How to develop a social media strategy is one of the hottest topics on digital marketing blogs today. In thinking about social media marketing, you have to remove your corporate cap and instead think like a fun party guest, focusing on how you can develop relevant, interesting, enjoyable, and ultimately share-worthy content. Other ways to segment your audience include using hashtags, circles, lists, filters, groups, search, and different RSS feeds for your blog.
The 70-30 rule strategy says to maintain 70% fun, useful content and 30% promotional, action-oriented posts.
Not everyone truly enjoys the nitty gritty, but research is a MUST if you want your social media marketing to have any meaning for your company.
Creating your editorial calendar around holidays and special events is a sound strategy, but you also want a little bit of flexibility to capitalize on hot topics that everyone is buzzing about on social media. It really is a full-time job to keep a pulse on the ever-changing landscape of SEO, social media, and content marketing — which is why, we figure, many business owners end up contacting Mod Girl Marketing to borrow our expertise! Founder & President of Mod Girl Marketing, a digital marketing firm that utilizes inbound strategies to help modern companies grow and thrive!
Modern marketers understand full well that they need a successful content marketing strategy for online lead generation. It is always difficult when we have something that can be used for both personal and professional gain. Your personal social networks are constructed of people who either know you, acquaintances or people who share something in common with you. Therefore we share our lives through family photos, images of pets, our outings and update about how we feel, think or if we are in need of answers.
On your personal social media accounts it is acceptable to be random; a place to share cat photos, random Internet memes, articles that vary and expand on your personal interests. Though aiming to connect with like-minded people when using social media for business applies, the buck stops there when comparing with what you do with your personal accounts.
Since your goal is to connect with like-minded people you need to think of how your particular Industry cannot only find like-minded people to follow, like, or circle, but to have them find you easily as well. Within those two main topics many sub-topics can arise that are still related to what you do and where you are located.
Thus, connecting locally is ideal as well as connecting with people who share the interest of your Industry. This then allows people to find you since the topics you are sharing places your business in any and many algorithms (search or social) as being an authority.
Business social media needs to differ from personal social media in order for your business to strive to thrive within the social media world. Creator and head editor of Socialeyezer She enjoys finding the latest in social media, tech and geek culture. My summer intern found Twitter frustrating: he wanted a Twitter-to-English dictionary to help it sort through it all. If you’re new to Twitter, how do you fit everything you need to say in ust 140 characters? One of the strongest benefits of taking your classes is the continual learning and updates. Get the Free Template ??Your EZ button for creating your most successful Facebook posts yet! Always keep in mind to express an authentic brand; after all, you want your business to succeed on the long term, so make sure your virtual brand offers the exact type of services or products you offer in the real world. You need to respond to your connections, to talk with them constantly because this is what social media is all about, not only advertising. Try to keep you message or your status simple and relevant, so everyone who visits the platform for the first time can understand easily what it is about. These are some of the best pieces of advice you can follow to improve your social media skills, but as we know people also make mistakes.
One of the primary goals for many Hotels is to develop a base of Loyal Customers that both return and refer the Hotel to their friends and family. With Social Media we follow the same principle, only Hotels now should focus on developing a base of Loyal Fans. These Loyal fans will act as the Story Tellers that will add the secret sauce to the ultimate Hotel Experience. Empower your Loyal fans to provide your Hotel with ideas and inputs on your products & services.
Hotel Networking is a new vibrant community for Networking & Collaboration with Hospitality Professionals. Collaborate & Network on Google+ Communities to find customers and peers that share common interests. After you invited your Hotels friends and network to join your Community, then encourage them to invite their friends and network to the Community. Get Free Updates directly to your email today when you enter your information below and click “Subscribe Now’! Identify your Hotels Unique Selling Points that allows your guest to create a remarkable Hotel experience that they can’t wait to share with their friends and family.
Online-classes Webinars organized by ReviewPro is one example how you can set up and arrange Webinars for your customers.
Instant Feedback is often beneficial with a launch of new product or service, or upcoming changes that your Hotel has scheduled.
Start hosting a Social Network Focus group in a relationship with your traditional segmentation strategies.
