Affiliate Elite is a simple software application that allows affiliates to access data to dominate a market. Ia€™m familiar enough with Clickbank to know and love the instant download and customer service facilities a€“ within minutes of purchasing, I had the software downloaded and registered. Screenshot showing Affiliate Elite downloading the merchant databaseWhilst the data compiled is easily available via each of the websites, the ability to compile so much in such a short time is clearly a plus.
Out of curiosity, and to try it out I entered numerous different domains a€“ ultimately ending in Wikipedia, the encyclopedian giant.
Although the bonus package is aimed at helping serious affiliate marketers get the most out of their subscription, everyone gets the following bonuses. The PPC Affiliate Manuscript is a concise primer to pay-per-click advertising with affiliate marketing.
The Super Affiliate Code discloses the key differences between bog-standard affiliate marketers and a€?super affiliatesa€™ a€“ experts who run serious full time profitable businesses in the affiliate marketing industry.
Niche marketing is the future for internet growth and new entrants; the bulk of search and commerce on the net is for the lesser known, more specific items a€“ a€?niche marketsa€™ a€“ and Underground Niche Marketing is a step-by-step guide to conquering your chosen niche. 1) This bonus package is only available to those accredited with purchasing through my link.
This entry was posted in Products and tagged plr, super affiliate success, video listing on April 29, 2016 by author. With the launch of the new Super Affiliate Machine, a review of what the software does for internet marketing can’t really do it justice, but I’ll do my best.
Early in my internet marketing days, I just skipped the whole aspect of keyword research and went straight into trying to rank sites.
After you have a couple keyword phrases that are low in competition, then you are taken to the domain selection page.
Creating a website is pretty much like everything else mentioned earlier in my Super Affiliate Machine review.
I can’t tell you EXACTLY how much money you’ll be making because you could pick a keyword with little competition and little search volume. During my beta testing, I thought of a couple of things that could help the software out a bit and I’ll share them with you here. When using SAM for keyword research, be sure to also check the search volume in the Google Keyword Planner.
When building your WordPress site, be sure to install plugins that will make your life easier. If you want to skip the learning curve that a lot of internet marketers go through when deciding keywords for affiliate products and niches, you’ll probably want to pick up this software. Hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two from my experiences with this piece of software and with any luck you can now make an educated decision in buying it from the information in this Super Affiliate Machine Review.
This was a conference session titled The Super Affiliate Toolkit for WordPress from Affiliate Summit East 2014, which took place August 10-12, 2014 at New York Marriott Marquis. David and Jeremy share their best high-powered tips for using WordPress to crank out high quality content and increase commissions. Note: the companies and positions listed above were current as of the time of the conference. I can tell you - honest to goodness truth - that making money isn't necessarily hard, unless you choose to think it is. One key point here is being able to identify trends in products - the idea is to get on the a€?upward curvea€™ on a new product as soon as possible. The results are very specific; you can essentially track and trace an entire websites presence on Google (only Google) in a flash.
It took about six seconds to download 1022 results, which seems to show the software is limited in terms of the results it can display.
The training videos are only screencast tutorials which show how to use the software and how you can specifically benefit from each part.
Dona€™t get me wrong a€“ ita€™s a quality affiliate software product and all, but I see it being a€?tosseda€™ into the money-making crowd, possibly even Get-Rich-Quick. I actually went out and bought the resellers rights just so I could pass it on; and that wasna€™t easy for an e-Book which sells everyday for $97! Herea€™s what you need to do in three steps2) Clear all your browser cookies; go to your browser history and delete it3) Click and order through this link. Now, don’t get too caught up in all of the other reviews that will claim you’ll be making $500-$1000 per day in a month. I was doing reputation management at the time, so I knew what I HAD to rank for, not what I COULD rank for.
After you log in, you are taken to a screen where you pick an affiliate product to promote from the interface of the software and discover the competition for the niche. If you sell an affiliate product that doesn’t pay out a lot, you aren’t going to be making that $500-$1000 per month that the other Super Affiliate Machine reviews are claiming.

