, features lists, icons and tons more to help your readers decide which option is best for them. This way visitors to your site can be confident in the ratings, and hopefully click on those affiliate links. There is seemingly nothing this ratings plugin can’t do with its unlimited colors, unlimited review criteria, custom fonts and multiple review styles. You can add custom review icons, customizable colors, pro & con capabilities and even a pre-loader functionality. By all means, it eliminates the tedious process of product development, meaning you can easily set up your site and start earning in a couple of months. We will just touch on some of the reasons why you should use WordPress to power your affiliate website. While coding skills can come in handy once a while, you don’t need any coding knowledge to build an affiliate website with WordPress. I mean, Google and the likes love WordPress blogs, and if you can integrate a blog section to your review site, you can easily score better rankings and boost conversions. You can bolster your SEO further by submitting your site to Google and using plugins such Yoast SEO.
Just paste the ads HTML code into the Text widget and place it wherever depending on your theme. If you’re thinking Total Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress theme, you are on the right path. Since you need your users to trust your reviews so you can keep earning them commissions, you have to put a little thought and time into your product review site. Go ahead and purchase bonafide hosting from our well-curated list of web hosts and install WordPress on your domain. We’ve shared some great examples up above, but there really are tons of others around the web. The only downside is you’ll have to convert a lot more people to make a sizeable income from your affiliate venture.
If, on the other hand, you get 10% of every $1000 sale, you’ll need only 10 conversions to make $1,000 per month. I will shun an affiliate program that offers, say, 10% of every sale in favor of the guys offering 50% keeping all the other factors, including price, constant. You simply can’t talk about television sets and then turn around and promote fertilizer.
They can be a great source of recurring passive income that requires little effort to set up.
Use your content to address the user’s pain points, and you have yourself a foundation of a sustainable business.

Keep track of trends in your niche and you’ll always ride the wave, instead of following it.
You need plenty of traffic and better SEO rankings, and the only way to get both is to publish high quality content consistently.
Do everything in your power to attract visitors, just make sure your tactics are legitimate or you’ll anger the likes of Google and earn a bad rep. You need to experiment with different types of content and eliminate the products that perform poorly. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a venture that will benefit from all the business acumen you possess.
Many sites on the internet depend and thrive on commissions, so yeah, it is a viable business model. WordPress doesn’t have any limitation that I know of when it comes to a post or page limit. The site has been up and running for five months now and I'm making sales on most of the products that I promote. So far I have only implemented half of the business model, concentrating only on the front end.
All my capital is tied up in my FBA business and it is profitable which is great but there is a limit to my growth. And pretty much I blame myself for not making more money on this program, since it is obvious that his advice works. It is worth *every* penny; totally comprehensive, NO upsells -- straight-on training by an experienced IMer. Get a copy while it is still available because very few people go into detail like Jan does in this course.
As he states himself in the course: These two plugins already justify the price of the course!
Probably not, there are always new tricks to use Facebook or Youtube, new sites to leverage for traffic, etc. It's possible to do that for free, but in my opinion, if you can afford this course, you should also afford a bit of additional investment, with should pay back in a month or two, plus the time to receive and cash in your check from Amazon. Authority Site Secrets is a major upgrade to my previous Physical Affiliate Product with a much bigger income potential. That's when customers put items in their online shopping carts, but then leave the site before completing the purchase. It also highlights current trends with its trademark "Lysts," and it makes personalised recommendations about what people should buy based on their preferences or shopping history. Sometimes, that disconnect would lead to a customer getting bored or frustrated, and abandoning their purchase. But online shopping is worth A?52 billion ($80 billion) in the UK and A?215 billion ($330 billion) in the US, which implies that about A?27 billion ($41 billion) is being "abandoned" every year. Lyst's checkout now lets you add multiple items from various retailers to your cart and buy them all at once without ever leaving the site.
Morton said that the company will start offering the universal checkout in the UK shortly afterwards.
Morton says that most department stores still weren't selling online when he launched Lyst in 2010, and neither were about 50% of brands. Lyst's site and app also let shoppers browse lots of different brands in one place, so Accel thoughtA that those same principles would make Morton's business a success. But there are insiders who that is all theya€™ve ever done, and they are the ones who always tend to be successful," Chandratillake said.
