When you proceed only the components for the packages you have selected will be downloaded and installed.
Once you have added a picture or video file, click the Edit tab to access the main video editing features which are basically mute, trim and add text. So in conclusion, while WLMM beta’s feature set is very limited, all the features it does offer work well.
Well, it turns out that some people have managed to get WMM 2.6 (the version supplied in Windows XP) to work in Windows 7.

WLMM lets you pick from an array of music files (Caution: iTunes m4a format is not supported) to add as your soundtrack.
If you’re looking for a very quick free movie editing tool for publishing your cell phone vids to YouTube or MSN, then WLMM is a good contender even if it is still in beta. But in the spirit of trying beta software, I thought I’d give the new Windows Live movie maker beta (WLMM) a try.
Once added you can use the Fade selector to crossfade the sound between your video’s audio and your soundtrack.

So here is my review of WLMM beta.WLMM is part of the Windows Live Essentials smart installer package which can be downloaded here.
Just drag and drop an impressive array movie files or picture files onto the right pane and you can start editing.

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