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Social media marketing is a type of internet marketing that applies different social media network strategies to attain marketing communication and branding objectives.
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This one-day intensive course is about Facebook, websites, search engine optimisation, business writing, and birds that go Tweet. Twenty-first century marketing is not about continuous promotions, drastic discounting and hype-filled sales speak. Brook explained technical concepts in a very accessible way, highlighting the main strategies and techniques we should concentrate on. You will learn the hows, whys, whens and whats of social media – and especially, how much is enough.
You will learn – and practise – the essential elements of writing an effective sales communication, in a way which feels natural, effortless and even (dare I suggest it?) fun. You will sketch out your key story lines to use in newsletters, websites, blogs and articles, and social media. And you will be seen and heard by your wellbeing colleagues who know the struggles and stresses of being a helping professional with a passion-based business.
How to apply laser-like focus to your online time so you aren’t wasting hours (and avoiding photos of your ex-husband’s new wife’s daughter’s wedding). How to effectively use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) and understand how the different channels work, why and how to use them to your advantage. How to plan ahead so you’re not resorting to emergency marketing and drastic discounting. Rediscovering joy and passion for your business so you are inspired and motivated to thrive, not just survive. You’re already pretty savvy at producing regular content for your website, updating your site, sending our regular email newsletter and growing your email list, investing in ads and marketing campaigns, and engaging your followers on social media (in which case, you may want to check out our Intermediate Social Media course).
Technology changes rapidly but some things never change – word-of-mouth is the most valuable form of marketing and people return to businesses that treat them well. I’ll show you how to quickly and easily locate and create useful, compelling content that grows your online tribe.
This course has been lovingly created especially for yoga and Pilates teachers, marketers, osteopaths, health coaches and life coaches, chiropractors, masseuses, therapists, doulas, kinesiologists, healers, and audacious rabble-rousers who want to grow their business, in whatever form that takes, using online marketing. You don’t need to be doing any of these things, though if you are thinking it’s time to start, then the timing may be perfect! Regardless of what you’re currently doing online, I want to inspire you to choose the most appropriate tools and techniques to suit your business and your future plans. Some knowledge of the internet is assumed though I will always explain things in plain English. I’ve worked in public relations and online communications and marketing while practising and teaching yoga for more than 16 years now. I founded Yoga Reach in early 2008 because I want to see yoga and natural therapies move out of the sidelines to bring its benefits to far more people.
After three years of giving this course from Perth to Melbourne, Brisbane to Adelaide, Byron and beyond, it has been retired to make way for Social Media Savvy. I attended Brook’s online marketing course in February and booked into the next one in July, bringing my partner. I walked into Brook’s workshop not feeling very confident about promoting and marketing my new studio and really how to fully utilise social media. This course provides 7 contact hours toward Yoga Australia CPD requirements for registered yoga teachers. Before doing Yoga Reach’s Online Marketing course, my biggest hurdle was how to make the best use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Brook’s unique position as a yoga teacher with a PR and journalism background makes her the perfect person to help wellbeing professionals make sense of online marketing today. Brook’s intensive was a great opportunity to learn the most important parts of a number of online marketing techniques.
I attended two of Brook’s Online Marketing Intensives over the past 14 months – I loved the first half-day course so much, I couldn’t wait to enrol in the full day course just recently.

