Social media users for Google+ are continuously increasing and giving competition to Facebook. If you don’t know that social media marketing is one of the hottest things to hit corporations, small business and consumer power since sliced bread, then you have been living under a rock. Listed below is information that is specific to Social Media Marketing Manager job salaries that you can expect to receive in that state area. So you are stepping into the mainstream marketing world and realizing that your business needs to get serious about social media. Location has always influenced salary ranges for any positions as costs of living vary in different regions of the country. It’s no surprise that this city has positions that offer the most for social media management and strategist positions.
There are multiple cities in California that have high wages for social media management and strategist related positions. Here is the first city in the list where top salaries of social media executives dip below 100K.
For instance, if you are walking into a mid-sized company in the Midwest and doing some basic social media presence development and management, don’t expect to clear 50K. It isn’t all that uncommon to see businesses meshing social media strategist and oversight in executive positions with people already in traditional marketing roles. Conversely, another company may want a social media professional to generate content for and manage a blog on top of managing multiple social networks. If you are actively involved in the social media and web marketing community, none of this is news to you. Marketing directors and business owners and others looking for folks with these skills are still working on defining the duties that these jobs encompass. Leading the pack with an income nearing six figures, Internet marketing directors enjoy a typical salary of $97,400. Online community managers have many roles and responsibilities to go along with a median salary of $47,800. Digital media strategists are compensated an average salary of $44,000, but these positions are in lower demand among smaller businesses. Social media managers round out the list with a median pay of $43,800, according to PayScale. Of all social media focused job roles, vice presidents of communications typically earn the most money, according to PayScale, though the average annual salaries for many leading social media jobs dropped in 2015. Social media is now practically a required skill and default responsibility for all high-level communications executives.
The role of PR director can be thankless at times, but the money often makes up for what the position lacks in gratitude; PR directors take home an average national salary of $84,600, according to PayScale. Marketing communications directors take home an average annual salary of $81,500, according to PayScale.
Marketing communications managers in the United States typically earn an average yearly salary of $65,100, according to PayScale, or substantially less than the first three jobs listed here.
Marketing consultants earn an average annual salary of $64,900, PayScale says, and LinkedIn has 19,826 open U.S.

Just 18 months ago, digital strategist roles were the second-highest paying jobs in social media on average; today they're the sixth highest paid social media job roles on average, according to a comparison of PayScale's data. The average salary of a public relations manager dropped $200 during the past 18 months, down from $61,100 in 2014 to $60,900 in 2016. Social media directors make average annual pay of $51,800, and a search for open positions on LinkedIn returned 8,941 results. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. The social media business is still taking off like a rocket ship and social media marketing managers can expect to get top pay for their skills and strategies. Our state by state breakdown allows you to see which state is best to get a job as a Social Media Marketing Manager. The salary information provided below is off of real-world job listings for Social Media Marketing Manager and the pay offered for those jobs.
The industry itself is so new that there really isn’t a professional background or pay grade to follow in your hiring practices.
The other thing that makes salary ranges for social media managers fluctuate is the size and type of company that they go to work for. Jobs range from 46K to over 70K; however, the range brings with it some misleading elements. At the low end of the scale for copywriting type positions, entry level people can expect anywhere from 22K to 32K.
Salary ranges for mid-level jobs are in the same ranges as the other top cities before Boston; however, at the low end, the range is much higher from 22-50K. In fact, positions where responsibilities are limited to only writing copy or managing accounts tend to pay a lot less than their manager or executive level counterparts. In these instances, professionals are taking on a lot more responsibility than just managing the company’s brand online or in a social space.
Still others may want their people to take on added responsibility outside of only managing social media networks. If you are interested in pursuing a position in a social media related field, it helps to understand that these positions are still finding their footing in the professional world. While some of these jobs are more readily available at smaller businesses, the pay doesna€™t usually match that provided by larger companies.
These positions dona€™t usually come into play until a company grows beyond 101 employees, according to PayScale. Companies with 81 employees and above are most likely to have a digital strategist on payroll. Companies with at least 100 employees are most likely to seek out potential candidates for this position.
Employees seeking this position are most likely to find these jobs at companies with a staff of 100 or more. Businesses are most likely to hire an online marketing specialist after reaching at least 99 total employees. Vice presidents of communications lead the pay pack with a typical national average salary of $133,200, PayScale says. The position is the second highest paying role that requires social media skills, PayScale says, and it is also in high demand with more than 6,648 current open positions on LinkedIn.

The job title is also the third highest paying position based on average salary, and it's among the most common jobs that require social media skills, PayScale says. That number is also an increase of nearly 3 percent over the average marketing communications manager's salary of $63,300 in July 2014. However, the digital strategist's average salary is up $100 during that period to $63,900, and LinkedIn has 5,452 open digital strategist job listings.
Content managers' responsibilities vary greatly, but the market for these positions is among the strongest of all social media jobs. The National Wages for people with skills in social media or SMM on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more are laid out for you state by state.
For instance, will this person only be responsible for managing the company brand on social media accounts, or do positions tend to encompass other branding and marketing related tasks?
There are some key differences in pay rates, though, that are directly related to the types of duties these professionals are expected to have responsibility for.
The typical median pay in this field for businesses with up to 100 employees is $40,900 while businesses with more than 1,000 employees will pay an average of $58,400 for that same position, according to PayScale.
A quick search on LinkedIn for this specific job title returned four results at the time of publishing. A query on LinkedIn for this specific job title returned 85 results, with current openings at Google, Microsoft and many others. There are 3,528 open positions for marketers on LinkedIn with Microsoft, Google and Amazon combining for 108 jobs alone. LinkedIna€™s job search tool showed 124 openings for public relations managers as of last week, with the greatest number of available positions concentrated in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. As of last week, there were 57 job openings for social media strategists on LinkedIn with the greatest concentration of positions available in New York and Chicago.
Among the 24 job postings seeking online marketing specialists on LinkedIn last week, Google, Farmers Insurance and Epson were all in the mix. While average take-home pay is on the lower end of the scale, social media managers are in an exciting field with many fun and exciting companies seeking out their services.
If you want to know where you need to be getting clients or landing a job as a social media marketing manager or even just a social marketer you can see where the high paying jobs for social media gurus are below.
Overall, the market value and demand for social media skills is increasing on a continuing basis. At the time of publishing, eight businesses were seeking candidates for online community manager positions on LinkedIn. The highest concentration of social media jobs is in California, but the average pay in regions such as the San Francisco Bay Area dropped 10 percent from $66,600 in 2014 to $59,900 in January 2016, according to PayScale.To derive this list of the highest-paying and most common jobs in social media, PayScale tapped its database of more than 54 million salary profiles.
There is no guessing with our data but straight salary information that will tell you how much you should expect to get paid in your local state if you’re skilled in social media in 2013.
These are the 10 most common jobs, ranked by their median respective salaries that require social media skills.

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