This Photo frame slideshow can easily organize photos and videos of your smartphone giving a digital photo frame slideshow look to your photo album or photo collage with amazing photo FX and photo frames. Make photoclip in new way to create amazing clips that makes your snap look like animated photos. Hi, here we provide you APK file of "Slideshow & Video Maker" to download and install for your mobile. Existing users upgrading to this version will be receiving an email to reset their password so their account can be synchronized to take full advantage of all Ambivo product features.

Now the existing login credentials will also work on Ambivo Messenger - the new chatting app! In this Photo slide show maker, you can watch your favorite pictures drop one by one with stunning animation. If you were looking for Flickr, Picasa slideshow, go to this app and make your own creative slide view or photo presentation. With this Slide Show creator you can also promote your products or services and provide you the best tool for the presentation.

Intuitive and fastShare Share the video you created with friends and family via standard sharing.
Easiest for finding thousands of photos in your phone by displaying in different folders.4.

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