Develop a strong relationship with your Loyal Fans, and provide them with exclusive incentives. One example can be that bloggers will recommend the Hotels products or services through their Social Media Channels during a specific campaign period.

ManageFlitter provides you with a set of easy to use tools to empower you to work smarter and faster with Twitter.
Extended Share for Google+ is an application for Google Chrome that allows you share content from Google+ to Twitter or other Social Networks of your choice.
Sponsor, Contribute, Participate, Network & Collaborate at events is a very effective strategy to reach out to your customers. For example during Social Media & Mobile Strategies in 2013 you will see a lot of activity under the Twitter hashtag #eftamerica. The video will continue to grow as a great medium to showcase the many unique stories from your Hotel. Ace Hotels Video Channel is a forum for musings, pertinent miscellany, performances and cultural happenings at all Ace Hotels. Social Media Strategy Template: Develop Your Social Media Strategy In 60 Seconds You are using an outdated browser. For instance, Geico has different accounts for customers who wish to ask questions, customers who wish to follow racing news, and customers who love the Gecko mascot. They are the culmination of multiple department heads sitting down to hash out a game plan, professional bloggers enlisted to put down just the right words, consistent scheduling to create a predictable posting pattern, and appropriate follow-up to ensure all comments are responded to and all hot topics are re-visited in future posts.
While your primary goal should be providing information that is interesting to readers, you still must have an end game in mind.
Involve your audience in the conversation by asking for their participation from time to time. There are tons of tools out there to make this work easier, but many people start with what is offered through the social media sites themselves and Google Analytics.
There is no shame in finding a trustworthy partner to help craft or implement your social media content and strategy. Social Networking can generate good revenues for business as nearly 1.5 billion people use Social Media. We lend valuable expertise for businesses looking to bolster their brand’s presence in-house. Since many of us began using social media to connect with friends, family and like-minded people, we forget that it is not the same application for business. Applying the same strategy you have for your personal social media accounts to your business social media accounts is a fail. This doesn’t mean you have ever met them offline, but we tend to friend, follow or circle people who have a common interest as us.
We gain responses and activities due to the proper connections we have made and thus we are networking socially. The first step is easy; the second part has been a task more difficult since businesses are still applying what they would do on their personal accounts. We might want to be friends with people from across the world personally, but for our business that connection is not as valuable as connecting with your neighbor or a person in a neighboring town. This means that you share high quality images, tips, facts, history and how-to’s about your company, Industry and community.
It also builds credibility that you know what you are doing, that you are willing to share knowledge and most importantly, that you care. Just because someone says they know or understand social media does not make them the right candidate for your business social media accounts. Erin has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for business and fervently stays up-to-date. Use the infographic as checklist, or combine them by taking one strategy from each group for a possible combination of over 4 million marketing campaigns.
Small business owners, especially, wearing so many hats, don’t have time to read every single article on the latest iteration of Facebook engagement and user interface. By following this Twitter Headline Checklist: after all, tweets really are just a headline motivating your followers to take action, right? It’s a lovely, fun, visual way of getting inspired and discovering new products and ways of doing things. This is why any businessman can take advantage of this opportunity and expand their brand with a minimum effort and without taking any risks. You must have a complete profile that offers the clients the type of the details they need. By maintaining conversations you can really connect with your clients and gain their trust in time. Anyway, in case they are not interested in what they see, create some other links that lead to others social networks you have; it will help you a lot with (the) your other businesses. Nowadays there are even certain tools which allow business to centralize the accounts from all their social media platforms. Most off them are made because they are too confident that they have done all they needed to do. They must remember your network and the services it offers, so try to be creative and surprise them with unique things content. Although these commentaries are unpleasant sometimes, they might point out our mistakes and it can turn into a great way of improvement. Here you can post images, videos, fresh content, plan events, and have a face to face discussion in a hangout.
With Google+ Communities you can add great features that make your meeting or presentation stand out. Hotels can collaborate with mommy bloggers, travel bloggers, hotel bloggers etc and set up Social Media trade-offs. And this provides you with a great way to measure your date and collect demographic data about your customers. My friends at The Roger Smith Hotel brilliant blog Roger Smith Life has all ingredients of great Story Telling.