If the software revisions in the future don’t allow for it, just log in to your website manually and do it. If you ever have an option of spending ten bucks on two guest posts versus two GSA or ScrapeBox blasts, go with the guest posts. Even if keyword research just annoys you, like it does me, then this software is probably a decent fit. Unlike some of those other review sites, we pride ourselves on giving accurate information and back up our reviews, testimonials, and guides with original sources. Plus dozens of educational sessions covering the latest trends and information from marketing experts. However, simply displaying data based upon what I can already get within 60 seconds of browsing online isna€™t enough to justify membership, so what else can Affiliate Elite do? This indicates the sales page is converting well and money is to be made.Searching down the list of possible projects, the next in line is the a€?Reverse Google Searcha€™.
This kind of data would take much longer to aggregate by hand (as well as being incredibly tedious!). I say a€?onlya€? because it doesna€™t introduce you to anything new and different about affiliate marketing itself a€“ screencast tutorials are incredibly helpful and a must for any software product.
Instead of providing a list to download, Ia€™ve created a resources section packed with affiliate marketing tools, tips, techniques and training (no need for those a€?membership sitesa€™) where everyone who clicks through via my link can submit recommendations for helping others with affiliate marketing.The very nature of my resources centre makes it difficult to list everything a€“ but whether you want free training videos, trial software or expert reports ita€™s all there! Ita€™s not going to distract you from your affiliate marketing business.Ia€™ve used all of the material and thata€™s the reason Ia€™m offering it to you know.
Let me give you a brief rundown on what this software does first since I was a beta tester. I got pretty good at ranking company’s names above Ripoff Report and other gripe sites, but then I got bored with that. I had heard that affiliate products that were just coming out were easy to rank for, so that’s what I did. Instead of trying to find expired domains through auctions or whatever, Super Affiliate Machine gives you a list of expired high PR domains that you can instantly register on GoDaddy or Namecheap. If you are already an SEO rock star or have this sort of thing outsourced by VA’s, you wouldn’t need to pick up this tool.
The actual tutorials are quite good with demonstrating the software and explaining the pros, but I felt left wanting more on a€?how to affiliate marketinga€™.Picture giving a kid a guitar and the music but not teaching them how to play it. It is engineered specifically for reputable niche players who have the traffic, credibility and resources to leverage off the latest products to promote.
I prepared an hour of tightly-focused audio seminars specifically about affiliate marketing bundled into three file sets.Ia€™m incredibly excited about these audio files.
I was a beta tester of this software and I have Devin’s permission to publish this Super Affiliate Machine review.
There’s some money in it for sure, but I was giving a big discount to my clients so not much money was involved.
However, the ones I chose never got any traction and as a bonus, I didn’t make a dime from them. I think the latter is running a discount right now for domain names and as a bonus, you get free privacy on the domain as well. You can simply download your competitora€™s results and build up data around them.However, this strategy a€“ whilst incredibly useful a€“ does neglect a€?newa€™ search demands (Google reported than some 20% of its monthly searches are totally new and unique to its data base each month). Sure, they may figure it out by trial and error, by asking someone else or by buying a book or something a€“ but why should he be left to his own devices?The forum (a community for everyone of Brad Callena€™s customers from his Keyword Elite, SEO Elite, SEO Mindset etc. It is engineered to make you more competitive against other affiliates by forensically analyzing their entire presence at Google. Personally, I find trawling through large e-Books exhausting and hard to focus entirely (although I have included full PDF transcripts with resources as well!) a€“ with these you can simply upload them to your iPod for example and soak up the pearls of affiliate marketing in your spare time, whilst in your car, walking your dog or kids to school or wherever you have a€?deada€™ time for learning.
I wanted a set it and forget it affiliate model that a lot of these guys were making pretty good money with. Most people don’t even know where to go to pick out affiliate offers, but this software has the largest networks available all right there.
Unfortunately, not all niches have expired high PR domains available, so the software gives you some options to register a brand new domain. However, I couldna€™t find anything that wasna€™t other affiliates promotional efforts (which ironically led me to it anyway a€“ perhaps thata€™s a testament to the software?), and analyzing the websites backlinks for possible reviews disclosed nothing.
It is engineered to track Adwords competition trends over time.It is a multiplier resource too a€“ it isna€™t a money printing machine, but it will concentrate your efforts in a much more profitable way.
