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In almost any metropolitan city in the United States, the commercial real estate community is vastly outnumbered by residential real estate agents.
If you are a tenant searching for commercial real estate services, it’s important to know what to look for when selecting a real estate professional. A commercial real estate broker must explain the basics up front: the services they will provide, a timeline outlining when the services will be completed, how they are going to provide the services, how they will be paid and by whom. Commercial Real Estate salespeople typically have specialties; property leasing, investment sales, office space, land, industrial, etc. Brokers should be truthful about the competition – but only when asked by the prospective client. All members of the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors abide by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of Realtors®. When you’re looking for assistance with a commercial real estate transaction, remember the old adage “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Be prepared by using this buyer’s guide so you can find an ethical, experienced and reliable Advisor. Blog contributed by Billy Hobbs, Managing Principal at Cresa Atlanta and former Ethic Chairman at the Atlanta Board of Realtors.
If you are considering a commercial real estate investment, you’ll need to know what type of property will meet your needs. If you are looking to lease or rent, the issue of pest control is a critical one to address.
Purchasing commercial real estate is a much more lengthy and complicated process than that of buying a home.
Situated only minutes away from London Bridge, Waterloo, and the City, Gagarin Square provides  over 35,822 sq ft of high quality office over five floors.
Licensed, Insured and Experienced – Make sure your commercial locksmith holds a valid New Jersey Locksmith License and proper Insurance and has been in the industry a minimum of a few years. Efficient, Organized and Prompt – Most commercial locksmith work requires good project management skills to ensure that everything on the project is assessed, surveyed and estimated correctly, ordered expeditiously and delivered and installed on time and within budget. Next time you are in need of a commercial locksmith for your business, property or project in South Jersey, please consider us here at My Local Locksmith.  We look forward to assisting you with all your commercial locksmith needs. With fewer commercial real estate brokers in the industry, the brokers representing landlords and those representing tenants inevitably do repeat business with one another and competition for clients is fierce.

It’s essential that they explain the details of the process and present you with a written agreement. For example, an office tenant representative (like Cresa Atlanta’s Advisors) works mainly with businesses and exclusively represents their interest in leasing transactions. They must tell you, as their client, the truth even if it means renewing your lease versus relocating.
If asked about a competitor, and the competitor has a good reputation or similar expertise, the client deserves an honest answer.
The Code of Ethics establishes obligations that may be even higher than those mandated by law. Both the buyer and seller should attempt to negotiate a fair price rather than accepting the other’s first offer. Each photograph should clearly depict the point of contention, whether that happens to be a stain, hole or other problem. Talk to your rental professional regarding pest control policy if you rent in a community known for bug or rodent infestation. But, you should realize that the nature of such deals is critical to maximizing the profit potential of a prospective property. You have to look around for the right chance, and you might need to do some improvements on the property once you purchase it. Of course, the broker may follow this disclosure with his or her own assurance of their ability to do business.
Keep reading for a handful of ideas and advice for making more informed commercial real estate decisions. Ensure that your voice is heard, and that you are offering-or receiving-a price that is fair for both parties.
The neighborhood’s demographics, including socioeconomic status and age of residents, influence the success of your investment.
Not everyone gets rich off commercial real estate, but the above advice can help you to make the most of even the smallest of investments. Hence commercial space occupiers will be able to have breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner if they wish, without leaving Gagarin Square. They are obligated to show you a written agreement before you commit to use their services.

When you’re looking for a broker, you need to find someone who has proven experience in the area most important to you.
And sometimes, the truth will hurt because it doesn’t meet your expectations; like when you can’t afford the building you really want or someone else rents the space before you make your offer. Conversely, if the other broker doesn’t have a good reputation, the responding broker must be very careful in how they answer in order to prevent a defamation of character lawsuit. And each Realtor is bound to take a Code of Ethics course at least one time every four years. It could take some months, possibly a year, for your dream investment to appear in the market. If you’re looking to sell a 5-acre tract of land, you need to find someone who is an expert in land sales.
Brokers are paid to be honest and give critical, real time advice – and a great broker will do just that. Focusing the discussion on their own expertise will be the best way for a broker to handle the situation.
In addition, some companies, like Cresa, have an internal Code of Ethics that is reviewed and signed by every Advisor. You’ll want to choose an area that is on the upswing and will continue growing for at least a decade into the future. You might also want to ask about the Advisors knowledge of a particular submarket, typical number of transactions per year, industry expertise, etc. All business executives want the news… good or bad… delivered in a timely manner so a solution can be reached. At Cresa, our motto is “do the right thing” and it is reflected not only in our code but also our Tenants Bill of Rights.
One broker might specialize in assisting start-up high tech clients in the suburbs, while another one focuses on large law firms in Midtown, for instance. Before employing a commercial real estate broker, ask about his or her standards of practice.

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