Fortunately, there are ways to develop a strong digital marketing program without an unlimited budget. Right now, the average web user has 5 different social media profiles – so how do small businesses choose social media platforms to target? The key to determining which social media platforms are right for you is considering your social media marketing goals.
Facebook is a great platform for informational posts, new pictures, and social sharing campaigns whereas Twitter is fantastic for quick updates and new product promotion.
Another option is outsourcing your content creation needs to a content creation company or to an independent freelancer (using a site like Upwork). Most experts claim that content is the #1 most important factor of your entire digital marketing program, so it’s worthwhile to ensure that yours is high-quality, ample, and well-written. Right now, there are dozens of new apps and platforms cropping up that can improve your digital marketing game, but chances are you’re pretty busy with other things – like running a business. In order to stay current on new releases and tap into the things that have the potential to boost your business’s digital marketing, make some time each week to read the posts of industry leaders or find current trends by searching Twitter hashtags or following pertinent digital marketing blogs like Contently Content Strategist, AllFacebook, BrandSavant, Content Marketing Institute, Convince and Convert, or Buffer. Let’s start here: LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than any other social media platform – and it’s free.
While small businesses face digital marketing challenges that larger businesses don’t, there are many ways to work around challenges and be competitive in digital marketing. Use our FREE website scanning tool below to get your visibility score – Takes 45 seconds. Areas ServedBigfoot Media provides website design & development, search engine optimization(SEO), local search marketing, and more to Upstate, SC including Greenville, Spartanburg, Easley, Anderson, Clemson, Seneca, Pickens, Taylors, and Simpsonville, South Carolina.
I've had the opportunity to interview countless small businesses regarding their digital marketing needs. My intent here is not to humiliate small businesses, but to address a fundamental and costly problem many small businesses face – understanding their core competency and — by doing so — focusing on those things they do well as a business. There are two major downsides to outsourcing your digital marketing to a traditional online directory company. Local digital marketing agencies can come in a couple of forms, but the most common form is a local agency that focuses on search engine marketing (SEM) and website creation. Iconic Digital are a local digital marketing agency with the determination and skill to propel your business forward to meet its marketing objectives. If you have questions regarding the blogs, please comment on them or contact our team who would be pleased to help.
While Facebook and Twitter dominate the social media scene, some social networking sites have carved a special niche for themselves to offer their own subscribers a unique experience that distinguish them. One of the most effective examples of digital marketing on these niche social networking sites is the mastery of Oreo on Vine. This one is quite tricky and may not show an immediate benefit to your online marketing strategy. A friendlier example for engaging other businesses for promotion is Old Spice’s sassy Tweets to sometimes unsuspecting businesses. Not only is participating in small business sites a learning experience, it is also a viable marketing strategy, especially if you are a small B2B business. With the internet, you don’t need to go to a publisher to submit a manuscript and print stacks of books that can take up useful inventory space in your warehouse. Not only does it provide potential traffic and eventually conversion, publishing an ebook can also increase your credibility both online and offline. Starting a video channel can give you a digital marketing experience that is drastically different from the usual social media posting. It may be easy to just sign up for a YouTube or Vimeo account but continuing to upload videos in a scheduled manner can be tiring. Giving back to the community is not only socially responsible, it can also be a great marketing tool. 20 Tasty Restaurant Menu Designs For Your Inspiration 5 Most Impressive Graphic Design Print Portfolios Hashtag 101: How Can Your Business "Own" a Hashtag?
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Local Search Engine Marketing Services You Can Trust!Local Search Engine Marketing Services provided with an honest approach for your business. Fortunately, there are many ways to navigate around tactical issues and help your company expand its online presence. In most cases, small companies have a limited marketing budget and cannot facilitate huge digital marketing programs. Word of mouth (great customer reviews, a strong geographical presence) and good SEO are totally free or low-cost marketing tactics that work well. First things first – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram are the biggest social media networks in terms of user numbers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should put your resources into all of them at once.

For example, Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world (the site has upwards of 1.44 billion monthly users right now) and its size alone makes it a great place for digital marketers to be. Google+ is wonderful for content distribution and NAP listings while Instagram is ideal for photo-sharing updates and advertising.
