The FXE-120 is a VTR controller which controls the basic VTR functions, a special effect generator which cuts, mixes, wipes the video sources and an audio mixer which cross-fades the audio sources are all integrated in single compact body.
The Velocity family of non-linear editing systems has always stood for an outstanding combination of quality, performance, flexibility and affordability. More than just an innovative HD non-linear editor, VelocityHD also features outstanding standard-definition editing performance, with full-quality, real-time playback and mixing of multiple SD video and graphics streams, and a new flexible mixer architecture that combines the guaranteed, real-time performance of hardware with the mixing and effects flexibility of software-based solutions. This format flexibility makes VelocityHD ideal for the transition to HD, offering the best of both worlds while you continue to work in both realms. VelocityHD delivers this power through a significantly enhanced version of our flexible and intuitive Velocity™ software interface, with the features and workflow that professionals depend on in our standard-definition VelocityQ™ multi-stream NLE. VelocityHD brings the ideal combination of real-time power, quality, productivity, flexibility, reliability, and ease of use to the high definition world. The powerful heart of VelocityHD is the ground-breaking Altitude hardware, featuring true dual-stream real-time HD operation, real-time multi-stream SD performance, compressed and uncompressed video, format flexibility, and exceptional future expansion capabilities.
Altitude also features superb SD real-time performance, with full-quality, real-time playback and mixing of multiple SD video and graphics streams.
All of this real-time power can be performed on both compressed and uncompressed HD video*. Of course, the high-definition world is evolving dynamically, and VelocityHD is designed with the future in mind, with exceptional expansion capabilities. VelocityHD features an enhanced version of our flexible and intuitive Velocity software interface, and includes the all of the robust editing features that helped make the Velocity dual-stream non-linear editor and VelocityQ multi-stream NLE award-winners in the standard-definition domain.
The VelocityHD timeline interface is both powerful and flexible, with features including independent variable track scaling, mute and solo of video and audio tracks, real-time support for video files with alpha channel, multiple timeline support, and multi-clip editing, enabling edits and effects to be applied to multiple clips simultaneously.
VelocityHD’s customizable interface includes a wide range of features that increase productivity, enhance the editing interface and workflow, and make it easy to quickly become proficient with VelocityHD’s extensive feature set.
Hundreds of customizable transitions and effects are included and fully keyframeable for precision control. Title rolls and crawls may be taken for granted in the standard-definition domain, but long credit rolls can take considerable time to render in high definition. In addition to flexible picon viewing options on timeline clips, VelocityHD features the unique EyeCon View timeline reference. VelocityHD provides flexible options for capturing footage, including manually triggered quick capture (with or without time code) and frame-accurate batch capture. Audio is an essential element of most productions, and VelocityHD includes a wide array of flexible features for advanced audio support. For advanced precision audio sweetening and manipulation, we include Sonic Foundry’s Sound Forge XP Studio. Please contact us for special pricing, or any questions you may have via: e-mail , or by calling (503) 644-6000.
That such a system exists naturally and can be harnessed for the good of the research community, seems almost incredible.
Suppose, for instance, that researchers wanted to repair the genetic defect in an individual with Huntington’s disease. Within months of Doudna and Charpentier’s original paper, the scientific literature was awash in papers extending their findings.
Now, to be clear there are other systems that do the same thing, particularly zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs) and TALE nucleases (TALENs). In their 2012 paper, Doudna and Charpentier’s team demonstrated that Cas uses two short RNAs, called a crRNA and tracrRNA, to work its magic. Then – and this is the important point – they demonstrated they could direct Cas to a sequence of their choosing by adding an appropriate guide molecule. They did that in a test tube, but it wasn’t long before others demonstrated the process also works in live cells. Given the staggering difficulties researchers face getting funding for basic research projects, somebody in Washington would do well to remember that. Jeff is the DXS tech editor and a recovering scientist who has always had a passion for the technology and the gadgetry of science. This site powered by a generous IDEA grant from the National Association of Science Writers. VelocityHD extends this tradition into high definition, bringing guaranteed, full-quality, real-time editing performance to the HD domain at a remarkable price point.
Integrating the innovative new Altitude™ hardware platform with a significantly enhanced version of the acclaimed Velocity™ software interface, VelocityHD makes HD non-linear editing as efficient and easy as standard-definition editing. Even if you aren’t working in HD yet but expect to in the future, VelocityHD is the ideal solution, offering an unparalleled level of SD performance in its price range, while being immediately ready to handle HD with no expensive options required.
