Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who would like to promote your small business and significantly increase your exposure and get leads and customers through social media channels?
During our fast track course, we will cover such crucial areas as effective blogging, the fundamentals of SEO, social networking, microblogging, video marketing and much more.
I have recently presented a  successful webinar on Social Media Marketing for small businesses & entrepreneurs for Warwick Business School. Newsletter Signup FormSubscribe to our newsletter and get the latest in updates, new blog posts and training sessions! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A friendly place to share small business ideas and knowledge, ask questions, find help and encourage others that are involved in the small business industry. Many posts I read about social media marketing explain the importance of social media marketing, talk about celebrities that use social media marketing, and give examples of popular people & websites that use social media marketing effectively. Remember, you want to influence the influencers, not they try to become the influencer overnight. There is nothing wrong with becoming a popular social media users (like I am sure small business brief is) but trying to become that overnight does not work for most internet business owners. I mean, I was reading and reading to see what to comment about and I could not find anything because the explanation, along with picture, is self explanatory.
Finally, I found something to talk about: I thought I knew everything about social media marketing but this concept goes farther than my knowledge. I am the one who has a large network in LinkedIn and Facebook, and use several techniques to promote my businesses, but I never thought about focusing on influencing other people like me (who has large networks).
Instead of creating our own Twitter account and trying to create a bunch of fake followers, we just simply created a reason why influential Twitter Account owners would promote the site for us. There is no other low-cost promotional method out there that will easily give you large numbers of visitors, some of whom may come back to your website again and again.
Social Marketing can be a 2 way road, it can be good or get very nasty when people start to flame a person, it can make you or break you.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you have any ideas you'd like to share on social media marketing for small business, please leave a comment, thanks! The majority of the study’s participants were either small business owners or marketers working for small businesses. Get ideas from their experiences and future plans to help you shape your social marketing strategy when you download the report.
Nearly all survey participants use social media and view it as important for their business or company. Ninety-three percent of survey respondents indicated using Facebook for social media marketing. Twitter is gaining on Facebook, however, and with its new advertising opportunities, will be an interesting property to watch over the next year or so. Those in the B2B space give LinkedIn the majority of their attention, but use Facebook and Twitter too, at respectable rates. Thirty-five percent of marketers have no idea whether their Facebook efforts are effective. Facebook’s domination of social media marketing despite the fact that most marketers are uncertain of its impact should concern small businesses. On the other hand, 44% of survey respondents have been using social media for two years or less. The Social Media Marketing Industry Report also found that, again, despite the cloudiness surrounding Facebook’s effectiveness, 62% plan to increase activities on it. Sixty-eight percent of survey participants indicated they want to learn more about using Facebook for marketing.
Because of the crush of responsibilities they have, small business owners worry about the time it takes to keep an audience engaged on social channels. Thirty-three percent of study respondents report that they devote 1 to 5 hours weekly to social media marketing; however, a robust 25% spend 6 to 10 hours each week.
One in three respondents spend 5 hours or less on social media, but 63% spend more than that. As shown in the chart below, solopreneurs and businesses with 2 to 10 people fall mostly in the 1 to 5 or 6 to 10 hours per week category.
Most small businesses spend 6 hours per week or more on social media activities, but a significant amount also spend 11 to 20 hours per week. Whether through social channel engagement, referral source data from Google Analytics or customers sharing in person or by phone how they found the business on social media, business owners and marketers believe social media gets them in front of more and wider audiences. If you are not currently using social media platforms to market your small business, you are definitely missing out on new business opportunities for your company. 43% of all marketers found a customer via LinkedIn and 52% of all marketers have found a customer via Facebook. Emails that include social sharing buttons have a click-through-rate 158% higher than emails that do not include social sharing buttons. 1.  Hootsuite (aff link) – Is a social media dashboard management software application that you can use to to manage multiple social media accounts, schedule messages and analyze your social media traffic.
3.  SocialOomph – for Twitter fans (like myself) can help you save time by automating and scheduling your tweets via Twitter. If you liked this post, I would loveeeee for you to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Cheers and here’s to the weeekenddddd!
These interactive one-to-one or team sessions can be run on request at the place and time convenient for you face-to-face or via Skype.

We are a community of over 70,000 small business folks with over 120,000 posts for you to browse. It’s much the same story for Instagram and Pinterest, both of which doubled their traffic from 2014 to 2015.