Morton and co-founder Sebastjan Trepca moved the company to the former White Cube modern art gallery in Shoreditch inA 2013, but it has also called a number of less-glamourous spaces home. Some Lysts focus on a theme or trend a€” "10 white sneakers supermodels are wearing at London Fashion Week" a€” or a celebrity or well-known magazine editor of stylist.
We’ve all been on a list where there’s a huge build-up to a new course that’s about to hit the market.
This is one of those blog posts I read, then set aside time later to go through and study with a pen and pad handy. It’s the first email you usually send to a subscriber, so giving away something definitely puts a great first impression.
This will most surely be a post I refer back too, because there is already much I learned from reading this once. I think you have mentioned the sequence to release content before, so I’ve started building my own list with that sequence in mind. Click here to see all button shortcode guide on how to create on and all the customization features it has.
We will arm you; give you every tool and resource you need to transmute your dream into reality. It’s a quick and easy way to add custom coupons to any WooCommerce e-commerce website. Pricing tables area great way to compare & contrast similar offers (like hosting or theme packages). You can also welcome reviews from users who have used said product in the past to enrich your content. You earn an affiliate commission when the user you refer to the retailer makes a purchase or completes any other desired action. This community is a great source of free and upbeat support you’ll need as you build your affiliate business. Add a theme (such as Total or a free one such as Hueman) and set up your plugins (more about this in a moment). Your affiliate site should be the last resource the buyer visits before spending the green.
Note: The more the content, the more the opportunities you have to place your affiliate links. Before you find the perfect formula, you’ll need to change tactics and strategies a couple of times. Tools such as Kissmetrics and Google Analytics among others offer you a lot of insight into your business. The ppc campaign is working really well to make sales, but what excites me more is that the free traffic methods are starting to kick in and making me sales(without lifting a finger). This is as way to continue to profit from high ticket items that I otherwise would not be able to market. This is a long term online marketing business model that works if YOU are dedicated and prepared to put in the required effort and work. But I am working on some other money making projects (not IM), so I've sort of neglected it. He does make a couple of *suggestions* in the training about things to buy and use but really not very much and you could do the program without them. If you want a real business then this is your course Originally Posted by luane I got a copy of this and went through the entire site and I have to say W O W! Jan makes a point of illustrating how he learns from succesful products and websites, while setting up a demo website along with the lessons. Morton has previously said that depending on the quality of their partners' checkouts, abandonmentA made as much as a 10% difference in conversion rates.
Sales initiated by Lyst grew more than five-fold in the two months following the launch of the universal checkout in the US. That includes a shed on a golf course next to a building site where Shoreditch meets the City. This post lays it out clearly for me though and will be something I can reference (and share) in the future.
The main concept of this program is to allow site owners to receive commission every time an affiliate link from their site is clicked, and performs a desired action by the merchant. That’s right, you can place your links in blog posts, pages, reviews, case studies, interviews, podcasts and videos among others.
Become a shark and invest your resources wisely. Until next time, remember sparring is training.
I am getting closer to the 1K profit per month mark and I hardly spend any time working on the site. I have had my first 2 sales come in already which is exciting as I'm still building the site and haven't started driving traffic properly yet.
Mindset is very important, building a business (of any type) is long term and your thinking needs to be long term. However if you're new and you have the money you might as well buy what he suggests also because it will just be one less thing to think about. PPC, email marketing, squeeze pages, and perseverent split tests are very new components I'm so happy to learn from him. Succes will depend on your efforts to actually get quality content (Jan shows how to do that, or where to outsource), do split testing to get optimized sales copy, etc. It’s taken a while but these have begun to finally roll out correctly to the previous subscribers and the new people. If you need a quick fix, we recommend WPEngine and Siteground among these other quality web hosts.
There is just so much information and practical tips and tricks that I have never seen in all the previous courses that I have purchased (and there been quite a few).
So 90% known 10% good new tips sounds pretty good to me, that was kinda what I was aiming for. Today we will build you an affiliate site, so you can go ahead make some moolah, and buy beach houses, Ferraris and the works. You'll regret if you miss this course, since many marketers will pick his secrets up and move up! All this for you, just so you can learn something new and live large because you deserve it. These are just some of the factors to consider when choosing the products and partners to promote.

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