So firstly, what are some of the cons of being in a small start-up or being a small organisation? You’re taking very little cargo with you, therefore there can be a huge amount of work for potentially little reward. There’s a spirit of camaraderie, hope and optimism if the company has landed upon a great idea. You have more space to think, without as many external pressures to make sure the decisions you are making are the right ones.
So whether you are a business start-up or a cog that’s a part of a larger organisation, try to think about the ways that you could work as if you were small. And in the drive, the ambition and the hard work, make sure your ‘modest size’ allows you the space to be driven as much by ideals, dreams and aspiration as much as by routine and obligations. If you’re a part of a small team, what are some of the other advantage you face in your working? Get my free eBook to help you get to grips with Twitter and get your first 1,000 Twitter followers. About MeI'm passionate to see people be all they were created to be, and I love ideas that can change the world. We're a Social Media Agency working with businesses to help them connect more meaningfully with customers. Enter your email to get your own content calendar, designed to help you consistently manage your Social Media schedule. With these completely free templates, you can easily create cover photos for all of the top Social Media Networks. With these high quality images, you can easily inspire your audience as well as provide you with extra content to share on Social media. With small business offices, there is usually one or two people who know where the files are.
Please note these are affiliate links through Amazon, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn affiliate fees if you decide to make a purchase. Mailing Center Zone – where envelopes, postage and other items related to mailing would be.
Permanent files Zone – this zone is where your client files and other important information are stored.
If your goal this year is to make your office more productive, well, I have a list of tasks that can help you. Add 15 minutes to the end time of the appointment just in case you go over.  If you need to drive from one meeting to another meeting, add 15 minutes extra time for traffic. Separate your home papers on your desk in your home office from your business papers.  Even better, have two desks if you deal with lots of paper for your business.
Develop a system for each of your tasks, especially the ones that are more complicated.  Writing down all the steps in a particular process helps with this. List on a piece of paper all the different zones in your office so you and others will be able to find information easily. Turn off your phone.  Assign some quite time in your day to get tasks that involve thought done. Have a message board station for everyone to write messages and notes on it.  A large marker board works nicely.

Use a spreadsheet chart (like this one) for all your bills for the month to make sure you paid everything. Make it a rule to remove any unnecessary items from your desk before you leave for the day. Have one area for office supplies complete with a customized list of items to reorder as needed. Schedule time a few times a week to check out your website.  Review your analytics and any advertising you may do will help you see who is looking at your site and what they are looking for. If you work from home and at an office, set up your home office the way you would set up your office space outside your home. The way to remember these digital folders is to write down the locations on a piece of paper as reference and post it near your computer. First things first, if you have issues remembering to clear the clutter in your office, add a recurring appointment on your calendar that would remind you once every four months to clear out any loose paper on your desk, filing cabinet, and even your computer files left on your desktop. After you have determined the date and time you are going to spring clean your office, pick your first area to tackle.
Another area to clear out is your bags and briefcases, do you need everything in these bags? After tackling these areas, you will be on your way to clearing the clutter in your office and allowing yourself to make room for the new and amazing opportunities that will come your way. I have worked for many small businesses and have seen many of my friends struggle with managing and keeping their businesses afloat, especially in the hardest days of the recession. In talking to many people who own small businesses, the most common “regret” is that they didn’t have more business related skills, specifically related to Accounting, Marketing, and Business Strategy.
All of these courses respond to many different aspects of owning and running a small business. Looking for small business financing to start, expand or purchase a small business, there are different options available through community and private sector loans; the SBA (Small Business Administration) and government. Looking for small business financing to start, expand or to buy a small business; we have 11 different low-interest loan programs available through the SBA to get you started. There are specific programs available to women and minorities in order to help increase their numbers as business owners. After all there are great benefits in being a small start-up business competing against a multi-national? The mighty Google who are firmly established leaders of the advertising on-line space, attempted a coupon facility for its business customers, but failed to deliver and generate the market share that Groupon has now established.
It’s hard to re-introduce these when you get bigger, but when you are a small start-up, you believe you can change the world. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
Label the filing cabinets on your floor plan drawing with statements similar to the ones below.
What work stations you should have to make it more organized and streamlined?  Small business owner’s office is a consistently changing space.
Only keeping in this area projects that you are working on, not projects that you will start soon. So, to keep track of these files and completions, you will need an area of in bins solely for this use.

The most important thing to remember is to make the space usable and not cluttered because that will only distract you from the task at hand. Having the systems the same will make it easier for you to transition between offices and help you find things easier. By the end of the year, you will be able to say that you have made your small business more productive. However, you still need systems in your computer to be able to retrieve files when you need them.
Most of these people had little to no previous business knowledge before starting up or buying their small businesses.
Small Business Administration, small businesses (businesses with 500 or fewer employees) make up 99% of all employers in the United States. The Small Business Administration encourages future and current small business owners to take advantage of business training and learning opportunities. With this in mind, being prepared in every way possible, including appropriate training and knowledge related to owning a business, is vital to avoiding going out of business and financial entropy. Community Adjustment and Investment Programs (CAIP) helps companies negatively affected by NAFTA in certain areas of the country by reducing costs and fees attached to existing loans.
The two owners of a cafe where I worked for a period after college had an English degree and a career in ballet, respectively, before buying out their former employer. A USA Today article reports that job creation at small companies has almost doubled from the end of winter to the end of summer of 2013. There are many competencies needed to start and maintain a business effectively and efficiently.
Taking an online course is both a schedule and wallet friendly way of acquiring specific skills and knowledge needed to run a business successfully and efficiently. Often this can be seen in the on-line space with business start-ups appearing out of nowhere and beginning to compete with large established businesses who have huge resources, infrastructure and staff. There is more space to write a more detailed email.  It is also easier to search if you need to reference a message. From personal experience, I imagine that a lot of small businesses start out or continue this way: from a dream, a hobby, an inclination, or the evolution of a job into a career. These two statistics convey a marked interest in the american employee and the american unemployed evolving into the american entrepreneur. No matter what kind of business it is, know-how related to marketing, accounting, customer service, business law, and human relations are paramount to success.
This will help you clear your office of paper piles and make it clearer in your mind where everything is stored.
The Small Business Administration encourages and helps people to start their own businesses or to become “self-employed” through Self-Employment Assistance and other State Workforce Agency programs. Approved Colleges offers many professional courses that are specifically intended for small business owners and managers. Having a good filing system in place for all your different types of paper will make your office run more efficiently.

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