Its dual-stream architecture makes full-quality real-time HD editing more affordable than ever before, while its HD and SD format flexibility makes it ideal for working in both domains.
Altitude was developed with the same hardware expertise that won us an Emmy® Award in 2000 for Outstanding Achievement in Television Technology, and packs all of its remarkable capabilities onto a single card.

This effects processing happens right on the Altitude hardware, not limited by the host system’s CPU or graphics card performance.
Recording and playback can be done in 8-bit or 10-bit uncompressed, or using our own online-quality compression format. An optional on-board dual-channel SCSI daughtercard is available, providing the fastest pipeline directly into the Altitude hardware. Key to this future-proofing is the Leitch Across-Card Edge eXpansion (LACEX) bus, which provides direct interconnection with Altitude and opens the door for possible future hardware modules to add new HD formats and functionality. VelocityHD also uses our new Interactive Editing paradigm, which enables editing and effects application without stopping timeline playback.
Whether you’re new to non-linear editing, or an experienced editor moving up from a previous system, you’ll find getting up to speed with VelocityHD quick and easy. Captured HD sequences from two cameras can be "switched" interactively as they are viewed simultaneously in real-time, directly from the timeline.
Edits (including adding, deleting, moving and trimming clips) and real-time effects can be applied while the timeline plays back, providing immediate in-context feedback while editing and refining effects. Transitions can be applied between clips on any video track for editing flexibility, while the Advanced Keyframer provides spline-based adjustments for each effect parameter, delivering maximum control.
3 and 4-point edit modes including insert, overlay, slip, slide, and fit-to-fill make even the most complex editing tasks easy. EyeCon View continuously displays the picons and clip timecode of all visible layers based on the current playhead position, providing constant visual reference for all layers on the timeline while scrubbing and aligning clips, and making it easy to precisely align specific frames across layers. Uncompressed (10-bit and 8-bit) and online-quality compressed formats are supported, letting you choose your preferred balance between video quality and the extensive storage space and bandwidth requirements of HD content. Whether you need to match coloration between clips shot with different cameras or lighting, correct color balance issues caused by mixed or inconsistent lighting, or change the visual tone to give your video a completely different look and feel, VelocityHD has the tools for the task. In addition to eyeon’s DFX+ compositing and image processing software, applications for DVD authoring, audio sweetening and character generation are bundled.
After creating DVD-compliant MPEG-2 files directly from the timeline, use the bundled Sonic ReelDVD Studio authoring software to author them into a DVD with menus, buttons, chapters and Dolby Digital audio and output it directly to a broad range of DVD and CD recorders. More to the point, they demonstrated that the system could be reprogrammed to do something incredibly useful, genetically speaking: a process called genome editing. Using the Nobel Prize-winning development known as “induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells,” they could take cells from this individual and convert them into a kind of embryonic stem cell, which can develop into any kind of cell or tissue in the body. Their paper has been cited 78 times, according to the Web of Science, a database that tracks such things – that’s a huge number for just one year. Researchers had for years noticed these funny elements, but had no idea what they might be doing. The simpler one, called non-homologous end-joining, simply tries to suture the two cut ends together again, an error-prone process. These are man-made proteins that can be programmed to target specific DNA elements, no guide RNA required. Those two RNAs could be linked into a single molecule, called a guide RNA, making the system a simple two-component tool. Some have shown, for instance, that the system is “multiplexable” – that is, users can make multiple genetic modifications in the same cell by supplying more than one guide RNA, something that isn’t possible with TALENs and ZFNs. And as Doudna said when I spoke with her in March, it arose not from a goal-oriented research project — somebody saying, hey guys, let’s go invent a useful genetic tool! He has been a scientific writer and editor since 2000, when he left academia to join the staff of The Scientist magazine as a Senior Editor for Technology. With guaranteed full-quality HD playback of two video streams, two dynamic graphics streams, and optional real-time 3D DVE, VelocityHD offers true real-time power.
The modular nature of this daughtercard opens up the possibility of future modules to support new storage connectivity standards. Standard and Overwrite editing styles can be mode-toggled or performed “per edit” using hotkey modifiers.
Sequences can even be edited while playing at faster than real-time, enabling multi-cam edits to be performed in a fraction of the time of the actual sequence. Compressed and uncompressed footage can mixed in the same timeline without affecting performance, giving you the flexibility to use higher capture qualities only when needed. VelocityHD’s real-time, keyframeable color correction includes three-way color-wheel control, curves, color matching and automatic white and black re-balance.