I was one of those thinking I’d rather pull my own teeth than do an online marketing seminar. The Yoga Reach Intensive helped me build the platform needed to amp up my communication with my ideal client. I think it is wonderful that this course is available to empower those of us who are a little daunted by social media and marketing.
Join the tribe: SubscribeDiscover how to find your voice and your audience to build your business. Ideal for those starting out or who are looking to develop their knowledge in the digital marketing arena and develop campaigns and implement a digital marketing plan that will start generating leads for their business and ultimately increase their business profits. Social media has become one of the dominant forms of communication in the digital space, drastically altering the traditional relationship between a consumer and a business. Several methods for thinking about social media from a business perspective as well as some common misconceptions about social media management are covered in our second lesson.
We live in a world defined by images, and YouTube forms part of the digital base that world rests upon.
Often called the professional social network, LinkedIn is the largest place online for business and professionals to connect.
A major advantage of social marketing is that it allows us to see impact in near real time through the tracking of usage data for our web presences, including social media profiles. One of the most difficult situations any business can encounter within the digital space is the presence of publicly available negative reviews.
This final lesson is where we pull all of the threads we’ve laid out through our previous modules and weave them together into a coherent social media strategy for your business. All courses at The Shaw Academy are independently accredited by an internationally recognised body for CPD purposes. A huge thank you to Shaw Academy and our tutor, Kevin Redshaw, for the very informative webinar course on Social Media and Marketing. We are shifting our attention from traditional media marketing to internet, wireless, and other digital channels.
Today marketers are expected to handle a variety of roles including software and analytics. For questions about our digital & social media programs please contact the program director, Professor Drake at This email address is being protected from spambots. It’s about gathering your tribe through creating meaning, giving context, supporting, informing, sharing and uplifting. Your marketing becomes a conversation. Locating, curating, framing and creating useful, original, strategic, helpful, relationship-building content is essential for effective online marketing. You’ll leave with sackfuls of ideas that connect the wants, needs and issues of your clients to help you achieve your business objectives. We will not be looking at how to set up your social media accounts or create a website in a minute. If you want to hone in on your uniqueness, and are ready to stride boldly in the direction of your dreams, this course is for you. I don’t ever want you to be bamboozled and I promise not to use marketing jargon although I may well introduce you to new marketing terms and language. In order for this to occur, wellbeing practitioners must get better at business, so they can stop burning out due to lack of time and funds, serve more people and attract new converts, thereby widening the market for all.
I walked out of her workshop with the skills and knowledge and drive to improve my social media net working and improve my business on a whole new level. I went from having little knowledge on how to promote my business to being savvy with a variety of on- and off-line mediums.
Brook really empowered us to give it a go. It was fantastic connecting and sharing with like-minded souls and not be intimidated by our competition, recognising that we each have something unique to offer which will attract our specific, and different, customers. I felt totally wiped by the end of the day but that’s because you had my attention the whole time, which is very hard for anyone to keep! However since the seminar I’ve been less overwhelmed, more proactive and feeling like I may just get a hang of this yet. I’d recommend this to anyone wanting a better understanding of all online media options who are ready to grow their business.
You were also very generous of your intellectual property, your patience and willingness to help. I truly appreciated the whole experience and it will have a result for me both commercially and socially.

That said, we all need to have something to share on our social media channels if we want users to follow our business.
We look at how to think critically about this field, and use that knowledge to exploit this space for measurable commercial gain to ensure a good return on investment. This lesson covers how to leverage our collective love of video to create content that resonates with your targeted users without running up your costs.
This platform, known for its speed and brevity, is where it’s easiest to do the most damage to your brand in under 140 characters. Building a business or career in the digital space requires connections, and LinkedIn can serve to fulfil this key need. Companies that are targeting a younger demographic need to consider this visual medium as a core part in their social media strategy. In this lesson we introduce the processes and tools through which we can assess the scope, source, and engagement we are driving to be able to adjust and alter our campaigns for maximum impact. We look at topics including making a content calendar to ensure we post regularly, understanding when is the best time to post on your accounts, and how we can streamline this process using a variety of tools. I learnt a great deal during the 10 lessons and look forward to being able to set it all in motion in my organisation. Your clients are involved in your business, and strangers becomes fan, become friends (who bring friends)! Brook was keen to help tease out every person’s unique value and encouraged us to find our own style of communicating online. We will be examining effective techniques, creative content wizardry, word-smithery and smart strategy to achieve your business objectives. It is my deep desire for course participants to come away feeling empowered, with the knowledge, tools and attitude to utilise the best of technology to reach more people, serve more effectively, and create abundant business.
She probed us to look at our deeper value to our community, to plan for future trends, and to be a rebel in our promotions.
Many business owners aren’t aware of the power of social media and are missing opportunities to connect with current and future clients. I left the course feeling like a horse ready to bolt at the starting gate, I couldn’t get home fast enough to start implementing all her wonderful strategies.
Although some of Brook’s ideas seemed well beyond my expertise, she has whittled these into masterpiece status in the course which is very user-friendly. This class covers how to create content for sharing, and leverage it to increase the reach of your social media profiles. We show students how to create an account, what kind of content to post, and maximize your impact through targeting. Whether you are working to build a brand or find new business, the ability to work professionally within LinkedIn is a must have for your toolbox. In this lesson we will look at how to publish content with best practices in mind and track our engagement while ensuring we understand the power of advertising across the platform.
Remember, data drives decisions for professional marketers, and allows you to take control of your own destiny in the social space.
Knowing how to counter criticism and working to resolve these issues constructively is a must have for anyone working in the digital space. I am excited and inspired – and have converted from a total Facebook naysayer to a now committed (business page) Facebook addict. I’m already blogging and using Facebook but now I can expand to other social media with more know-how. The answer to these practical questions are where we begin our course as a means of levelling the playing field among our students to ensure a strong foundation for learning. I left inspired and motivated – this is a must-do course for all practitioners struggling with harnessing the power of the digital world.
Brook demystified marketing and social media and shared her clever tricks of the trade in how to sell out an event, fill a yoga room, and keep your Google ranking up.

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