For years, some people who wanted to store files on remote servers in the cloud have been emailing the files to their Gmail accounts, or uploading them to Google’s lightly used Google Docs online productivity suite, even if they had no intention of editing them there. Now, Google is formally jumping into the cloud-based file storage and syncing business, offering a service called Google Drive, which will compete with products like Dropbox and others by offering lower prices and different features. One big difference between Dropbox and Google Drive is you can edit or create files in the latter, rather than merely storing or viewing them.
Because Google has run into hot water over keeping users’ information private, some people may be reluctant to trust their files to Google Drive.
The service does a very good job of searching files, even finding words inside PDF or scanned documents. Google’s new service also works with third-party document creation and editing apps that are built to work with it. I can recommend Google Drive to consumers looking for cloud-based storage, with the added bonus of integrated editing, at lower prices.
AllThingsD contains an archive of columns by Walt Mossberg and Katherine Boehret from The Wall Street Journal dating back to 2005. It works on multiple operating systems, browsers and mobile devices, including those of Google’s competitors Apple and Microsoft. It subsumes the editing and file-creation features of Google Docs, and replaces Google Docs (though any documents you have stored there carry over).

Microsoft is expanding both the features and capacity of its little-known SkyDrive cloud storage service as well.
While you could previously upload a file to Google Docs using your Web browser, for Google Drive, the company is providing free apps for Mac and Windows that, like Dropbox, do this for you.
This is because Google Drive includes the rudimentary word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and other apps that make up Google Docs. But the company insists that, while it does process and store your files, no human can see them and, at least today, the files aren’t used to target advertising at users. It converts nearly every common video format into a format it can play, right inside its website.
There are apps for Windows, Mac and mobile devices that automatically sync files with Google Drive. In my tests — on a Mac, a Lenovo PC, a new iPad and the latest Samsung Android tablet — Google Drive worked quickly and well, and most of its features operated as promised. That product started out as a free, fixed-capacity (25 gigabytes) online locker mostly for users of the stripped-down, cloud-based version of Microsoft Office, though it also has been available as an app for Windows Phone smartphones and for iPhones. They create special folders that sync with your cloud-based repository and with the Web version of the product.
To edit it, you have to click a command to convert the file to Google’s own formats, or choose a setting that converts Microsoft Office files when uploaded.

Also, unlike SugarSync, Google Drive doesn’t let you email files directly into your cloud locker. People with whom you share files can be allowed different rights: To view, comment, or edit them. But I found this mostly worked with photos of famous places or people Google has collected via its Google Goggles product. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources. It’s giving away even more free storage than Google — 7 GB, though that is a cut from what it used to offer free. So, you can drag a file into these local folders on your computer and that file will be uploaded to your cloud account and will rapidly appear in the Web version of Google Drive, in the Google Drive folders on your other computers, and in the Google Drive apps on Android, iPhone and iPad devices.
Google Drive failed to find images with generic file names on almost all of my own pictures, even when they included things like mountains or other common objects.

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