Pycelle is a recurring character in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons.
Pycelle has been Grand Maester of the Seven Kingdoms for decades and has served under four kings when the series begins. So a quick update on the status of Landmine Larry; ┬áIm working on dropping a cleaner UI into Larry, and have done a revamp on the Logo. I’m going to try and get a current build video up soon to show off the new looks… and slightly different dynamic! The point of the game is quite simple, get to the end of the level and clear as many mines as you can in the process. I’ll be posting an update to the status of the game weekly, and some YouTube videos of its progress. He is played by guest star Julian Glover and debuts in "Lord Snow." Pycelle┬áis the King's Grand Maester and a member of the small council, but also serves as a spy for Cersei Lannister.

The Grand Maester is the King's personal maester, a learned man wise in history, science and medicine who also provides counsel. He is joined on the small council by the Master of Coin Petyr Baelish, also called Littlefinger, the Master of Whisperers Varys, the Master of Ships Stannis Baratheon and the Master of Laws Renly Baratheon.
The Steam community has given some great feedback on Landmine Larry and the biggest concern people have is that it will not be challenging and will be quick to finish. The Grand Maester sits on the King's small council, which runs the realm in the name of the King. Despite his tendency for deception, he does retain some sense of medical ethics, as he found Qyburn's methods abhorrent. The game room is a part of the house where every single member of the family or friends could stick together sitting while interacting with one another in a relaxed way. Playing game, enjoying movies together or sharing light refreshments should be the main goal you are trying to achieve here with the small game room ideas.

When Tywin Lannister marched to the gates of King's Landing following the rebel victory at the Battle of the Trident and all of the King's advisors told Aerys not to trust the Lord of Casterly Rock, Pycelle gave the opposite counsel and the city gates were opened, allowing the Lannister forces to sack the capital.
This post will talk about how you decorate the game room, despite the fact that you are running low on the space to work with. There is no need for you to place the expensive knickknacks here as they may be broken during some horseplay.

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