The following practical approach to B2B content marketing strategy provides a framework to plan content development and marketing prioritized against your objectives and audiences. For many B2B leaders, content marketing is a key initiative when marketing a complex product or solution. The first step in building a B2B content marketing strategy is committing to measurable marketing objectives and prioritizing their importance against your business objectives.  B2B marketing plans often include both qualitative and quantitative objectives. Because content marketing is resource-intensive, you must prioritize your resource allocation to achieve better results. If you have the opposite priority of attracting more leads, then your investment priorities will be reversed. The next step should focus on using a customer-focused articulation of the business you are in. The classic example is Theodore Levitt’s question: “What business are you in?” He illustrates this point with drill bits. The third step in building your content marketing strategy is profiling your target customer segments. First, model your pipeline by understanding the different stages a customer goes through when deciding to do business with you. The information-seeking has a broad focus, using more generic and high-level search terms and keywords.
They are seeking assistance with definition, scope, and internal buy-in to solving a problem.
Keywords and search terms will be more specific and will start to reflect solution alternatives or categories. They have a solid understanding of how each alternative measures up and the decision maker is trying to get comfortable with committing to one of the decision alternatives. Keywords and search terms will be much more specific and will be focused on specific solutions. They have a solid understanding of how each alternative measures up and the decision maker is trying to get comfortable with committing to one of the alternatives. The chart below is the tool we recommend to map decision stages and content opportunities for your content plan. Part of the answer to achieving better content marketing results is faster content planning and better execution. If you are not sure how to start with your digital marketing strategy implementation and practise, why not to benchmark your competitors?
It is too easy to start filling in an online marketing template without assessing the reality first. When you have become familiar with the networks, the ethics and how people interact – you can start to resource your company for a more active role.
When you have a solid understanding of the entire social media landscape, you can establish your own presence in that space.

If you sell digital content, a mobile campaign may be an important tool for your marketing.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Planning against these measurable strategic objectives allow you to report on marketing results instead of just tactical activities.
This will help to identify which content categories, topics, and approaches are most relevant to your customer. Drill bit manufacturers care about everything involved in the production of their drill bits, but drill bit customers don’t really want drill bits.
Sales profiles, personas, and best customer models are tools you should use to profile your customer segments in order to improve the relevance and effectiveness of your content marketing.
Make sure to focus on your customer’s needs and pains, rather than simply providing expert knowledge. Brainrider recommends using these 4 strategic elements as a practical framework to plan content development and marketing prioritized against client objectives and audiences. Learn from competition while assess your company is likely the most successful way to get started. You can use newsletter plugins or open source platforms to manage your newsletter templates and for sending information to your subscribers.
Technorati, Google Trends and all the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare) are a good place to start. By analysing your social media activities and the key influencers in your industry, you can take the next step. Promoting Apps directly on the device makes much more sense than trying to persuade a person at the bus stop to read the entire ad, pick up their device, unlock it, open the browser, key the URL and download your app. Otherwise, your campaign will be trying to accomplish too many things at once without focusing on your objectives.
The key in building the right segments is to identify customer needs and pains, filter them through the business you are in, group their needs and pains by roles or audiences, and then use that data to profile your top customer segments. Click here to download a working copy of the B2B Content Marketing Strategy Template or contact us for more information about how we help clients get better content marketing. If you have a dozen people in your team, who all know the basics of online marketing, and your budget allows you to subcontract some external work, you may want to put in place a fully blown plan with all bells and whistles. If you find a newsletter too challenging, at least allow visitors to subscribe to your blog feeds.
By informing these representatives about the latest offers, product launches or promotional campaigns you can serve your customers better. You should give kudos to positive comments and you should accept criticisms while trying to ease them.
You can start to harness the power of individuals to break news about your company, protect your brand against lies and mud slinging, evangelise your products and crowdsource parts of your customer care.

Plan your objectives, buy model, advertising medium and how you want to track the performance (weekly if not daily).
Also, it is always linked to context (the keyword) so the quality of the traffic is also quite high. While these areas of expertise are important to managing and operating a business, not all of them are relevant to what your customer wants to know. Understanding the business you are in through the lens of your customer ensures that you are marketing holes, not just bits.
It is important to profile these segments by developing a long list of customer needs and pains using your customer’s own “How do I” questions.
If you are a start-up with two people looking after marketing, you may want to focus on the core essentials. There are many service providers and platforms out there that can make your site creation a breeze. Of course, let them first solve the customer issue and then inform the customer about the latest news and offers. Always run a small pilot campaign with A-B-C testing to see the cost of click, acquisition or sale. Even better, the targeting for different devices and demographics makes this a highly effective activity. This way you don’t expose yourself until you have a solid understanding, resources and competencies to take the next step. Replying requires more resources but it is still relatively easy to do with a few trained people. It’s also important to understand that you cannot enter social media and start a monologue.
You must select the right network, buy model, frequency, display times, formats, analytics, creatives and much more…and still you rarely see great results. If you want to spend a bit more time to make it right for your company, please feel free to contact us. We come from the client side, so we understand what the daily challenges are and how to overcome them. With more advanced staff, extend your website planning to SEO tactics and integration with your social media accounts.

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