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I have been wanting to post this for the longest time to expose the naked truth of paid social media jobs but I’ve been hesitant to write about this until I gather some more evidence. In my research about Paid Social Media Jobs, I believe this is owned by some Asian guy name John Wai, who is an IT engineer support by profession. He said that he began building Slick Social Media Jobs a site dedicated to all things paid social media jobs and training. John Wai doesn’t say much where he grew up with, where he was born, or even say anything about his family. I can reveal to you everything they have and I am not ashame that I have joined this company.
It is true that you can make 6-figures in Social Media Management, like the video you see above. However, I don’t think that video derived from having a job from Paid Social Media Jobs company. That video exist as a true evidence that some people are really making money tweeting, answering comments on social media like Facebook, creating videos for YouTube, doing business campaigns and all that.
It is true that some of the business owners do not have the time to do their own social media and so they would hire others to do this job. However, my proposal is entirely different from what Paid Social Media Jobs have written. If you want to have a copy of what I have written, my own business proposal, my own words and preposition, you can contact me and I will send it to you as soon as I receive your email. It is true that you can now do jobs at home like being a Secretary, Medical Biller, Medical Transcriptionist, Data Entry, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Technical Writer, Content Writer, Teleconference Operator, and so many more jobs titles that I don’t remember. We are in the Information Technology era and the proliferation use of modern devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones…makes it a possibility to work with an employer in New York City while you live in California. He could have done a better job designing the members area in sections, so the not so savvy, so naive and so new members are not very confuse. When I signed up for PSMJ, I actually wanted to become a Social Media Manager but I end up Blogging instead because they claimed that I could make money blogging. If this guy is selling something on eBay and he did not follow exactly what’s on his description, he would have a negative feedback by now! And so I don’t think I want to support a company that over compensate for what they can do and so I am not putting my affiliate link on this.
Some people offered their product affiliates but I am still thinking about if I should go ahead and try this again.
If it got you blogging and doing all the amazing things you’re doing now it served a great purpose. But you had the good sense to see through the hype and the fact that people are mega-unlikely to be making money so fast.
I would have been more happier and would be willing to support this company if he (John Wai) was a bit more honest in the beginning. I’m glad you shed some light on this, Angela, and keep us updated as to what you decide. A friend of mine just told me that if I am affiliated with them, even if I only earned $1 they will send me the money.
Although I’ve heard of many such companies and even tried a hand at a few (some paid, some free) many years ago (but they were related to different things way back then), I learnt my lesson very soon and never went with any of them ever again. Yes, it’s tough to understand what the reality is because such sites are claimed as scam by some, while others you hear talking well of them and even earn a lot. I agree about such companies lying a lot just to make the initial sale or deal with you,, and once you are in, you get to know of it all.
Even with all the Google research, people are scammed because sites online will always have 2 versions, the good and bad, so unless you judge your senses and inner-gut-feeling, never go in for such things, that’s the lesson I learnt. I guess the lesson I’ve learned from signing such thing is first, I should have done my own research and always read the product reviews before signing up for anything.
No matter what you do on line, I would suggest to put most of your efforts learning how to market. I’m sure that before you launch a product you already have the marketing experience in your sleeve.
I have also heard that some social media jobs do pay very well but that depends on who it is and how big their accounts are. Sounds like this guy is just trying to make money off of social media and trapping everyone into purchasing something like this that they think is one thing but actually another. In every business we try many different things and there is nothing wrong to join any company. The only thing we need to take care is that the experience we get from such companies shouldn’t affect our business. In this new era people eagerly wait to make more and more money online and the jobs you have mentioned above are quite good and many people can earn few dollars from their home.
The good thing about Social Media Jobs is, you can actually work from your own home and manage different businesses without commuting. Some of my clients do not know how to tweak their website header, or they just need a part time Social Media Manager, some just need someone to take care of website maintenance, or just someone to coach them what blogging is all about, etc. There are some places who are really good places to enroll when it comes to Social Media Management, but you pay the price of $19-$47 a month. Since a lot of you awesome-sauce besties are signed up through my exclusive private videos also totally free, you already heard about this webinar and a ton of you have already signed up.But! Since I”m a programmer I know the tricks of the trade and I’ll show you the same steps that professional programmers use to code $5,000 websites. You can get paid to manage other peoples social media accounts, including account creation, design, posting, and strategy consultations. It is true that you can make money doing this, but it’s a highly competitive field, and will take more time, effort, and education than this product implies.
The video to start off with was poorly produced and pulled a typical move, playing on people’s emotions.
The videos in the members are are pretty good quality, and good for some ideas to get your brain movie. As usual, this is a very hyped product, telling you that you can work very few hours per day, and make a large amount of money.