Specifically, 71% of businesses with 100+ employees use YouTube, compared to 38% of the self-employed. B2B respondents for this survey report that LinkedIn is their number-one choice for social networking. This makes sense because B2B businesses are looking for the marketing people, facilities managers, buyers and others who rely on LinkedIn for industry connections and news. Without the benefit of a marketing team creating a strategy complete with goals and measurement, small businesses have a harder time evaluating marketing efforts. You’ll see below, too, that 53% plan to increase their ad spend on Facebook this year.
Although Facebook has existed since 2006, many small businesses are still figuring out how to use all of its features to grow their customer base, engagement and more. Tools like Hootsuite and Post Planner cut down on time spent, but social media marketing still requires significant time.
Social media platforms allow you to connect with your target audience, build relationships with your prospects, attract new business leads and most importantly share content and information as it relates to your industry. Mention –a fantastic tool that allows you to monitor your social media activity by getting alerts on who has mentioned you and your brand.
Buffer – like Twitterfeed is a social media management app that gives you the ability to manage your social media networks, by scheduling posts to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners. In the coming year, 62% of respondents plan to increase their use of Facebook for marketing purposes. They may have simply embraced the notion pushed by marketing agencies and media that Facebook is THE place to be, an inexpensive way to market to a targeted audience.
These figures give small business owners and marketers a clear idea of the time competitors are investing. As a relatively new marketing platform with plenty of buzz, Facebook’s hype could be clouding its true potential for small business. Although social media platforms offer their own marketing tools — Twitter targeted ads, Facebook Pages, Google+ Local and Pinterest Promoted Pins, to name a few — social media marketing solutions streamline the process while helping businesses avoid alienating followers.
Constantly pushing advertisements and sales copies no longer works on today’s increasingly social-media-savvy consumers, which means businesses need to take on a more strategic, relationship-building approach. People don’t just tweet about events and random nothings, but they also tweet looking for advice, products and services. Find them withSocialCentiv, a Twitter intent-based marketing Web app that helps small businesses turn conversations into customers. This self-serve platform lets users comb Twitter for potential customers using highly targeted metrics, such as those in their neighborhood or those seeking their specific product and services. This hashtag search platform also offers a user-friendly interface that includes customizable hashtag boards to filter and organize hashtag searches, as well as the ability to mute irrelevant search results.
Your online resource center will transform from static, white pages and PDFs to an interactive, evolving method of informing and serving your clients by allowing them to comment, ask questions, share the information, bookmark specific parts, as well as rate the usefulness of the information. also tracks client information while also collecting data on what parts of the information are most used and shared. This easy-to-use monthly service can be self-managed or can provide professional, tailored content for your business. Sparksfly — Social media consolidation Social media engagement can be complicated but Sparksfly, a new app, simplifies the process by allowing the you to consolidate all social-media feeds into one application. Designed for both consumers and businesses, the proprietary Fuzzy Logic Engine finds connections across networks and flags them to the user as it learns your routines. For businesses, Sparksfly offers meaningful, targeted consumer engagement based on user-generated data. Yodle — Social media automation This free addition to the established Yodle online marketing service allows clients to establish business profile pages on Facebook as well as automatically update those pages. The service provides an effective presence on Facebook to local businesses — a necessary step when 12 percent of local searches take place on the social network. Businesses also can share a hosted version of their email newsletter to their social networks with one click, and extend the reach of their email message. With these changes comes a new pricing structure, too, including a free plan for small businesses with an email list size of up to 1,000 contacts.
Sociotais a social network management and monitoring platform offering the ability to integrate multiple Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts. This new tool monitors keywords, influencers, associated terms, hashtags and other relevant data on Twitter in real-time, helping business create highly relevant and engaging content that draw in prospects and customers.
Pushup Social — Get your own social network Pushup Social is a plugin that lets businesses easily integrate a social network into their existing websites.
They can follow your company and create conversations in a centralized location, enabling you to build and grow your own community on your own turf.
Business owners also get more control over specific areas of their network, such as community messages, analytics, advertising, revenue, search engine optimization (SEO) and more. It not only provides attendees with a centralized place to find event-related tweets, ideas and connections, but also encourages participation by rewarding users with points, badges and real-life prizes for contributing to discussions. Other features include event management tools that integrate social media, such as speaker scheduling, logistics management, analytics and social networking. HootSuite — Campaign management and analytics HootSuite is a social media management dashboard that helps businesses simplify and automate social media marketing campaigns.