Sure, you could go elsewhere and perhaps download dozens of a€?internet marketing eBooksa€™ a€¦ but would that distract you from your affiliate marketing?For only $4.95 for the first month, Affiliate Elite is an absolute steal. So instead of going after ZERO competition keywords with ZERO traffic, I decided to go after LITTLE competition keywords that had at least SOME search traffic.
You’ll have to create accounts on them, but if you have done that already, you simply just log in.

If you don’t like any of the options that the software suggests, then you can easily go to a domain registrar like the ones mentioned in this review above and get a domain name that you like. I can write content around affiliate products for days, but it’s the keyword research that still annoys me.
After this software has launched your website, all that’s left to do is build some backlinks to it and you’ll be making money. You still have to put the time in with all of the other off-page SEO aspects of your website. I suggest using the a€?Reverse Google Searcha€™ tool in conjunction with keyword research tools as well.The third project type a€?Analyze Adwords Competitiona€™.
Posts are sparse and there plain and simply isna€™t enough volume of traffic to trigger fruitful discussion. If you already have 1000 visitors per month to your site and are earning $1 per visitor, Affiliate Elite could help you find new, converting and profitable products to raise that to $5 per visitor for example.
If you’ve already a keyword research super ninja and you’re making thousands per month from affiliate products, you probably aren’t going to use this machine very much. After you have chosen an appealing affiliate program, you type in the niche that the product belongs to in the search bar. If you’ve already made up your mind and want to buy this software, get the discount and my bonus at the bottom of this page.
There are numerous other platforms on the net such as Sitepoint where real experts a€?hang outa€™.
Buy Super Affiliate Machine From Here And Get $4204 Worth Massive Bonus Pack From ME (FREE) Why Super Affiliate Machine ? If I had the Super Affiliate Machine software and had read this review back then, I’d have fatter pockets earlier on. Each time you a€?runa€™ it, ita€™ll adjust the data to give you the approximate number of Adwords ads, and from that be able to identify the trends in Adwords competition. The lure of making lots of money via affiliate marketing without questioning the process perhaps catches a lot of people out. Pick out your favorites (long-tail keywords will be easier to rank), and wait a minute while the Super Affiliate Machine reviews the competition of those chosen search phrases. A much generalized feature, but goes hand in hand with the a€?Reverse Google Searcha€™ I copied and pasted some keywords from Wordtracker for a€?how to bloga€™ (extremely generic term) to test it out. But more importantly are those who are a€?in affiliate marketinga€™ but not 110% engaged with it a€“ and thata€™s fine!
It then tells you which terms are winners and which ones have too high of competition to bother. A neat a€?schedulera€? feature allows you to run timed tests - daily, weekly or monthly - to analyze each campaigns competition status. Not everyone is an affiliate marketer; some people will use affiliate marketing on the side. Handy in the PPC world where traffic, costs-per-click and Googles algorithm are in constant motion.Affiliate Elite has one more feature - 'Find Super Affiliates'. I personally like the policy of diverse income streams.The mis-conception with this product is that it is 'made out to be perfect for everyone.
At first thought I wondered if this would be my firewall settings, but upon looking into the customer support service (Brad Callena€™s network has a comprehensive ticket based system in place) and the knowledgebase I found this. Have you banked your first affiliate cheque yet?But for only $4.95 you can access the information for a month you need to make your affiliate marketing (or even just general online marketing) much more successful. The elite training sessions are invaluable and the reverse Google search feature is fantastica€¦ but I dona€™t need it day in day out a€“ especially for a monthly subscription.For the serious affiliate marketers however, it is a gamechanger. You can track your entire industry on Clickbank and promote new, relevant and proven-to-be-profitable products straight to your audience and you benefit from yet more training and tuition via the elite sessions.
Using a proprietary algorithm, SAM automatically finds your winning keywords and sheds out all loser keywords in literally just a few seconds. As soon you enter your niche the Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) will then start scanning Google and find all the required keywords all on autopilot which it find relevant to your chosen niche.
This saves lots of your valuable time in choosing the right keywords that will surely help you to make money. Well, nothing is more effective than creating your own website on a relevant expire domains.
If you want SAM to generate all the relevant content, images and videos for you, it will do that also. So, I am not the product owner or the Creator of the Product listed on this Thread and I will get a commission from the product owner if you buy through my affiliate link.

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