This product could be useful for someone with a knack social media marketing who did not know any good job boards to post their skills to. The problem with most products like this is that they make it look easy, but it actually takes a lot of work. If it’s saying you have an account, it may be because you are on shared wifi, and someone else signed up using that IP. I requested a refund and the ass hole would not even refunded me the $10 I had paid for it. I did not pay enough attention to the website because there was not a refund offered on the product. I am very familiar with the Warrior Forum and Renouf is a well known crappy product creator. Yeah, they make things sound deceptively simple, but this particular way of making money online, as I said in the title, is much harder than it seems. Thanks for your review, someone has just pested about that website in a Linkedin group, so I had a look, but always get suspicious when some website promises easy money… and when you are supposed to pay to get jobs, acoording to what I read in another review.

Yeah, I know people do make money with surveys, but the product specifically was mixed up in too many promotions of other products.
I started my own business on the internet in 2010 because I wanted to start every day with a relaxing cup of coffee instead of going to a regular 9-5 job. Now more than four in five online adults in the US use social media at least once a month, and half participate in social networks like Facebook. In November of 2012 he discovered all about being able to earn money mucking around on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. So I am leery about this because I don’t know how sociable and does he even engage with the people who are members of his site. Whether this is a mistake or this is to gain knowledge from them, I am not really sure what to say about this company.
They have to exaggerate this to play your emotions in signing up to their membership.  I am revealing to you the naked truth of paid social media jobs. Before you join anything specially membership of some sort, make sure you ask around and do your own research. I was curious about this $1 offer on PSMJ and then it rolls over to $97 of one time charge membership. I have met people from Meetup groups that some of the business owners needs a part time Social Media Manager and you can set your own price in whatever you think is fair. Paid Social Media Jobs have their own PLR business proposals written but I have never put it to the test. Imagine jobs like you can find on Indeed yourself, this person is advertising all these jobs that you can find yourself just by doing a little search on Google.
I admit that I have learned how to set up my WordPress from PSMJ and what company to choose from to register my own domain, what hosting service to use. It’s like having a recipe to bake a pie not knowing all the ingredients are not included. Reading all the stuff in their members area can even take a year before it finally sink into your brain. In my opinion, I think it is better to say less about your company but over-deliver something to your client or customer instead. But so far, I am busy on getting my business offline. Meeting clients face-to-face instead. I have to really rein myself in from making rash decisions I wouldn’t dream of making in the local shop. I don’t know why some company upsell themselves that is beyond that cannot be reached and they can’t deliver it.
I’ve heard of social media managers, and think it is a wonderful service to provide to increase outreach and brand awareness. There can be no way you can earn large amounts in 3 days, and even though we hear people talk of such things at times, I wonder how much of it is true, or perhaps those people were paid to speak too, you can never say!
There are some with testimonials too but it doesn’t mean that they are for real either.
I’ll take my own advice — do my own research first before jumping on the wagon! This is a company who shows you things and just leaves you in the jungle once you go thru their tutorial videos. I am spearheading my business to a more substantial product like my upcoming ebook, courses in Udemy, tutorial videos, and my website business.
As far as training is concerned or reading informative articles about some things, they are okay. And Clickbank hates scam and so they have a policy of 60-days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Today I want to talk to you about social media jobs plus give you some free social media training.
Plus I’ll include the same graphics and kit that I put together for the site so you can just literally plugin your site and customize. We ask that you stay focused on the story topic, respect other people's opinions, and avoid profanity, offensive statements, illegal contents and advertisement posts.
Please refer to Bankrate's privacy policy for more information regarding Bankrate's privacy practices. Bankrate may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on certain links posted on this website. I hire people to work on my websites, and would consider hiring someone to manage my social media accounts if I had a large enough business. It may take a while to get your first job, and a while longer before you’re making consistent or good income.
You can find higher paying jobs, from a wider variety of sources on regular freelancing jobs boards. You are not put through any kind of training on how to actually manage someone’s account, or shown any examples.
And on top of that, they don’t have the proper training to teach you the skills you need.
I feel that if any product is worth it’s weight they sell it should offer a 30 refund policy if the buyer is not happy with it. So please tell all your subscribers to pay close attention before they order something online that if there is not a refund offered that don’t order it!
Really, you can only expect to earn $2-$3 per hour doing this, and it’s extremely frustrating. I was just about to take out my credit card to purchase this product but thought that I’d review first. With One More Cup of Coffee I hope to help other people learn online business and achieve their own goals. While young people continue to move toward universal adoption of social applications, the most rapid growth occurred among consumers 35 and older. When you do your Google search about Paid Social Media Jobs you will see what I’m saying. I thought hey…I know Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube, I can benefit from all of the knowledge about these social media. He must have hired a professional voice announcer and as an IT Engineer he knows how to manipulate his members area.
