Educators are largely opting for Chromebooks in the classroom over Apple MacBooks and Android tablets, a new study suggests. According to a report from research firm NPD Group, Google's low-cost Chromebook computers soared past Apple's MacBook line in terms of commercial sales, thanks largely due to growth in the education sector. Apple's MacBook and iPad sales declined this year as competition from Google's Android and Chrome lines ramped up, while Chromebooks and Android tablets experienced the most commercial growth with 1.76 million, compared to just 400,000 units in 2012. But the reason isn't all that surprising: "Certain organizations are looking for low-cost devices that have a strong connection to a set of Google services such as Google Docs and Drive," Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis at NPD, told Mashable.
Microsoft's Windows tablets saw a bit of increase, too, which added even more choices to the market in 2013.
Chromebooks are typically priced between $199 and $299, so budget-strapped education systems see these devices as a tremendous opportunity to bring cheap laptops into the classroom.
Bajarin said in addition to keeping strict budgets, Chromebooks are becoming increasingly more popular in education because of the keyboard. Although iPads are still outselling Chromebooks in education, Google's budget option will still likely grow in 2014, he added. Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin , YouTube , Skype  etc are the best examples of social media ; which leads people to have more interactions due to its wide connectivity.
Facebook users have been growing very rapidly as it allows multiple accounts handled by single user, even the fake accounts, etc but now it is been restricted at some level thus eliminating those fake accounts. Many social media sites are trying to enter new areas of experience and new fields by gaining acceptance into diverse regions. Most notably, it is important to note that Facebook usage frequency has been taking a dip in several countries in the wake of other networking sites like Instagram, Pinterest (which was acquired by Facebook), etc. It seems that Google may actually be on to something with Chrome OS if the latest computer sales figures for 2013 are any indication.

According to a recently released study from the NPD Group, Chromebooks took a massive chunk of the laptop market away from Microsoft and Apple this year.
In the tablet category, an area of technology that barely existed up until a few years ago, sales accounts for 22 percent of all personal computing devices sold this year. It seems as though there is room for all the products in the marketplace, but don’t be too surprised if you start seeing a lot more Chromebooks showing up in stores in the near future. Photographer Dario D decided to find out how many fast food products actually looked like their advert. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Each year, the advertising industry anxiously awaits the selection of the world’s best print ads at the illustrious Cannes Lions festival.
These print ads incorporated a wide range of approaches, from a humorous tone for Axe  and Carlton MID to a graphic style for Claro and complex creativity for Maxam. The Grand Prix award was received by Benetton, whose shocking shots of global leaders was in line with the brand’s open-minded image. Leverage the power of the big idea and create award-winning print advertising to capture your audience’s attention, increase brand exposure and drive sales. MDG Advertising, a full-service Florida advertising firm with offices in Boca Raton and New York, NY, specializes in developing targeted Internet marketing solutions, exceptional creative executions and solid branding and media buying strategies that give clients a competitive advantage. This entry was posted on Monday, September 17th, 2012 at 9:01 am and is filed under Advertising Awards, General, Print Advertising.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Not only this happens with Facebook but also other regional media sites like CyWorld, KakaoTalk and Line etc these are also entertained by the countries like Korea, Japan respectively.

But in India the active social media usage stands at only 5% which is very marsh in quantity as compared to U.S . Having noted the exponential growth trend of the Indian Internet Usage, it wouldnt be surprising to see India Internet users switch over to the new networking sites instead of growing on Facebook. Our core capabilities include branding, logo design, creative, digital marketing, print advertising, direct mail marketing, media planning and buying, TV and radio, Web design and development, email marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). The biggest loser this year, though, was Apple’s desktop and laptop categories which saw a combined decrease of 7 percent. Windows-based slates did increase year over year, but still account for a very small portion of the overall market. Apple has said in the past that it knows the iPad cannibalizes its computer sales and it is fine with that. Sixty-one percent of adults under 30 reported that they used a social networking site at least once on a typical day while daily usage among Internet users aged between 50-64 rose sharply, from 20 percent in 2010 to 32 percent last year.
But in India the figures for Active Social Media users (use at least once a month) is estimated by We Are Social (a Singapore based company) are just 5% which is below the global average level of 23%.
According to the report, India has around 63 Million Facebook users. As per the current population, that number is supposed to be 5% of it.

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