A Support document on Apple’s web site reveals that old versions of the Adobe Flash Player are vulnerable to hacker attacks and that customers should download and install the newest version of the platform as soon as possible.
Apple then outlines the following steps so that Mac users can be sure they downloaded the absolute newest version of the player. According to the NIST’s National Vulnerability Database, one of the flaws allows remote attackers to execute code and bypass a sandbox protection mechanism, while a use-after-free bug could also be exploited for arbitrary code execution. Mit dem Adobe Flash Player können Flash-animierte Videos, Spiele, Audio-Streams oder animierte Grafiken unkompliziert im Browser abgespielt werden. Mit dem E-Book-Reader Calibre lassen sich Dokumente in verschiedene E-Book-Formate umwandeln und lesen.
Der Webbrowser Google Chrome vom Suchmaschinen-Anbieter Google ermöglicht schnelles Browsen. In installation process, ADM was downloaded first which was almost the same download size of the Flash Player itself, so I don’t get why Adobe used it in the first place. This new version features better hardware acceleration, multi-touch and gestures, private browsing support and as always enhanced performance and memory management.
I am happy that Adobe now have switched back to better and tiny (only ~2.8MB total) installer.
The only thing which I’ve been asking Adobe to put in these update dialogs is complete version numbers of the currently installed Flash Player, and new version.
We know MS have copied a lot of features from Flash into Silverlight, so Adobe shouldn’t be shy to copy somthing back from Silverlight which can help Flash platform.
Adobe recently released an emergency update for Flash Player on all platforms after two zero-day bugs were discovered in the wild targeting Windows and Mac OS X computers.
The first vulnerability, CVE-2013-0633, tricks users into downloading a Microsoft Word document sent via e-mail. The second exploit, CVE-2013-0634, targets Firefox and Safari users on Mac OS X by directing users to Websites containing malicious Flash content. So therea€™s nothing new here in terms of malware delivery, but you should update your Flash Player software as soon as possible if it isna€™t set to update automatically. Checking to make sure youa€™ve got the latest updates to Flash Player these days is not easy task, as a single system can have several different versions.
The easiest way to figure out your Flash situation is to visit the Flash about page on Adobea€™s Website. Most users should have Flash configured for automatic updates, but if you need to manually update Flash Player herea€™s how to get it done on Windows and OS X.
Windows 8 users need to open Windows Update by pressing the Windows Key + C to open the Charms Bar. The easiest way for Windows 7 users to get the update is to go the Flash Player Download Center and download the update. Mac OS X users who need to manually update should open System Preferences and tap on the Flash Player icon in the a€?Othera€? section. Windows users have more security update action to look forward to this coming Tuesday, which is Microsofta€™s monthly patch Tuesday.
Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Researchers have discovered security flaws in Samsung’s SmartThings IoT consumer platform, allowing them to hack into the platform's automation system and control a user’s home system. E-commerce giant Amazon's Prime $100 membership program, now a decade old, has accomplished the amazing feat of convincing millions to pay an annual fee for the privilege of, well, shopping. Yet another zero-day exploit in Flash led Adobe to issue another emergency Flash Player patch yesterday. The company gave the majority of the updates included in the patch a priority rating of 1, its highest level.