I am lowering my profile on affiliate marketing and instead boost up the sponsor advertisement in the future. All I would suggest is – now that you are into it, and paid for it as well, without paying further for anything, try what best comes your way, or else just drop it, taking it to be a bad investment.
Just the fact that there were no testimonials is a warning sign, but then there are so many scam sites present, even with the testimonials present! Perhaps sometimes I can make a decision on an impulse without thinking first, just a matter of curiosity. It only gives that product or your name a bad reputation and the person comes out merely but a scam. This way if you have your gravatar, people or other bloggers will not mistake you as spammer.

Some of my friends invited me to join like this but I’m hesitant to join because I’m not really sure if i can make money out of this. Some time ago a lot of my friends invited me to join these so called jobs but was not moved by everything they told so I was hesitant. But I won’t rely getting jobs at Paid Social Media Jobs, you can find jobs even better just by doing your own research and best way to do this is just go to Meetups to find Social Media Manager jobs. There are universities like San Francisco University Online who charges like $7000 for 6-8 weeks courses.
If 100 more of you sign up I will personally screencast myself making a step-by-step diy website for your new social media manager career that you can literally copy, pasteand customize. If two candidates have the same background, but one has a popular blog, the blogger will be hired," he says. These people, however, are usually college graduates with some kind of degree in marketing or business. This is a real job, and it’s becoming more important as technology advances and companies leverage the internet for advertising. Remember, you’re competing with competent individuals from emerging markets (Asia, Eastern Europe), which means there is always someone who will work for less money that you.
I was seriously disappointed that this is the way they expect you to hook up with high paying jobs. The product you are paying for is essentially the jobs board, and the videos giving you some broad ideas of what you can do as a social media manager.
The truth is that making money online can be done in a variety of ways, but you need to have a trusted source of information. This marketer James Renouf claims to have been so blessed because of his internet marketing business!
I would really feel very wrong if I promote this company knowing some of the complains I’ve heard are somewhat true. It does feel bad initially, but this is how we all learn – after testing the waters and trying to surf, isn’t it? Because honestly speaking, I haven’t read everything what they have inside their membership either.
I just wonder if this person even have a conscience that he’s pulling the wool on a lot of people. According from my research, that’s how much some people are charging for being a Social Media Manager for a company. A very good company that trains people to become Social Media Managers, or other Internet Marketing skills will *STICK* by you LIVE if you have further questions. Perhaps this is a good thing that I stumbled to someone like this coz NOW I KNOW what *not* to do in my members area. I think those are the documents you use if you are trying to persuade your clients to do business on some of these social medias. For this reason, I’ve created a 5 day email starter course to show you how I make money on the internet, and where to get properly trained to follow in my footsteps. I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses. The problem is that paypal does not usually give refunds on digital products but as a one time favor they refunded my money.
Well I guess so when you sell stuff and than don’t offer refunds and rip people off in the process! You can learn more about this process by signing up to my 5 day email course (Free), which you can join here You can then direct any questions to me via email or here in the comments. Interactive marketers should influence social network chatter, master social communication, and develop social assets even with older customers. I am more on to the sponsorship rather than having Adsense or Chitika advertised on my blog, sending my hard earned 1,000 unique visitors to them instead and only making a few cents each click. They have some documents in there that could help you get your Social Media Management going for a client but it doesn’t look simple. I begged some of the top peeps in the social media industry to host this free social media training webinar for you. Please avoid posting private or confidential information, and also keep in mind that anything you post may be disclosed, published, transmitted or reused. If you have never used twitter before, you will need to find other resources to learn how to use it. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!
Social media marketing can take many different forms, including text, images, audio, and video.
The reason why I wrote about this is to enlighten the mind of those who are naive about this subject. I think the best way to monetize in your blog is YOUR OWN PRODUCT and I’m working on my ebook and video courses. I had no idea what WordPress is all about and how easy it is to set up your site in comparison to traditional way of designing a website. Honest Marketing isn’t that hard to do, it’s the people who are into this get-rich-quick scheme that making their marketing too good to be true! Always use your mmwetc email address because if you use another email address you will have a faceless gravatar and this is not good. You have to be an Independent Contractor on this one and you have to target big companies who can afford to pay that type of budget each month.
We do not permit the inclusion of hyperlinks in comments and may remove any comment that includes a hyperlink.
I purchased a product from an marketer called James Renouf and after I downloaded it I found it was a worthless product.
Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode your online marketing campaign. They are pretty good in refunding money that’s why they have approval of it within 60 days. So maybe this is good that I did what I did anyway, coz I wouldn’t met you and other wonderful Internet Marketers in my life. Our Social Media Marketing specialists can help you identify the best communities to participate in to build your business profile with your target customers. And wishes that the owner of PSMJ had interacted more with his members, it wouldn’t be so bad. We will work with you to develop the most effective medium to communicate within your target social networks.

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