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The important factor to remember when building your email list is to give your target market an invaluable offer in exchange for their contact information.
You see, with inbound marketing, you are attracting a specific group of people who are already looking for what you have using platforms such as social media, content marketing (blogging, article marketing), and video marketing, to name a few.
Below are five “bait” ideas you can use to increase your opt-in conversions for your email marketing. Another suggestion is offering an extended training series on how you do something in your business that will help shorten your markets’ learning curve OR solves a problem within your niche. When you share information that could potentially come with a price tag (yet, you’re giving it away for free), there’s an increased likelihood that when it’s time for you to promote a special, they will jump on it. This idea is similar to the eBook, yet with a specific purpose.  Reflect on the important decisions your prospect must consider prior to making a final buying commitment. Search engine optimisation should always be somewhere near the top of any construction marketers mind when creating a digital strategy.
Developing a great website which encompasses clean coding, great website architecture and a smooth interface will help get your website to the top of Google search results pages. The content which sits on your site such as the copy, headers and tags all play a huge part in Google’s algorithm and any other search engine for that matter. Then there is the content which you write, provide and offer your web visitors in order to convert them into opportunities. Great, compelling content is highly targeted, relevant and will engage visitors thus encouraging them to either interact with your material and converting into a lead opportunity or share your content via social sites therefore creating more exposure for your business.
Too much time and effort can be spent on getting your website to the top of Google’s listings and little thought is given to what will happen once the visitor arrives to your site. There is no point in reaching number one, two or three in Google or any other search engine if your visitors are not converting into leads or performing some sort of desired action from this search traffic. Website A is currently ranked 10th in Google for Blue Widgets and Website B is ranked 2nd for Blue Widgets.
Website B receives approximately 350 visits from Google a week whilst Website A only receives 30. Website A converts 25 of this 30 and Website A converts 3 out of the 350 visits from Google. Content Marketing is all about educating your market or target audience by using non-selling techniques often referred to as ‘non-interruption marketing’. Are you educating your audience on how this product solves problems and deals with issues or complies with new regulations and legislation supported by white papers and online videos? Traditional marketing techniques such as print and direct mail is where aggressive selling techniques are used and a direct response is required from the recipient or reader, with content marketing you are progressively taking your audience on a journey and building trust, credibility and leadership along the way. The construction supply chain is long and complex with multiple points at which products and specifications can change.
Understanding what information or content is required to connect with your target audience and to get them to behave differently is key.

Specifiers are looking for content which will help them specify the right product, buyers are looking for content to help them source at the right price, site managers are looking for content to better educate themselves with the product which is to be stored, installed and carried on-site and the Branch Manager for a builders merchant is also looking for content on how you as a business can provide them with the support they need to sell your products. Seth Godin, the entrepreneur and blogger gives a talk about being remarkable and standing out from all the other noise out there which may spur on some ideas on how to get attention. A content plan consists of a list of all your online assets against those who use them and then understanding new content which requires creating. Define who you are targeting each piece of content towards and make a list of all the PDF’s, online videos, brochures, technical data sheets and tools which live on your website under each audience type.
If you take the above table as an example, you can see that we do not have much content for the Estimator yet the Specifier, Architect or Designer has much more content to support the product specification process. This is where you need to be creative and develop the content and material to make the Estimators job easier and engage with your website, or you could look to hold an online webinar to drive Estimators to your website. The credibility and thought leadership factors comes to light here, if you provide resources and material for the Estimator which is of value then they are more likely to want to deal with your brand again and again.
It is important to know what content sits on your site and who uses it so that updates can be made quickly and easily. As products change, specification change, legislation change and design guidance change all the time, it is all the more important to be able to keep your site content up to date too. Your prospects and customers will need you to demonstrate leadership when it comes to keeping up with the latest changes within your own sectors or area of expertise. There are many ways in which you can broadcast your content from email and newsletters right through to allowing unknown visitors to share the content via social networking sites.
What is important is to know at which stage your content is most effective during the construction specification and sales supply chain. Below is an example of how your assets can be used at the various stages of the construction process. So once you have defined the content you own, who its targeted towards and at what stage of the construction supply chain it needs to promoted then you can think about how to combine this with your existing communications strategy. It is about the value and the experience that’s added to the visitors journey through your content. Good content will be ranked higher in search engines and will lead to an increase in conversions and loyalty from visitors.
I hope this article has been useful to you in getting you moving in the right direction and thinking about producing or revising the existing content on your website. The Pauley Creative team can assist you in creating compelling content for your website and also provide ongoing measurement and performance based reports on your website. Monthly digital round upSign up to receive a monthly round up of our digital marketing for construction blog. Blog Round Up Sign UpSign up to receive a monthly round up of our digital marketing for construction blog. When you show up during their search, you want to be ready by giving value and sharing a gift. If you have a topic that exceeds 600+ words, consider converting that into an eBook instead.  Diteba Research Laboratories implemented this idea and soon they saw a 3x increase in conversion rate. Why not record one that will be useful for your target audience and give that as your offer?
This could be in the form of videos (highly suggested) or just an email series your leads will receive for their first 5 days.
Perhaps as a marketer you could share “the 6 most important things to do in your next blog post” checklist.

Five effective tips that will help improve your email marketing conversion rates while generating quality leads for your business. The content you provide to your website visitors is the key to success, not only from a ranking point of view but also a conversion point of view. It is all about delivering content which is of consistency and value to your buyers at each stage of the buying process and thus resulting in them doing business with you.
For many construction companies and B2B businesses, content marketing is about delivering the right content at the right stage of the specification, buying, tendering or sales process. Traditional marketing fails to connect as this medium is seen as direct selling with little added value.
For example, a collection of CAD drawings on your site is intended for Architects, Designers and Engineers. By doing this you will identify where you are weak and which audience you have very little content for.
If they see lots of out of date information on your site, they could be gone and an opportunity missed.
Building effective and compelling content means you need to understand your target audience and identify their needs, how they speak, what do they want and in what volumes. Read the copy on every page and adjust it so that you are not directly selling to your audience but engaging them and telling the story. Best way to do this is go speak to them or listen to their conversations on various social networks. What do you have lots of which could be streamlined or cut down to become readable on the web (people scan web pages but read white papers) and what do you not have lots of which can be produced?
Is your content ranking higher on search engine results pages and which keywords are driving traffic to your site. It’s the content on your website which will bring people to your site and get people talking about you. We create, build and manage brand awareness and lead generation strategies for building product manufacturers within the construction industry. The only way to pull your audience into your email marketing campaign is to provide them with an offer, or free gift, they can use that will solve a problem.
You can share immense value in just a few pages that starts the relationship building process with your new subscriber through an email marketing campaign strategy.
Because if your free stuff was good, just imagine the type of value you’re offering with the paid. Put this information into a step by step guide that showcases your company’s awareness and understanding of the issues, while offering the solution. Sticking to an email marketing campaign strategy will help you attracts potential clients in to view more of your content. Remember, your content should take people on a journey and allow for trust, credibility and leadership to come through. Do you have the supporting content to help you sales team move people on through the journey?
Will you engage with those who are at the ‘Purchase stage’ with a product demonstration or promote your online product demonstration videos?

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