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Bundled together in one app you can be the hero as you catch the escaped crooks in action packed car chases, or on foot in the park.
Dungeon Adventure - Play as the mystical Wizard Merlin and scour the haunted dungeons for ancient potions.
Hyper Gunner - You want to get back to earth but to do that you need to shoot your way through hordes of enemies!
Wizard Wars - Duel wizards and enchanted monsters in the depths of the castle’s darkest dungeons! 2020 is a challenging puzzle game with gameplay that resembles Tetris a bit but goes above and beyond. Put out the fires in the city or steer the Coast Guard helicopter to rescue shipwrecked from the sharks. Catch escaped crooks in action packed car chases, put out fires, or rescue shipwrecked minifigures from the sharks!

Shoot to match colored marbles or powerful lightnings in group of 3 or more to rake in as many points as possible.
In this cool game, you have to fill the horizontal lines with blocks dropping from the top of the screen. Since every ship is vulnerable to different things, you need to destroy it using a different ammunition from the cannons. The player places different blocks on a game board of 10 by 10 fields and has to fill horizontal or vertical lines to make them disappear. You can even be the fastest in the city by speeding across the finish line first in the slotracer game. Right now there are not less than 193 different countries in the world - do you think you know all their flags? Swap balls and try to create combos in order to cause chain reactions and earn more rewarding power ups. Once a horizontal line is filled, the blocks will be removed and you gain points for this line. As time passes more and more pirate ship will reach your shoreline and try to loot your city.

The game ends, if there is no more room to place elements on the board, so be careful not to waste precious space by placing elements without giving it a proper thought.Should you run into problems anyway, you can always choose to invest some of your hard earned coins in mighty boosters, that for instance clear an area or give you other elements to place on the board.
You start the game easy by choosing flags from Northern America or Europe, but as you progress through all the continents, you will have to identify the flags from countries that you might not even have heard of. In order to get higher scores, alter the direction of the falling blocks according to the empty spaces in the horizontal lines. You will need lightning fast reflexes and a fair bit of concentration to protect the riches you have gathered. If you managed to guess the right country the game provides you with handy information about the different countries, such as the population, the size or the capital.
Tetra is one of the most entertaining puzzle games so don’t miss the chance to show off your skills.

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