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Since we last looked at Cross DJ (see our Cross DJ 1.5 review), the software has acquired better effects, a four-channel mixer and sample decks - oh and a shiny new black paint job.
However you buy it, you just install it along with drivers (PC only), and you're ready to go. Since we last looked at the software, it's had a bit of a makeover, but is essentially recognisably the same program. Bear in mind that you can't just jump in and hack existing mappings; probably quite wisely, they're locked. So, all set up and the sound coming out of all the right places, it's time to take a look at what the software can do. No matter really though, as it's not particularly advisable to play out of iTunes directly with this software (although you can); every time you play a tune it is analysed and imported into your "collection" automatically anyway, so best just to analyse all your tunes from the off and play from MixVibe's collection. This task is made easier by the ability to auto import iTunes lists, Traktor playlists (including at least some of Traktor's custom data), Virtual DJ playlists, and from Pioneer's Rekordbox (more about this later). The MixVibes Cross 2.0 library boasts smart sorting, artwork, preview and the ability to import from major other DJ programs. There is a preview mode so you can listen to tracks quickly before loading onto a deck, and, some nice touches too - for instance, MP3 quality is shown by colour coded smiley faces, 320kbps MP3s being a cheeky little dude in sunglasses, 96kbps rips appearing very frowny indeed in the "Quality" column!
There are four mixer channels, two of which are for decks and two for sample channels, the latter not apparently usable for anything else. The timestretching algorithm with keylock sounds excellent, and there are three modes you can employ here: "speed" is standard, "tempo" locks the key, and "hybrid" locks the key close to the original pitch, allowing the key to finally change when you move a long way awa from true pitch (to preserve sound quality). It does this with the addition of extra "user beatgrids" that you can lay over the standard grid to show extra sections in tracks, a dropped or added beat - anything you want.
Of course, you can turn all of this stuff off and wing it, old school style, if sync isn't your thing, but again, it's some of the most advanced syncing I've seen on any software. The sampler features are far better than 1.x versions of the software, though - then, there weren't any! There is a record button for direct recording from the software, which can record in four lossless formats (not MP3 though); I didn't test it but I don't expect any surprises here.
Where it falls behind is on decks (only two, the second two channels being sample decks only) and effects (these are much better than 1.5, but could be much better still). Thirdly, mixing DJs who truly mix all genres and ages of music may well be drawn to it because its breatgridding will continue working where others are going to fall. I think the one things MixVibes should concentrate on to get more traction for this software (apart from continually improving it, of course) is getting good mappings for all controllers in to it as soon as it can. As it stands, the software does nothing wrong and an awful lot right - but whether that's enough to tempt a decent proportion of the masses away from the more highly marketed leaders of the pack apart is something that remains to be seen. Join 100,000 Digital DJ Tips members to get access to an exclusive area of all our free training articles & resources plus twice-weekly emails with the best of our tutorials, reviews and DJ news. It’s a bargain so i will grab it, also because my controller is directly supported (Reloop).
Yes, your best bet is to grab some separate key analysis software (we like Mixed in Key) and write to the comments field, which then becomes your key field. I purchased the U-Mix Pro controller and it came wit the 1.5v and I believe I have the option for the free upgrade.
I have been using Mixvibes Cross since my digital conversion from my HDXs and absolutely love it!!

Hi, although this software is relatively cheap is there anywhere you can download a free trail with? And yes the effects do still need much work and variety, but I also like that Mixvibes seems to be a company that actually listens to it’s customers.
It came with a ION Discovery controller I bought when I didn’t know if I was going to ever DJ more than the one time I bought the controller for. I should point out the V2 interface looks less fugly as it looks like only one person did the colouring in of the UI.
First (and that’s a fine point, I admit), I think what you really mean to say is quantized music, not electronic music. Second, and more importantly, a lot of music with drift is still amenable to beatgridding in traktor.
Wanted to go back to laptop a year or more ago so the search started… Went for the denon controller and itch, loved itch but wanted a full size controller! MixVibes would be great to use with the recently released Numark Mixdeck Quad…… is mapping available for it?? We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.
MixVibes Cross 2.0 DJ software may just be better than one of the more popular DJ programs for you, depending on your particular needs.
