More and more businesses are using advances in technology to further their reach and expand.
Unification of communication systems can really give your business a competitive edge and enable you to keep all your forms of communication in one place, making it easy to maintain and man-manage on a day-to-day basis.
The data is encrypted to ensure that it cannot be obtained and fall into the wrong hands, giving you complete security when passing data across your network.
Every business strategy needs a budget in place, and every business needs to know what costs are going to be made and saved by the strategy they put into place. The systems are pretty inexpensive too, meaning that more small businesses are turning to Unified Communications so that they can save on a variety of systems they would have to set up individually and just focus on the one system that unifies everything, from voice, to email, fax and SMS. Time is a valuable commodity when putting together a business strategy, and with a unified communication system in place, you can save time and money on training team members on how to use a variety of systems. Every business strategy has to include ensuring that the customers are taken care of and that their issues and queries are dealt with quickly and effectively. I am business consultant and technical strategist, content writing and planning for small technical companies in the UK.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The ability to access data, information and knowledge at digital speed can be the difference between an enterprise soaring or stumbling. The UCStrategies Experts share their expertise in bylined articles, opinion pieces, blogs, and podcasts, to define unified communications, educate you about unified communications technologies, and help you make informed decisions about unified communications solutions. This section offers learning tools to help you plan your unified communications implementation. This section provides a practical, vendor-independent service to any Enterprise that is seeking the benefits of Unified Communications. UCStrategies is an industry resource for unified communications enterprises, communications vendors, system integrators, and anyone interested in the growing unified communications arena. A supplier of objective information on unified communications, UCStrategies is supported by an alliance of leading communication industry advisors, analysts, and consultants who have worked in the various segments of unified communications since its inception. Jeff Kane, Senior Vice President, NEC Corporation of America, talks to Jim Burton about NEC’s recent organizational news and what it means for its own North America operations and end customers. UC integrates real-time and non-real time communications with business processes and requirements. Uses presence capabilities for coordination, and presents a consistent unified user interface and experience across multiple devices and media types. The parts indicated with bold lines are the highly oxygenated diaryl ethers, C–O digallates.
The firm, founded just five years ago, is part of the much larger Siemens AG, which was set up in Berlin, 1847.
However, with the changing face of enterprise and growth of consumerisation in the work place, the companya€™s CEO, Hamid Akhavan, felt a new brand was needed. Unify will continue to build unified communications (UC), network infrastructure and security products, but its main focus will be on its new UC platform code-named Project Ansible.

First announced in June, the platform will support voice, video text and screen sharing, working as a cloud-based SaaS across various mobile devices, as well as desktops.
Project Ansible will begin trialling with customers from January, but today Unify promised to speed up its route to market and have its first commercial version out in July 2014. MIT Sloan cybersecurity expert Stuart Madnick talks about clear and present dangers in an IoT-enabled world.
Open source data engineering has become a way of life at e-commerce leader eBay, says the company's Debashis Saha.
Today’s global marketplace means many teams can only connect virtually, with employees spread across branches and regional sites.
Tata Communications’ unified conferencing services will help your business evolve to quickly adapt to market challenges while increasing productivity and providing you unparalleled competitive advantage. From conferencing to cloud-connected audio, you have a complete suite of products that enable you to scale quickly and adapt effectively to changing market conditions. Contact us to learn how we can help you unleash collaboration, creativity, and commercial innovation.
A number of businesses are already familiar with Skype, and that tool has enabled businesses to contact clients and team members who may work from home at a seconds notice. It enables you to combine telephone and business data on one single network, and gives you the flexibility in your communication to combine and use voice, video and data in applications. If there is sensitive or important information being sent across, you can rest assured that it will stay in the appropriate circles, regardless of whether it is sent in the form of an email, voice call or video. When you have ten plates spinning, there’s a good chance that any could become neglected and fall.
Unified Communications save businesses a great deal of money by having all of your communications related outgoings being billed as one item. Once you have a team member trained to a high standard on a unified system, you would have covered all channels of communication, which in turn will help keep your customer service to a high standard and improve efficiency.
A number of customers will make their complaints heard via social media, email, fax and by telephone contact, so it is essential that all businesses have a clear strategy for taking care of these customer service issues the moment they arise.
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Global and remote workforces, e-commerce, mobility and social media have transformed the workplace and served up enormous and growing communication challenges. Many companies are now using unified communications to enhance collaboration tools, social media, messaging capabilities and mobile interaction across their operations. UC aims to address many of these challenges by connecting people in more efficient and intuitive ways.
ShoreEast is your experienced partner to help you devise your UC strategy and bridge your existing systems, tools and devices.
It will also link up with other enterprise communications services from the likes of Cisco and Avaya. If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States.

They deliver the tools to help your employees collaborate more effectively across audio, web and video. With our technology delivering limitless collaboration, you can focus on leveraging this competitive edge to its full effect. Unified Communications have created a system that has all the benefits of Skype and incorporates other forms of communication too, making it the complete package. You can also save and forward instant message streams, phone calls, faxes and emails, voicemail and video conference sessions as data files.
Unified Communications allows you to keep everything in order and in one place, meaning that one person can take care of everything if need be, and without any confusion or frustration. This makes it a great deal easier for businesses to set a budget and fill out a profit-and-loss.
With a unified communication system, a query or complaint will be noticed immediately, and can be actioned right away. Your business strategy is designed to help the company move forward, improve and exceed what it was delivering before.
Many organizations have struggled to enable comprehensive and seamless collaboration across platforms, systems and devices. It can reduce overlapping work and errors, spur innovation, speed development cycles and improve service levels. The C–O digallates allow oligomerization of basic ellagitannins, which is a major factor in conferring structural diversity. At the same time enterprises struggle to choose and unify their conferencing technology islands, which often drives focus away from business towards technology.
Whether working independently, or integrated with existing products and UCC solutions, our modular service portfolio will boost productivity across your business.
The team member can use a single phone number or handset and a unified inbox for all the available communications too. It also takes away the possibility that a complaint or query could be missed by a team member, as it will be right in front of you on the system.
The services are designed with high levels of interoperability to overcome the challenges of integrating technology islands. An easier life for your team is the ultimately goal for everybody, and this system provides it. With customers demanding a quick service, this form of communication system can see your customer satisfaction stats skyrocket.
All the services are delivered on our global tier-1 internet backbone assuring you of a high quality reliable service. A quick response can be the difference between a happy customer and a dissatisfied one, after all.

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