According to recent research, Sixty-three percent of brands have multiple presences on Twitter, In fact, the average large company has 178 social media accounts! Carefully decide upon topics and keywords for each post, but also do not lose sight of the larger picture and what you wish to achieve. Be sure to see what changes have been made in the world of SEO, Twitter, and Facebook from time to time to be sure your strategy is still current. Contact me to learn how Mod Girl can help your company increase revenues through strategic digital marketing. Download my free eBook and check out my blog for the most up-to-date marketing advice. If we didn’t then we would have useless feeds and inevitably the social site would become meaningless. Narrow your use of social media to two, yes only two main topics; Industry related and Local. How to setup your account, what to use for your handle, how to make real connections and more, all in 140 characters. But it should, and you need to pay attention, because it drives sales and increases SEO better than almost any other online tool. Showing that your Hotel care is among the top values for building trust with your customers.
Set up a Q & A section where either you or a special guest answer questions from your community. Sponsoring and participate on these type of venues allows Hotels to create awareness to new market segments. The Benefit-Cost ratio of pulling off this type of trade-off generates more ROI than the cost of the project. Once you’ve identified who your ideal customers are (step #1), you can identify where they are in social media.It’s likely they use more than one social network, but don’t feel like you need to be on ALL of them. We have found that companies can rarely be everything to everyone, and that a broad-brush strategy does not serve a business best.
Firms like Mod Girl Marketing specialize in Google Analytics reporting to help large companies see exactly where their marketing and advertising dollars are going.
We have some clients who are very hands-on and involved in the direction their content strategy takes, and others who prefer to let us handle all the details. Thanks for sharing very useful tips that we can use to incorporate in our Social media strategy. When time is an issue, we provide full-service consulting, social media management, content creation, SEO, online advertising, Wordpress services and more. Again, use as a checklist or combine tactics for unique campaigns suited perfectly for your followers.
I’ve got you covered with the Pinterest infographic, detailing pins, boards, photos, SEO, and all the tiny, beautiful details. It also opens for meeting customers on a specific event, or collaborate with them via webinars. You want to fit your marketing to the optimal social network:where your customers arehas the ability to help you reach your goalsFor example, if you are a local florist and use Instagram to show beautiful photos of your arrangements, that’s great for increasing your visibility. Instead, develop several core areas of buyers you want to address and make unique pitches to each market. Use this message consistently across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, blog posts, and websites.
There are countless strategies for driving more engagement with your posts, but check out what Kissmetrics and Julia Claire Campbell have to say on this topic.
Attend industry events to get ahead of the curve and predict what people will want to know about in the near future. Whether you are just getting started or looking to get more bang for your online marketing buck, Mod Girl Marketing can help you get there fast. You also want your logo, color scheme, fonts, and graphics to remain consistent across platform for a better branding experience.
Getting there first can be an advantage when you’re looking to be seen as a leader in your field that people can trust for the latest information.
Contact me directly to discuss how Mod Girl Marketing can transform your business presence online.
People usually assume Facebook is the first place they should start, when it could be that it’s totally the wrong platform for you.So here’s a step-by-step process for developing the perfect social media strategy using our template .
Google+ (even if your customers don’t use it) helps you rank higher in Google search (when your customers ARE searching for a local florist) and the majority of your customers are using Facebook. When Will You Communicate?How often do you plan to post to your social networks — multiple times per day, once per day, or a few times a week? You can achieve these objectives by crafting thoughtful blog content to share and offering special deals for your social media audience. Who’s Your Customer?All your social media marketing efforts will be for nothing if you’re not reaching the right people. So let’s take a look at some brands who do it well:ImagiBrand clearly differentiates themselves directly on their Twitter profile by saying “Every brand has a story. Use the template and spreadsheet as a guide to answer questions to help you identify your primary goals.Download this spreadsheet to build your social media strategyWhich social networks can help you reach your goals?
You’ve already identified the elements of your strategy — now you need to combine those into a simple, elegant action plan for your social media marketing.To do that, download the spreadsheet that accompanies the social media strategy template (you can get both of these in my free Social Media Strategy Class).

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