In his book, Delight is in the Details, Shawn Blanc explores the idea of sweating the small stuff. For our design related purpose, a sprinkle evokes an emotional response, captures attention, and establishes good will with users. Jane’s 10 years of experience leading an advertising agency follow 17 years in media research and sales at WHAS-TV. In charting the most effective ways to spend your advertising dollars, Jane is committed to collaboration, flexibility, transparency, accountability, and most importantly, tracking and analysis. After just graduating from Bellarmine in May 2015, I landed my first big girl job as an Account Coordinator at strADegy just a little over a year ago. As we jump head first into 2016, it’s fun to take some time to reflect on what 2015 brought us. Anyone with advertising agency experience should recognize the importance of communication. Guests of strADegy can find ample parking across the street from our office at the Brown Hotel Parking Garage. We’re growing fast, and our interactive department needs a Social Media Coordinator to help us continue to provide innovative, exciting and profitable success stories for our clients in social media.
One of the bigger trends around the web, including on our own website, is landing visitors on big, bold home pages with a beautiful fullscreen graphic. Both cupcakes are made of your favorite flavor of cake and dressed with your preference of icing. Stepping away from our computer screens and dawning metaphorical lab coats, the team at strADegy performed a simple, yet impactful experiment.
When he isn't staring at cascading lines of code, resembling the matrix, Carl spends his time working out, writing music, and watching Apple keynote presentations.

We dedicate ourselves to increasing consumer interaction with our clients’ business to drive profit. A dedication to the idea of advertising as a total system fueled her motivation to go into business for herself and the result is strADegy advertising. Jane is dedicated to ensuring that everyone in and around this agency knows where they are headed and just how to get there; clients included. Now that my one-year anniversary is coming up, I wanted to take some time to reflect on my first year in advertising. Now that we have a nice horizontal navigation bar built, we’re going to learn how to add drop down sub-menu items. By the end of Part 1 you’ll know how to build out a basic nav bar complete with hover states for our nav link items.
They not only make a statement, but they’re a great way to focus your users and guide them along your journey. A sprinkle can be as simple as remembering your client’s birthday to something as complex as coding hidden surprises triggered by the user. Using a handful of household items, we were able to extract those sprinkles that make each of us special – our DNA. And it definitely makes me want to consider how our company offers “sprinkles” in what we do!
At strADegy, we hunker down with our client partners to implement strategic marketing that delivers quantifiable results.
Jane will lead and inspire both your and our teams to produce great work and will challenge us to exceed expectations every day. I’ve written out those 3 methods here which you can use to integrate into your marketing strategies today.

We grew the agency both in size and clients all while giving back to the community and having a great time as a team.
In Part 2 we’ll expand on our horizontal menu, learning how to create a dropdown nav menu in CSS and HTML.
The challenge is getting your fullscreen image to scale responsively for various browsers and devices.
The cupcake on your right is topped with beautifully colored sprinkles while the one on the left remains bare. Extracting our DNA was an important reminder that each member of our team has a unique perspective to contribute to the agency. In Part 3, the final chapter of our Horizontal Navigation Bar series, we’ll expand even further creating a multilevel dropdown navigation menu.
Are you ready to jump on board with a team that is obsessed with Engagement, Impressions and Reach? We’d love to talk with you, and if you are the right fit, add you to our team of creative thinkers, problem solvers, number crunchers and pixel pushers. We experience an almost overwhelming feeling that the sprinkles will make that cupcake taste better.

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