The promotion starts tomorrow and it works like this: customers from the three major US carriers who hand in their eligible devices at any participating T-Mobile location and switch to a postpaid Simple Choice Plan can receive up to $300. So while there are definitely some stipulations here, customers switching from Verizon, Sprint or AT&T to T-Mobile could wind up with as much as $650 in credits. In addition to paying ETFs, T-Mobile also announced today that it has the fastest 4G LTE network in the US.
The CEO also offered up some preliminary Q4 numbers for the carrier, and they are impressive. So while John Legere may be an unconventional CEO, whatever he’s doing is clearly working.
I agree Sprint does not even have simultaneous voice and data thats dumb and they are starting to get on my nerves lol.
You would have to go to each carriers website although they tend to lie and inflate their actual coverage ! Yeah I know that I was just wondering if someone that wasn’t affiliated with any company made one that is unbiased.
That’s funny because I when checked sprint coverage for my phone and when I got my phone.
They also decided to buy some verizon spectrum, which will boost the coverage by a huge margin. I had t-mobile and I was getting around 15up and 12 down on average from NY and far out Long Island. All termination fees are prorated, each month you complete for the 2 year term minuses from the amount to terminate each line. T-Mobile is the multi-national carrier subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG that serves Windows Phone owners, among others, in Europe and the United States. T-Mobile has carried Windows Phone devices since the launch of the operating system in late 2010. Cricket Wireless is launching a new unlimited plan for talk, text and data for one smartphone line for $70 a month starting on April 17. In an effort to turn around the struggling T-Mobile Netherlands, parent company Deutsche Telekom may take a page out of the book of its U.S.

T-Mobile's latest promotion will give customers two lines with 6GB of LTE data each for $80 a month. T-Mobile has added more services that support its Music Freedom and Binge On features, which allow customers to stream media without affecting its cellular data plans. T-Mobile has announced a number of new partners for its BingeOn program, including YouTube, Discovery Go, Redbull TV and others.
We still don't know exactly when the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL will be launched on T-Mobile, but a new support page has surfaced for the phone. T-Mobile has added 14 more video services to its Binge On program, which allows users to stream video on those services without affecting their data plan. T-Mobile today announced Jump, the carrier’s plan that allows customers to upgrade to new phones twice a year, provided they pay an additional monthly fee tacked on to their T-Mobile bill. Now, if a new smartphone catches your eye every six months, you can (theoretically) switch! The outspoken CEO sent out a tweet saying something like “time to eliminate another customer pain point? With an eligible phone trade-in, the total value of the offer to switch to T-Mobile could be as high as $650 per line. Last year it introduced new subsidy-free service plans, its new Jump upgrade plan, and announced that it would provide unlimited texting and 2G data in over 100 countries.
Not only is T-Mobile disrupting the wireless industry, but it’s making some money in the process.
I upped my data so i wouldn’t go over and didn’t hit my new GB limit two months after so they brought it back down without asking me to half of what i asked for and are now charging me overages, Plus I bought a prepaid SIM to test T-mobile in Metro Miami and I get same download speeds as Verizon and LTE everywhere! What you can’t do is talk AND browse the web, Google maps or other data dependent apps. I live in NY and after leaving out of contract I went to T-mobile from AT&T and was very surprise at how fast their LTE was. The HTC HD7, running Windows Phone 7, was one of the first Windows Phones available and was sold by T-Mobile. The no-contract carrier is also offering a $100 bill credit for people who switch from T-Mobile to Cricket.

We last looked at the handset heading to the carrier on Monday, highlighting that today would be when you'd be able to pick one up for yourself. This could be a sign that Alcatel OneTouch's first Windows 10-powered smartphone is gearing up to become available.
But as (physicist) Robert Oppenheimer said, “When you see something that is technically sweet, you go ahead and do it and argue about what to do about it only after you’ve had your technical success. I have 2 smartphones (45+$45) + 12g plan ($110) + hotspot ($20) =200, plus all the data overages I’ve been charged you get 2GB for $10 but if you go over its $15 per GB such a racket. Then your LTE speed are based on your plan so once you hit the limit, you still get unlimited 4G.
Now that T-Mobile has a network that is as good or better than AT&T where I live, it was an easy switch. It could be because of all the building around me but they claim, from the website coverage in my area, that I should get optimal speed and reception. I just left for MetroPCS though because I was paying around $82 after taxes and now I’m only paying $60 for the same plan on MetroPCS.
T-Mobile has carried phones like the HTC Radar, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 521, the Nokia Lumia 925 and recently the Lumia 635. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources. T-mobile $70 unlimited + $50 Unlimited second line= 120 (if I waned to add the hotspot +$30 = $150) . T-mobile service is a lot better than it use to be and so is Metro since t-mobile bought them out.
As of August 2014, T-Mobile is the largest prepaid provider in the United States with 15.64 million prepaid subscribers on the network.

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