Mindful of the useless pile Google serves up in the “top online school” sector we, here at Get Educated, decided to tackle the task of creating a series of editorial opinion lists on some real top online degrees. These online masters degree options are not listed in any meaningful order (#1 is not better necessarily than #10). This is a list of the top 10 online masters in education with an education technology emphasis that, after 23 years of reviewing online colleges, we’d pick ourselves if we were in search of the best online masters. Columbia began recruiting teachers for their hybrid (online + on-campus) summer intensive masters in 1983.  Today, teachers can tackle this degree 100% online or opt to combine online courses with a culture-soaked (July) campus intensive in NYC. Penn State is oft touted as the queen bee of quality in erudite distance learning circles.  No one has been doing distance learning longer – and some would argue better – than the elearning egg heads at the World Campus. Teachers, choose your academic poison.  The master of science (MS) in edtech requires the GRE and a thesis and is meant to prep teachers for a scholarly doctorate degree (which Boise also happens to offer 100% online). One big bonus: this degree is low in cost, and if you want a more scholarly emphasis this is one of the few programs that will let you knuckle down and do a more traditional masters degree research curriculum in prep for that online doctorate degree. UMUC offers a substantial – albeit not sexy – edtech masters that’s as solid and reliable as my twelve-year-old Toyota. Like many large public universities the Missouri egg heads began offering distance learning decades before the Internet was imagined.
The Digital Teaching and Learning option is a 31-credit program for licensed teachers.  To get educated with KSU Online an educator must have a current teaching certificate and classroom teaching experience or the equivalent. Her expert insights and futuristic trend analysis of distance learning have been chronicled in the Wall Street Journal, Time, Fortune, CBS News, Forbes, and The New York Times?. Join the 30+ guest authors who use Edudemic as a free, easy, and fun way to get their voice heard.
If you do, you’ll get a steaming pile of doo-doo created by fake online school ranking sites.

Here’s our first rating list, compiled from a review of 350+ online masters in education that we have stockpiled in our amazing online college guide. We note why each degree has managed to impress us, and why we believe it may also interest you, or your K-12 teaching colleagues. Each degree is from a graduate education school we’d be mighty proud to list on our teaching resumes. Their online masters in edtech has been so successful the school plans to offer their very first online doctorate in education (Ed.D) in 2012-2013. The master of edtech, on the other hand, is a practitioner’s hands-on program intended for educators who want to make a difference with their students right NOW.  No GRE or thesis is required.
This distance degree offers great foundation courses like Teaching and Learning in K-12 Virtual Schools and Teaching Media Literacies in the Digital World. Grads are prepped to take on leadership roles in school technology integration and director positions in technology-rich schools.  Emerging technologies are emphasized as newly designed course take a broad view of teaching and learning in the context of “virtual learning” – learning in which the world is the classroom – beyond the traditional training of most edtech programs. You’ll get list after list of America’s top online colleges — the top online colleges that paid to be listed on these fake school ranking sites, that is. Our emphasis here is largely K-12 education technology online, but stay tuned as we’ll soon have more top lists, aimed at higher education experts as well as corporate training types. Today, the highly-decorated World Campus delivers wireless courses to jungle-bound students on high tech topics like GIS mapping. This program is thick with educational theory.  Perfect for career climbers interested in big wig administrative matters.
In 2011, UMUC offered 836 distinct courses online and processed 234,000 online course enrollments. Unlike many online masters in education programs applicants do NOT need to possess a state teaching license.

Today, she serves as Chief Online Education Analyst, helping develop the Get Educated online college ranking system—a system that helps consumers compare and rank more than 3,000 accredited online degrees on dimensions ranging from college affordability to brand reputation and student satisfaction. I like that they don’t outsource their online graduate programs to a team of Johnny-come lately adjuncts.
This top online masters in education is not specific to K-12, but rather provides a broad theory basis for computers in education and training at all levels.  Online students enrolled here come from corporations and government institutes as well as the little red schoolhouse.
Online courses address discipline specific tech tasks like Learning Mathematics with Technology and Learning Science with Technology. Maryland residents and military are charged a low rate of about $14,500, but others will have to pay a higher cost of around $22,000. Their online masters in education are staffed by the same pedigreed pundits who teach at their residential graduate school of education. The GRE or Miller Analogies Test is required, but if tests cause you terror GWU will kindly waive these exams if you already hold an accredited masters degree. At over $20,000 this university is pricey compared to their edtech state college competitors, but if you teach science, math or special education the Michigan online course line-up in these disciplines is impressive. Her ideas and writings have helped define online learning as a viable option for a new generation of “older” adult college students—many of whom will only study online. Teachers create virtual work portfolios that showcase learning.  Courses are designed around literacy goals including modeling digital-age learning and promoting digital citizenship.

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