PC and Mac users do have other choices out there, and one such choice is Cross DJ from French company MixVibes, which has recently reached its landmark v2.
Areas of the software can be switched on and off via the "view" menu so at first it doesn't look like much else has changed, but dig a little deeper and you discover eight sample slots per deck that can be switched on and that appear under the existing two decks. Another big difference is that there are now four channel faders, not two, up the middle of the mixer. The mappings section in the configuration are also recognises your OS and quite nicely, gives you the option of choosing a laptop or full keyboard mapping; again, the correct one was already chosen. This tells the software what sound card settings to use for your headphones monitoring and master output. The system can read your iTunes playlists and collection easily, although it does so in a dark-on-light window that looks a little like Serato's daytime mode, and is not switchable for the more traditional DJ light-on-black, the colour scheme used for the software's own collection window. So if you are a wedding DJ to pay the bills and an underground techno DJ for fun, you can keep both sides to your DJing life completely separate (just to irrevocably remove the tempatation to slam down a sambuka and slap Beltram's "Energy Flash" on to liven up a particularly boring wedding first dance…). Also, album art is handled nicely, with Traktor-esque top fifth views in the lists, but also the choice of having a horizontally scrolling strip of artwork too above the main list. The deck channels, however, can be switched to line inputs (or mic if your sound card has such inputs), and when you're using the digital vinyl features, you can even play old-school vinyl right through the software. Assuming you're DJing with MP3s though, when you load an MP3 you get the waveform in the deck, and if you've got the main waveform at the top of the screen selected in the "view" menu, the waveform loads there too.
I like "smart seek" that jumps forward or back a set number of beats that you can decide, but I wished it went "up" to 32 beats, or 8 bars, which is a useful jump amount; it stops, instead, at 16 bars so you'd need to tap it twice for the same effect.
Top marks, and it steals the show against Traktor (which has very limited beatgridding) and Serato (which has elastic beatgridding but can't handle tempo changes or non-standard time signatures in the same way that Cross can). The software divides sync into "snap" and "quantise" functions, allowing you to sync to the nearest beat, bar or "cycle" (as in multi-bar musical phrase).
Now though, you get eight sample slots per "side", 16 in all, and they can be looped, one-shotted or set to momentary.
Sample sets can be stored and loaded, and indeed there are professional samples available for free to all purchasers to get you going. Limited compared to something like Traktor, it nonetheless has most of the features most DJs would want most of the time, and in some areas (I'm thinking beatgridding any sync) it's actually ahead of any. Firstly, if you buy MixVibes' excellent U-Mix Control Pro DJ controller, it's bundled - so you would just have bought it. Traktor is basically only good for electonic musc when it comes to beatgridding, and while Serato can handle same-tempo "live" stuff better, only MixVibes Cross DJ lets you beatgrid pretty much anything.
Although that's hard to do (no surprise there are notable absences even from its pretty up-to-date supported controllers list at present), it would give MixVibes a market differentiator - "the DJ software that works with all controllers".

Now that I am professionally performing and have a better controller, I still am running CrossDJ.
All I would say is buy this program first it’s very cheap and really nothing to lose! I guess a controller like the A&H K2 could be mapped to this as it is just a generic midi controller? I work in all stages of brand development such as identity design, corporate communication design, website design, eCommerce website design and print media. Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. It is available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian, selectable from within the program. The VU meters are now tucked "inside" the channel meters (making them harder to view when the fader knob cover graphic is over the "red" part of the VU meters). I am not against trying the software out (because at this point for me it is free) but I already changed workstations once (serato to traktor).
And most current music doesn’t drift, including a good chunk of non-electronic music. I have to say I didn't have any compatible digital vinyl here, so couldn't run any DVS testing. It is laid out nicely, performs well.It is pleasing to the eye unlike something like Virtual DJ. Finding the right tunes in the easiest way really is the way to ensure your gig are a success!
I firmly believe it is all about what controller fits your comfortability and then getting that hardware to map well with the software that compliments your style (define style however you like).
I must admit if the beatgridding is that advanced AND some type of jump or move feature then it may save me time editing my own tracks in Ableton. Program is useable for all years in the future by automatically switching a year onward at the beginning of a new year.
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