Grey's Anatomy is going into their 8th season this year with quite possibly many changes. Last time we left the gang, Lily and Marshall are now secretly expecting, and a revelation of epic proportions revealed that Barney's wedding will be where Ted meets the titular mother.
Watch the promo above, and read more details of the upcoming season, including the premiere, after the jump!
For more on the upcoming home video release, including a sneak peek at the special features, take a look after the jump.
Well, the above trailer doesn't reveal quite much, except that the season premiere will focus on Beckett's life or death situation.
It has been an agonizing nearly three months since we last left our Tardis Trio, in a gigantic cliffhanger in which we discover just exactly who River Song was. After a flashback-heavy episode last week, we finally get to the meat of the main story: The Book of Omens. Do you remember how in the season finale of House, our titular doctor ran his car through Cuddy's home? Last month it was announced that all citizens of Panem are required to carry physical DIPs (District Identification Pass).

But before I get to those changes last year's finale may not have been quite so in your face like the previous finale, but I enjoyed it. With a bundle of shows returning in less than a month, welcome to the first article in our series highlighting our favorite in the FTTV Fall Preview!
It has slowly become one of my all-time favorite shows, and that's saying a lot because I watch more TV than any one person should. Last time we left the show, Beckett had been shot as Castle held her in his arms and told her he loved her. But, we will be revealing more later today as Jules goes in-depth on the upcoming season of 'Castle' in the first article of our FTTV Fall Preview series. This episode deals with both sides, the Cats and Mumm-Ra, racing to get to The Tower of Omens first in order to grab the book. To think for the first time in ten years a superhero won't grace the television screen is somewhat heartbreaking.
When Ryan runs into a man named Bruce (Yoakam) who also says that he can see Wilfred as well. Lionsgate and CafePress partnered to offer Hunger Games fans their own DIPs when they register with The Capitol.

Afterwards, you are taken to CafePress, where you can browse other items made by fans of The Hunger Games. Along the way are robots, Nazis, regenerations, miniaturization, and quite a few cameos from the past.
Was the episode as big as a revelation into the mythology as 'Compassion', or was it another lackluster tale that posed more questions than answers? FOX has released the first promo for Season 8 of the medical-drama, and it seems our season premiere is putting House in his place: behind bars.
But, was the wait for the episode well-worth it, or were we met with a less than satisfactory return of everyone's favorite time traveler? However, Luc Besson, writer and producer of Taken and new film Colombiana, has opened up to ComingSoon in an exclusive reveal.

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