With HootSuite, users can manage multiple social networks, schedule messages and tweets, analyze social media traffic, track conversions, and measure campaign results — all in one user-friendly dashboard. HootSuite’s Social Analytics feature also offers more than 30 report modules — such as Facebook Insights and Google Analytics — to track metrics like top content, likes and shares, follower demographics, traffic sources and more. These features help businesses easily measure reach, increase engagement and maximize visibility across all types of social channels. Offerpop — Ad-based social media marketing Offerpop is the solution for businesses interested in launching paid advertisement-based social media marketing campaigns. Using Offerpop, businesses can turnemail marketing — as well as paid Web, broadcast and print advertisements — into powerful social media marketing tools. Offerpop uses these nonsocial advertising platforms to increase engagement via hashtag campaigns, contests and promotions on social media channels. Offerpop requires either an annual subscription or per-campaign plan for businesses with more than 100 followers. LeadSift — Social media lead generation Each social media platform offers a treasure trove of potential clients and customers. LeadSift takes the guesswork out of finding them and uncovers a world of social media marketing opportunities. LeadSift mines millions of social media conversations, cutting through the noise to deliver relevant, quality leads based on metrics set by users, such as geographic information and keywords. For instance, if you own a flower shop in San Francisco, LeadSift’s algorithms will find tweets from users located in San Francisco who are looking to buy flowers, as opposed to just tweeting about flowers in general.
You can then initiate engagement, target campaigns and create relationships to turn them into profitable customers.
Pricing Engine — Cross-platform ad deployment Advertising on social media can get tedious if you’re running a campaign on multiple platforms.
Pricing Engine streamlines the process by enabling users to create a single ad and deploy it on multiple social media channels. Pricing Engine offers free basic accounts and paid accounts, with additional features starting at $29.99 per month.
WebiMax — Outsourced social media marketing If you don’t have any social media marketing experience, WebiMax can help. To ensure an accurate representation of a brand, WebiMax campaigns are strategically crafted and tailored to a specific business and its consumer base. WebiMax also offers website evaluation to determine the best campaign outlets, SEO consulting and analysis, web design, and search engine marketing (SEM). LocalVox — All-in-one social media marketing solution LocalVox is a social and mobile marketing platform designed for local businesses. To drive in-store sales, LocalVox integrates things like SEO, mobile websites, email marketing, public relations campaigns, advertising and even local directories. The service also lets businesses boost social media reach by claiming profiles on distribution channels and managing their reputation on sites like Yelp, Superpages and CitySearch. LocalVox comes with an easy-to-use dashboard, which includes analytics, to-do lists, metric-based action items and customer management. Custard Media — Go viral Custard Media is a social media marketing management and distribution tool that goes the extra mile by helping users create videos and making them go viral. The Custard Media team can manage social media marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as content-distribution social networks like YouTube, Pinterest, Digg and Reddit. SnapRetail — Your own personal social media copywriter Social media isn’t for everyone, but SnapRetail turns the average small business owner into a social media marketing powerhouse with ready-to-use social media content. The service offers a library with thousands of customizable, prewritten social media posts to choose from, eliminating the difficulty of crafting attention-grabbing updates.
Users can drag-and-drop desired posts into social media channels, with the option to use a calendar interface to easily schedule updates.
Users can also add some pizazz to posts via the SnapRetail app, which enables them to take their own photos to complement their posts. Social Passport — Rewards and discounts Social Passport has a different take on social media marketing. It works by enabling customers to use their mobile phones to instantly like a business on Facebook, follow it on Twitter and check in on FourSquare with just a tap, without the fuss of having to open each app.
This real-time social networking tool leverages social media channels by spreading the word to customers’ friends and followers as they claim offers and patronize the business. To measure results, Social Passport offers back-end analytics to track campaigns, sales trends and return on investment (ROI).
Users can also use the dashboard to create and modify offers, as well as to manage coupons and loyalty cards.
A premium subscription, which starts at $40 per month, is required to create a branded mobile app. SparkCentral — Social media customer service Think social media marketing is all about launching campaigns?
Customer service on social media platforms can also be a powerful form of marketing by showing the world how much a business values its customers. SparkCentral provides businesses with a social media help-desk platform, allowing them to quickly respond to potential and current customers’ questions and concerns. This real-time engagement both humanizes social media and brings brands closer to leads and followers, helping turn them into loyal customers. SparkCentral’s help-desk features include automated workflow, internal collaboration, engagement metrics, trend identification and personalized communication.

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