Typically, SMBs don’t have the manpower needed to create and maintain a consistent content creation schedule and this alone can make digital marketing difficult. Prices will vary depending upon whether you choose to work with an individual or a company but content is a good place to put a portion of your budget. That said, one of the biggest challenges facing SMBs and their digital marketing strategies is simply staying current on new technology. In addition to creating and maintaining social media profiles, though, SMBs can gain quality leads and become more visible by doing simple things like being active in the local community, increasing the number of landing pages on a website (businesses with 31-30 landing pages get 7x more leads than businesses with 1-5), partnering with like-minded businesses to run promotions, encouraging customer referrals (which are responsible for 65% of all new business), and collecting good reviews. For more information about how to win at SMB digital marketing, contact , contact Bigfoot Media. First, you are often dealing with someone with limited knowledge about the digital products because (1) they are probably new to the company, and (2) they have to learn such a broad array of products that they generally don’t have the time and the training to become real subject matter experts, as you may find at companies with more focused product offerings.
If you’re a small business thinking of growth but not sure about how to begin, then speak to Iconic Digital and we’ll be pleased to help.
Our blog provides help, advice and resources from some of the leading industry experts covering a wide range of marketing subjects including digital, search, display, social and email marketing.
You are not only fighting against your competitors in the industry but also against the deluge of marketing content from other industries that flood your consumers’ feeds. Pinterest, for example, lets users create their own mood boards and collect images from the internet that fit their mood.
Granted, Oreo is the master of online marketing with a dozens of awards for their successful social media campaigns. For one, coordinating a marketing campaign with another business costs a lot of resources and may even result in bad publicity. Known for their viral humorous video advertisements, the manly brand does not shy away from engaging even the Mexican fast food giant, Taco Bell, and our favorite digital marketer, Oreo. Most entrepreneurs, especially young business owners, are always looking for tips and tactics that that can incorporate into their own business. The digital era provides an easier way to put your ideas and expertise out there to an even wider audience. If you’re looking for a place to publish it, you can check out Amazon Kindle self-publishing. Sharing visually appealing images and 6-second vines might be the quick road to virality and wider reach, but recently, content creators are not shying away from lengthy and in-depth videos. Most of them are concerned about the businesses they patronize and put greater value in companies’ efforts to improve the community and the environment. What are the financial and operational best practices for our industry and how can I learn the coveted title of "financial superstar" within the ranks of Soda membership companies? How do the established models for pre-prod, production and post-proo work meet (or not meet) the needs of our current digital engagements? How do we get to post-digital and begin sharing perspectives on how the industry has evolved and where has evolved and where it's headed?
How do I lay the groundwork so structure and promote an environment of continual innovation?
What are the most important legal and regulatory issues impacting our industry and my company? What tools strategies and approaches do I need to adopt to successfully navigate periods of intense change? How do I align all of my efforts toward a cohesive strategy that positions your company for new business success?
How can I consistently provide thought leadership in terms of strategies, collaboration and philanthropic efforts? Learn how to effectively sell your products and services online.Continue reading "Local Search Engine Marketing Services You Can Trust!"Advertising on the Internet - The Game Has Changed!If advertising on the Internet is your goal, you may be in for a shock. As it stands now, small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) spend an average of 46% of their marketing budgets on digital advertising (this often amounts to about $400 per month).
In fact, 27% of SMBs say that word-of-mouth is their most effective marketing channel, compared to 3% who believe that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is most effective. When it comes to Facebook, however, the site’s primary purpose is to build and maintain brand loyalty and recognition. In fact, the first set of Instagram ad metrics were recently released and experts found that Instagram ads achieved a click-through rate 17 times higher than other digital marketing platforms! Many of these technologies are free (Meerkat and Periscope, for example) and can provide a powerful platform for free promotion, marketing and advertising. Bigfoot Media is here for all of your digital marketing needs and would love to help your business create a game-winning strategy.

Second, because most traditional online directory companies tend to resell products rather than develop them internally, the products tend to be more expensive due to additional fees in the selling process, or the products may be slightly less effective, due to product cost controls, than if purchased directly from a local digital marketing company. Their portfolio that includes the 100 days of Daily Twist campaign and their infamous Super Bowl tweet can attest to that. But the young and growing social media platform gave Oreo the opportunity to add a new twist to their online presence, all in 6 seconds. Even just liking their pages is a huge step to a mutual and beneficial online relationship. In addition, you can include some links to your social accounts, blogs, or even your own business sites if they are relevant to the discussion. You can even convert your manuscript into an ebook reader-friendly file and publish it on your business site and blog.