Tracks can be muted or soloed, and audio control nodes can be created on-the-fly during playback using on-screen sliders or the optional FAD-5000 hardware audio controller. Plus, every dpsVelocityQ system comes bundled with Q-Tools™ , a suite of standalone modular utilities. For users with more advanced DVD authoring needs, MPEG-2 files created with dpsVelocityQ are also compatible with a variety of other third-party DVD authoring packages. For more sophisticated tasks, the bundled Inscriber TitleMotion adds a more powerful titling interface and enhanced CG options such as graphical backgrounds, logos and more.

Then one day, somebody realized they were similar to the genetic material of viruses that infected bacteria.
The second method, homology-directed repair, uses a backup copy of the gene as a template to fix the damaged copy.
They have proven to be exceptionally useful research tools, and some are even being tested in clinical trials. And at least two papers (here and here) have shown that it is possible to make genetic alterations in the iPS cells I mentioned earlier, a precursor to the idea of genetic repair.
Before that, he studied transcription factor biology at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Medical School -- training that, surprisingly, has little application in the real world.
This is instant, full-quality real-time playback – not just scaled-down real-time previews, and not just in basic effect combinations. VelocityHD gives you the ability to balance storage space and bandwidth with your quality requirements. For those wishing to use a different type of controller or networked storage, VelocityHD also provides the flexibility of using separate system storage controllers over the host system bus.
Editing can be done directly on the timeline or through the Advanced Trim Window, while mouse-based drag-and-drop, fully configurable keyboard controls and optional external hardware controllers let you choose your favorite control method and style of editing. Edits can be refined before applying them back to the timeline with cuts or transitions, and since this was done at full quality (no special resolutions required), there’s no re-capturing necessary; the sequence is immediately ready for final output. 3D effects such as rotation, perspective and warp can be applied to graphics as well as video. Batch recapture allows footage to be captured at offline compression rates, and later replaced with higher quality footage for output. Digital and analog audio scrub make working with audio easy and precise, and voice-overs can be added directly in the timeline while playing back existing audio and video for reference. Q-Tools applets allow individual function modules to be used separately and independently, allowing you to customize your workflow for specific applications. That led to the recognition that when bacteria were infected with a pathogen, they recorded the event in their genetic code, enabling them to better recognize and fight the pathogen in the future.
Researchers can supply their own template sequences to direct this process to, for instance, insert a gene that would cause the cells to fluoresce whenever a specific gene is turned on.
But they’re also expensive, tedious, and challenging to build, and not every ZFN or TALEN cuts as expected. In 2006, he and his family headed west to Pocatello, Idaho, and has been a freelance writer ever since. A content management system also keeps track of the life cycle of your documents: changes, re-uses, references to related documents and additional information.
All of this real-time power can be performed on both uncompressed* and compressed HD video, delivering high-performance HD editing without sacrificing quality. Compressed and uncompressed footage can even be mixed in the same project, without affecting performance. All of these effects, plus variable speed changes, reverse, color correction, pixel effects, transparency and more can be combined simultaneously in true real-time with transitions and rolling and crawling titles, providing maximum creative flexibility. Proc amp controls, color correction, and an integrated waveform monitor and vectorscope display help keep your video levels within spec and allow you to easily fine-tune both incoming and captured video. The color correction tools also take full advantage of VelocityHD’s full-quality interactive feedback on the video monitor while adjusting parameters, allowing unparalleled precision while seeing the results in the correct color space exactly as they will appear. For additional effects and filters, DirectShow and .VST audio plug-ins can be applied to clips or entire tracks (with automation) directly in the timeline.
The CRISPR sequences are copied into RNA, which the cell then dices up into short pieces; these seek out their matching sequences in the pathogen’s genome, and Cas goes to work, inactivating the invading genetic material. All real-time effects processing happens right on the Altitude hardware, providing guaranteed performance regardless of effects combinations. Captured clips and other media are easily organized into one or more tabbed customizable galleries, and can be played, searched and managed right within the galleries.
VelocityHD’s real-time power also provides interactive feedback on the HD monitor while setting and keyframing parameters, providing precision accuracy and the creative freedom to experiment while seeing the results in full quality instantly.
Today, Sirius CMS is sheer experience in content management with intelligent and smart solutions for your publication management.What makes Sirius CMS different?Recycling or re-use of informationen is the heart of content management processes.
If you ever do need to render, Render Bank™ technology remembers previously rendered segments, eliminating re-rendering.

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