Proofpoint, one of the security research firms responsible for discovering the flaws, said that the vulnerability has the potential to expose more than 1 billion connected desktops to ransomware attacks. The exploit represents a significant risk for computer users as it is capable of hacking into the latest versions of the Flash Player, Proofpoint said. The emergency security update is the second in as many months that Adobe has been forced to issue due to vulnerabilities with Flash Player. Last month’s update came only a week after hackers took advantage of a Flash vulnerability to attack the AOL Ad Network with a nasty bit of malvertising. At this point, it remains to be seen whether Flash’s reputation as a giant backdoor for hackers can get any worse. Stanford Graduate School of Business presents "The Innovative Technology Leader." In six intense days through classroom learning with renowned Stanford professors, prestigious Silicon Valley speakers, VC panels, and a unique chance to partner with Stanford PhD students at the frontier of technology, this career-changing opportunity will help you gain new perspectives on your role within your organization, and how you can affect positive, powerful change. Adobe Flash, with its long lineage of providing Internet-connected computers with a platform for specialized multimedia and motion graphics, has been through hell and back when it comes to malicious exploits and vulnerabilities. The latest attack against Adobe Flash is an epidemic of hackers creating sites to spoof Adobe's legitimate website. The screenshot below in Figure 1 is of a recently discovered Adobe Flash Player spoof site using a shady URL.
Figure 1 - Fake Adobe Flash Player download site attempting to spread malicious "update_flash_player.exe" file. Computer users aware of Adobe Flash's many preconceived vulnerabilities are in a habitual trend of keeping their Flash Player updated at all times for the very thought of preventing incidents like the latest rash of fake Flash Player files circulating on the Internet.
In knowing that there are these fake Adobe sites on the internet, PC users may look for specific indicators to help give away which site is a counterfeit. In case you are wondering what exactly the malware spread by these fake Adobe Flash Player sites does, look no further than your common Trojan designed to steal passwords from a compromised system, adware that displays repeated advertisements with potentially malicious links, or a Ransomware threat pretending to be the FBI or Interpol asking for payment of a large fine for purportedly doing something illegal online. I had gotten irritated at the number of times I had to deal with the pop-up telling me to update my Adobe flash. Adobe recommends users update their product installations to the latest versions,” the company adds. Click the Download now button on the Adobe website to download the latest Adobe Flash Player installer.
After the download completes, open the downloaded disk image (usually located in your Downloads folder) if it does not open automatically. If it supports resume-able downloads, then Adobe should only use it for downloading trial versions of Adobe CS products. The update notification included summary about what new features it offers and links for more details. In the right-click About dialog, they put complete details about the current version, button to check for new updates and also website storage management for Silverlight apps. As you might expect, the document contains malicious SWF (flasha€™s file extension) content that can then infect a usera€™s system.
This vulnerability is also being used against Windows users in a similar manner to the first exploit. Windows 8 users, for example, will have Flash built-in to Internet Explorer and will receive their updates via Windows Update. If you see an animation at the top of the page, that means you have Flash installed in your browser.
Next, click the search icon at the top and type a€?update.a€? Next, click a€?Settingsa€? right below the text entry box and then select a€?Check for updatesa€? in the main window. Windows 8 users needing to manually update another browser such as Firefox can also download updates directly from Adobe.
Once the Flash Player preferences open, click on the a€?Advanceda€™ tab and then the a€?Check Nowa€? button. The software maker on Thursday said it will release 12 patches for 57 vulnerabilities affecting users running Windows XP, Windows 7, and Window 8 systems.

Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. This time, the update was in response to a critical security flaw that allows an attacker to install ransomware on a target’s computer, then extort the victim for money in exchange for returning control of the system back to the user. The only update considered non-critical was a patch for Adobe Flash Player for Linux, which received a priority rating of 3. Proofpoint said that it discovered the vulnerability last week when the company found that it was being exploited by the Magnitude exploit kit, at which point it shared its findings with Adobe.
Nevertheless, Proofpoint said the exploit it discovered in the wild was only being used against older versions of the software. Similar to yesterday’s upgrade, the one issue in March also addressed vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to take over a target's system. The company has already renamed Flash Professional as Adobe Animate CC, perhaps in part to distance itself from Flash Player.
Furthermore, Flash is only active when the person allows the plugin to run, most of the times it's disabled. While Flash is on a non-stop roller coaster of being the gateway for hackers to exploit computers, they face a new opposition as there is an uprising of fake flash player download pages peddling malware on the wild Internet. These sites offer up downloads of Adobe Flash or an update to the highly targeted multimedia platform software.
Security analysts from Symantec first analyzed the scam and found that it is a two-faced attack utilizing a pop-up notification to download a fake flash player while the other avenue guides users to a simple "Download Now" button. Fortunately for us, we have been down this road before and outlined many cases where malware-peddlers have utilized a fake flash player with a name similar to "flash_player_updater.exe". Although these computer users have taken the proactive road, they still are not aware of the imminent road block of running across a mimicked Adobe Flash Player site.
Das Update umfasst den neuen Flash Player (siehe oben) sowie kleinere Fehlerbehebungen bei der Stabilität. But you may also have Chrome, which has its own built-in version of Chrome, while Firefox uses the generic version of Flash. Underneath the animation, youa€™ll see a little box dubbed a€?Version Informationa€? telling you which version of Flash you currently have. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Ads hosted on those sites from an AOL ad network redirected visitors to a site that exploited a Flash bug to download a Trojan onto users' computers. Though, the only computer users who may stay clear of this road block are those who opt to update their Flash Player automatically. Spyhunter4 allowed me to remove the ransomware virus, but that does NOT get your files back. Compare that number to the chart right below the version information box to make sure youa€™re up to date.
Also, people should stop visiting sites that they don't trust or clicking content or online files which are from a malicious host! For those who may perform an Internet search for the latest Flash Player, they could easily run into one of this malicious sites, which do an excellent job at resembling the legitimate Adobe Flash Player site.
Moreover, when clicking on the "Download Now" button on a fake Adobe Flash Player site and error pages show up, it may be a clear indication of the link or site being malicious as well.

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