Fra’ Mani Founder and Curemaster Paul Bertolli had a wildly successful and influential cooking career, notably as a chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, and as a chef and co-owner of Oliveto Restaurant in Oakland, California. Before one could stick meat in the fridge or freezer, spicing, and curing was the best way to preserve the whole hog. Paul has received just as much or more acclaim for his salami than he did for his restaurants. 1) The steering is well weighted and one of the better feeling electronically assisted systems I’ve experienced in any vehicle, period.
1) The interior space for a sedan is so ridiculously tight that it’s a literal joke, and the interior space would be tight even for a GT coupe. 4) The vehicle shakes upon every start-up as if the motor mounts are broken.This vehicle has 6,500 miles on the odometer. I’d truly rather own a Volkswagen GTI (especially with a stick), get a more premium experience (even with wrong wheel drive) and save $15,000 in the process. I seriously question how much GM’s byzantine management mess was really reformed from the pre-bankruptcy turf wars and paralysis. As regular readers know, I was an outspoken advocate of the 2009 rescue of GM, not for its own pathetic sake, but to save the economy from depression.
I understand your sentiments Bob and 28, but there are more people unemployed today than the entire gross total employed by GM, Ford and Fiatsler in the US, combined. So, I can suck it up and deal with, as long as I don’t have to pay for it or support it by buying any of their products. The Colorado will be a surprise in the market place if GM can actually improve on the existing global Colorado. People are people, globally people seem to be chasing very similar styles of vehicles, the size of these vehicles is governed by economics more than anything. Fiat doesn’t have any midsizer at all, maybe Fiat could sell an Americanised version of the Strada. I see possibly the midsizers becoming popular due to their size and economy, like SUVs and CUVs, also the pickup crowd with normal size d!cks will buy them as well. The US truck (including what Pch101 considers trucks, ie, PT Cruiser will have a small shakeup very soon. The Colorado will be a flop, very few people are going to be willing to pay more for a smaller truck that only gets 1mpg better than a full size.
The PT cruiser is long gone but it was not PCH that called it a truck it was Chrysler that fought for that classification so that it could be counted in the truck CAFE standards since at the time they had the heaviest trucks with bottom of the barrel MPG.
There will be some apprehension towards the aluminium pickups, they will still sell in big numbers. As for the newer midsizers, well you guys can only comment on the agricultural midsizers you currently have.
Midsizers now are exceptionally competitive with full sizers in the quality of appoints and features. Here is the interior of the new global Mazda BT50, not bad, this is the mid spec’d version, the XTR. The only positive attribute the current Navara has is the option for the Renault 3 litre V6 diesel. So Nissan with Mitsubishi now have the cheapest Japanese (Thai) utes here, by a considerable margin.

The discussion I’m having with Scoutdude is in relation to the US receiving the up and coming new midsizers (we already have been receiving for the past 3 years or so), not the antiques that you constantly attempt making reference to as the norm.
The fact that the sales are tailing off on the outgoing F150 shows that people are waiting for the new one. The Colorado will see a bit of a boom this first year but I seriously doubt that it will break 100K units in the first year. What the interior of any of those global trucks looks like is irrelevant as they won’t be coming to the US. The reality is that there are segments in the US that just aren’t large enough to support more than a couple of players. Agree with you, it is like comparing Baseball and Cricket, both bat and ball games, similar places in society, very similar impacts, but VERY different rules and to a lesser extent strategies. The aluminium trucks will face some decline in sales due to the increase in the cost of buying one. Currently as it stands the average transaction price for a full size pickup is around $38k.
Full size pickups as a percentage of the overall truck sector has remained relatively static since 1990.
If the Colorado sells a 100k, Taco sales are 120k, the new Frontier even 80k where are those sales coming from? The US itself is at capacity with vehicles, so people will not just go out and buy a pickup. So, the US can manage many more model vehicles in the vehicle market without causing any grief. I do think the FTAs would allow for more model vehicles to compete and offer the consumer better and cheaper product. We are happy to brag that we carry these five Fra’ Mani salami varieties — the key ingredient in your next football sub! Toyota USA moved up from 15%, American Honda jumped a full percentage point, and the Chrysler Group climbed from 11.7%. The chassis is so good, in fact, that it is better appreciated the higher the speeds at which it’s being hustled, and it begs for more power and a lot more brake.
I’m not just talking about the rear seat, either, which is cataclysmically bad, but the front seat, also. If your travels involve more than a weekend jaunt, at most, for more than yourself, you will be in a world of hurt.
I’ve managed to mar the paint near the trunk opening with the most gingerly treatment imaginable while loading luggage. One must drive this car EITHER at night, or especially during the day, to understand how much old school GM remains to this day to appreciate this.
Pretty, well equipped and a nice drive, the car did some heavy lifting for the long-term task of regaining consumer and press faith. As the company continues to shrivel, I’d say that if it goes under again, let it die. Shrub set the precedence by bailing out GM and Chrysler for 90 days, but after that it all unraveled.
The midsize pickup market would have to grow exponentially before they feel the need to carve it up with their own.

It is going to very difficult for Ford to change direction and fill out the product portfolio. The reason the sales are down is because people are waiting for the aluminum F150, not because they are afraid of it. Once the Aluminum F150 hits the market it will be a case of who wants to pay more for a smaller truck that gets lower MPG than a full size. They also fought for that designation because at the time trucks as the other standards were more lenient for trucks too. The full size truck market share has grown as have the total numbers sold since the economic melt down. Fact is they have announced the prices for the bulk of the 2015 F150 and the price increase is only about 1-2% of the price that the majority of trucks sell for. As I’ve pointed out many times the market for less than full size pickups is just way to small to support very many players. It took off, garnering lots of press and igniting a nationwide fascination with cured meats.
Ford Motor Company’s share fell by seven-tenths of a percentage point, year-over-year.
Anything worth saving, like Corvette, will be picked up by others, and the rest doesn’t deserve to live. When people are afraid of the new model the sales of the old model go up in its final year when people are anticipating the new model sales take a hit on the outgoing model. That is not a significant increase for an all new vehicle or the normal year to year price increase. Every mfg will be looking at the sales of the Colorado and the segment as a whole and when they see that this new player does not significantly increase the total market they will not bring their models to the US.
It makes a fabulous way to start a meal, spread out with some crusty bread and good cheese.
He loved the process so much that he left his restaurant to devote himself to making extraordinary Italian-style charcuterie. Fra’ Mani uses meat from Berkshire pork, an obscenely tasty heritage breed, raised humanely on small family farms. Took content OUT of the car throughout the entire run of the model as nearly every competitor progressed. Yet for some reason you believe that people will turn away from the 2015 F150 because of price and will head over to the GM dealer and pickup a Colorado which will cost even more than a comparable F150, so they get lower MPG, lower payload, lower tow rating, and less interior room.
Paul’s team then cuts the meat, lays it out on racks for chilling and drying, mixes it with fragrant seasonings, stuffs it into natural pork casing, hand-ties the sausages with twine, and hangs the salami for fermentation, drying, and aging in the carefully calibrated Fra’ Mani cellars. People in the US buy a SUV for carrying people and cargo inside and the Colorado or any other pickup will not meet those needs.

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