If you are using the new Windows 8.1, you might have noticed that Microsoft has renamed "Computer" (previously known as My Computer) to "This PC". Today in this tutorial, we are going to share a few tips and Registry tweaks which will help you in tweaking and customizing Windows 8.1 Explorer according to your requirements. When Windows 7 was released, Microsoft added some new items to Windows Explorer navigation pane such as Favorites, Libraries, Homegroup, Network and Computer.
With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft added a new option to remove Favorites from Windows Explorer navigation pane.
If you want to hide these 6 folders, you can click on the small arrow given near the group name "Folders (6)" and it'll hide all 6 folders.
You can also right-click and set "Group by" option to "Descending" to move this "Folders" section below "Devices and drives" section.
The above mentioned tutorial works for all Windows versions including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Once you remove all 6 keys, it'll remove the whole "Folders" section from Windows 8.1 Explorer or "This PC" window.
PS: If you don't want to edit Windows Registry yourself, you can use following ready-made Registry script to do the task automatically. Microsoft has combined both "Hard Disk Drives" and "Devices with Removable Storage" sections in a single section "Devices and Drives" in Windows 8.1 Explorer.
Last but not least you can use our following exclusive Registry tweaks to add new items in Windows Explorer context menu or to add new items in Computer or "This PC" window. It that creative name change from My Computer to This PC the reason MS charges so much for an operating system that users are so eager to make changes to so that it is tolerable to use?
Yes, 6 Items has been removed from "This PC" but it's still exist when other pop-up window open such as when I choose where to download torrent. When i go to inside a folder of downloads situated in favourites the downloads folder is coming below "This Pc". Thanks so much for providing Registry script to remove 6 new folders in Windows 8.1's This PC folder. I am using Windows 8.1 and am wondering if it is possible to have each folder open at the same spot and with the same dimensions each time it opens? For example, when I click my Mp3s shortcut, (which is on the right hand side of my desktop) it would be nice if the folder opened on the right hand side, in a long rectangular window, every time I clicked the shortcut. Currently, whenever I open a new window, the new window appears almost on top of the old window. If you create or access a folder through favorites or use a pinned item that links to Downloads. I can not see the icons for files such as photos to be able to send photos without having to review all my photos.
Maybe Apple is a better choice atleast you can go to a store and talk to a person; not just a GEEK.
I thought only "the first action" (removing the 6 keys from NameSpace) is enough for removing "Folders" from Explorer. Now I have repeated the first action (removed the 6 keys from NameSpace) and so far it's good.
Regarding the removal of 'Homegroup' from the navigation pane of windows explorer - your steps didn't work for me. The thing is IE is so integrated into the system files that its not possible to uninstall it without harming ur OS, hence i wud not advise u to do so.
I SHOULD have come to the idea by myself since this trick is related to some Windows 98 tweaks.

You could add the "enable full row select" and "disable full row select" registry tweaks to your list. With "full row select" disabled you can drag and drop a file BETWEEN items on right pane instead of having to drop them either in an empty area right of the items or on a non-folder-non-executable.
This one drive link is bugging me a lot and I want to arrange the libraries right above This PC explorer.
In Windows 8.1, when I use Windows Explorer and I go to folder elsewhere than where it starts up in, after a couple of seconds, explorer automatically shifts back to the folder it started up with!
If you select 'network' in the navigation pane, on the right hand side you see the groups computers, media and devices, network infrastructure and printers.
It's work fine but after each Windows Update the folders are again present in explore and i must repeat the operation in the registry.
Is there someone who has the same problem and above all is there someone who has the solution to fix this definitely? Seams Microsoft changed the registry keys we need to delete in order to remove Desktop, Documents, Downloads, etc folders from Windows 10 Explorer or This PC. I used the registry edit to remove the folders listed below from Win explorer and it worked perfectly BUT these folder keep getting recreated and added back to the registry somehow. I'd simply like to know how to stop the windows explorer window from opening automatically in desktop - I'm quite happy to keep it on the taskbar (as per Win7). Moldiv – Collage Photo Editor for PC Windows enables all android users to be able to make highly creative collages from their photo collections with ease and elegance. Moldiv – Collage Photo Editor for PC Windows allows its users to apply any of the 45 different photo effects that are on offer, in addition to controlling the opacity of the photo effects applied. Furthermore, users can add texts in numerous different fonts, colors, and style, while also providing a collection of more than 200 stamps, and speech bubbles. Download Fotor Photo Editor if you are looking for a free, more accessible version of Photoshop.
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For readers convenience, most of the times we use "Windows Explorer" term to mention My Computer, Computer or This PC items in all Windows versions.
It also comes Ribbon UI and similar interface but there are a few things which make them different.
Although its just a change in name but many people don't like this new name and they want to rename it back to Computer or My Computer. We shared a few Registry tweaks to remove these unwanted items from Windows 7 Explorer which can be found here. Some people might have problems with the addition of these new items as it takes a big space of "This PC" window.
Supposedly, I should be seeing some kind of backup drive that is removable deleting the aforementioned key, but I don't use the backup capabilities of Norton 360 so I guess that's the reason I don't see anything else (so I will leave that key alone as it is). Does anyone know how to make SkyDrive and HomeGroup appear below Computer in the navigation pane? I see almost every time we install new update using Microsoft Update we have to apply the Registry script again. Then open your desired folder, move and resize it according to your requirements and when you click on Close button, press and hold Shift and Ctrl keys together. When you press a function key, it performs the action specified by your laptop manufacturer but when you press function key with Fn key, it performs Windows defined action such as Help with F1, Rename with F2, etc.

But after couple of days (and installing couple of programs and Windows updates) they appeared back! It makes life a lot easier and allows smaller explorer windows since you don't have to save space for an extra empty area. Don't know why M$ is making us use the registry to hide folders we don't want to see instead of some simpler method.
On one windows 8.1 pc (after 8 upgrade) , all the groups have disappeared, except 'computers'. It works for Favorites but I can check and uncheck till kingdom come but libraries won't remove. I've been here since like 2011 when I was customising my Windows XP to look like Windows 7.. This tool provides a wide range of photo effects to its users to choose from, and apply to their photos to create the most unique collages.
Users can select multiple photos at a time for greater efficiency and comfort, as well as, combine up to 9 of those into a single frame.
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