YouTube can be a powerful tool for promoting your business and you should definitely use it for much more than watching funny cat videos or NBA highlights.
These days it seems that everyone has a Facebook and other social media sites are not far behind.
But because of this "social media marketing craze", it seems that video sharing sites such as YouTube are being a little overlooked. Videos are a great way to show off your brand, product or service and to better bond with your customers. Now that I talked at length about why YouTube is an online platform that you should not miss out on using, it's probably time to explain how to set up a YouTube channel for your business. Click the "sign-in" button on the YouTube homepage (it's located on the top-right of your screen).
Now click the "Back to YouTube" button and wait for the two emails you will receive from Google. However, this is only a part of what you need to do in order to set up your YouTube channel. With this, your YouTube channel is created and all is left for you to do is to start uploading some videos on it. Bear in mind that there is no YouTube channel for business or a way to create a specialized business account.
Unless you are happy with an empty YouTube channel (trust me, your visitors will not be), you need to create, upload and, for the coup de grace, share your videos. You can create a video using a video recorder, digital or laptop camera, or even a cell phone, as long as the device you are using supports video file formats allowed by YouTube.

Be mindful of the length of your video (standard YouTube license allows up to 15 minutes of material), but feel free to play around with your video. Open the Guide (three thick horizontal lines in the top left corner of your screen) to get to the "My Channel".
Find an email address (it will look something like this: This email address is being protected from spambots. After creating and uploading your YouTube video, you need to share it with your followers in order to better convey your brand's message to a wider audience. Although you can share a video via email, for business purposes, sharing this type of content on Facebook, Twitter or Google + is a much better solution and can help you reach more people.
With a good camera, enough time to record, edit, upload and finally share your video content, YouTube can soon become your standard bearer when it comes to your company's online presence. It is the second largest search engine overall behind only Google and ahead of Yahoo and Bing, with over a billion monthly users and reaching more US adults between 18 and 34. Instagram and Pinterest are getting their fair share of the online cake and the same goes for Google + and Twitter. One huge reason for using video is that people today tend to be too busy to read a long article and you can keep their attention much better with a short video on YouTube.
Original video content can improve your SEOVideos frequently get shared either through social media sites or via email. Videos can get your message to a much wider audienceFew formats are quite as shareable as video.
Videos are a potent branding toolIf you want to send a certain message about your brand video content is perhaps the most powerful instrument at your disposal.

Video content creation is inexpensive and easyAnyone can create a good YouTube video that will send the right message to his audience.
The first one will prompt you to verify your email address (click the link provided in order to confirm it) and the second one will include your new Gmail account details. You will have to use standard YouTube settings, so make sure that it displays your business in the best light possible. Depending on your business, you might want to appear more professional in your videos or more casual. For this reason, search engines will put more emphasis on those websites that offer video content than those that do not.
If your viewers like a video you uploaded, they are much more likely to share it with their friends. All you need in order to create a YouTube video is a device capable of recording, such as a webcam or even a smartphone. If you don't see one click on the "Create Mobile Profile" button and fill in the information necessary. As such, a good video that successfully connects with those that watch it has the power to become viral in no time.

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