Be sure to learn how this game has changed and how I can help you win it.Continue reading "Advertising on the Internet - The Game Has Changed!"Internet Advertising Methods - It's Hard Finding the Correct OnesHow in the world can you tell which Internet advertising methods Google will allow today?
Content should focus primarily on quality information rather than your product.Big companies may be able to spend a lot of money on multimedia and expensive copywriters, but your advantage as a small business is bringing a personal touch that no large company can match. This means that marketers with small budgets can get started by building a great reputation and imparting good SEO practices.
Take Campbell’s Kitchen, for example, which has over 1 million Facebook fans and uses the site for everything from content distribution to promotions.
Once you’ve determined which sites are best for your company goals, use a platform like Hootsuite to manage them all from one convenient location. One option is that the business can hire an on-staff content creator that is responsible for handling everything from social media to blog posts.
I’ll venture an educated guess that your time is not best spent trying to build a leads-focused website or doing keyword research for your pay-per-click campaign. Vine enables their subscribers to share and view brief  video clips, focusing on shareability and virality.
If you haven’t done so yet, try researching for other niche social media sites that are a good fit to your business. Contact them and agree to share some of their posts on each other’s walls or even partner in offering contests or deals together.
Traffic is always good, but an even better reason is the potential for optimization in search engines. Feature your brand’s social responsibility efforts within your digital marketing strategy.
Visit here immediately to begin learning how to advertise your product, service or business successfully.Continue reading "Internet Advertising Methods - It's Hard Finding the Correct Ones"Small Business Online Advertising Fears? 29 Image: 6 Tips to Building a Business While Working a 9 to 5 6 Tips to Building a Business While Working a 9 to 5 29 Image: How to Build a Stress-Free and More Productive Workplace How to Build a Stress-Free and More Productive Workplace 29 What Role Do Entrepreneurs Have in an Economy?
You also have a local advantage and the opportunity to position yourself as part of your community.Talk to and Engage with your CustomersPick one to three social media sites that your customers frequent and start talking to them. Plainly said, it’s better to take an honest look at your business strengths and outsource the parts that are not core to your business – even digital marketing.
Most of these sites can be integrated with your other social platforms and can serve as a compliment to your main social media accounts. Even the occasional humorous content can provide a big boost to your channel and humanize your business.
Visit my site and learn how we can work together to put your business at the top of Google.Continue reading "Small Business Online Advertising Fears?
As a local business, you can take suggestions from customers and implement them immediately in a way that big companies can’t.If you’re running a restaurant, what are your customers’ favorite daily specials? Click here to discover precisely how to achieve top search engine rankings for your business, product or service.Continue reading "Effective Online Advertising - Helping You Find Your Best Option"Online Advertising Agencies - Finding the Right One For YouNo, not all online advertising agencies are fit for you and your business, product or service. You can also become a local expert who answers potential customers’ questions over social media whether your business is a tyre store, a financial consultancy or a museum.Measure Your ResultsEven if you’re a one-person operation, when you embark upon a digital marketing plan, you need to set goals and track results. Here's how to hire one with your needs squarely in their sights.Continue reading "Online Advertising Agencies - Finding the Right One For You"Affordable Online Advertising - What You Must KnowWhere can you turn when affordable online advertising is your goal?
Discover how to discern the balance between affordable and effective SEO marketing.Continue reading "Affordable Online Advertising - What You Must Know"Online Advertising Costs - How To Minimize Them, Yet Market EffectivelyAlthough online advertising costs have risen in recent years, I have a solution that will allow you to market your products, services or business affordably.Continue reading "Online Advertising Costs - How To Minimize Them, Yet Market Effectively"Unique Local Online Advertising Strategy You'll Love Learning AboutHow can you know which local online advertising company will benefit you most? I'll help you answer that question.Continue reading "Unique Local Online Advertising Strategy You'll Love Learning About"Local Internet Marketing Services - Unique Strategy Ranks Your QuicklyIn need of local internet marketing services where results are fast and long-lasting search engine rankings?
If something isn’t working, you can drop it and try a new tactic immediately.Small businesses cannot afford to neglect digital marketing these days.
Identifying where your customers are socially and what digital devices and media they use to communicate, can have a profound impact on your success in achieving your business goals. With a carefully managed strategy, small businesses can see huge returns on their efforts.If you are a small business and are considering a fresh campaign for 2014, why not leave a comment below.

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