This is the only player I have found that can play anaglyph video through shutter glasses, to do it you just set the source format to anaglyph, it has the really strange effect of making the lenses of your shutter glasses look like thay have changed color! I’ve been using sView for around two years now (it was only picture viewer back then), and it has its good and bad sides. For example, until just recently, there was no way to correct the AR, so half-rez videos were unwatchable. But it also has some unique features – it sports a browser plug-in, so you can view stereo pictures and videos directly inside your browser (given the site is built with that feature in mind). Whatever de-interlacing option any of the aforementioned players might have, it’s software-based. With BD 3D it’s a different story, because we have two streams, and both TMT and PDVD probably use custom written renderers for DXVA to work with DB 3D, or they are doing the transformation in the decoder. Anyhow, one workaround to use hardware-accelerated decoding is to use CUDA-based decoders (like CoreAVC). Watching a movie in theatre or at home, on a big screen or on a normal computer screen is one of those moments that we would like to get most out of them. When you are planning to watch (any) video, forget about all 2D limitations and set to the 3D world. In order to watch a normal video in 3D mode, just click on the OPEN button in the media player to choose your regular movie file. As you will notice the screenshot of 3D Video Player looks better even in normal mode when compared to the same episode’s screenshot of VLC Player. The reason is because 3D Video Player makes the best use of your graphic cards and hence even the normal movies looks  much better. A Big Thanks to the developers of 3D Video Player for giving us 5 licenses to giveaway to our readers.
First of all, the developer ought to improve the user interface of this program since I do not find the way to customize it in the first place, including subtitle insertion. Second, after the option is enabled, developer should extend the trial period in order for users to fully explore this Media Player. Thanks for the contest, indeed looks a nice soft, but i really dont see why activation is based on hardware id in order to use the full version of the soft. As I’ve already mentioned, the player is a commercial software, but you can download a trial version and test it for 7 days, before deciding to stop using it or purchasing a license.
In general I was not so pleased with the Movavi 3D Media Player so that I would recommend it as a replacement for something that you get for free, namely the 3D Vision Video Player, but it does also have its appeals.
Un simple clic pour activer le mode 3D Vision et il faudra choisir le mode stereoscopique de la video 3D (Side-by-Side, Top-&-Bottom, etc).

Des que l’on charge autre chose, il se remet auto en blu-ray to blu-ray ou blu-ray to portable.
The software is being developed by Kirill Gavrilov and is available for free for non-commercial use. For some people, watching movies is a way to relax and for some others it is more like a daily job because they love movies so much. The buffering circle shows that the video is being processed now by 3D Video Player for further possible playback in anaglyph 3D mode.
It  can turn literally any video into 3D if you want and normal movies look much better with 3D Video Player. I had tested this Software & I am having a great desire to run the full version, to play the 3D-Movies. If it’s legitimate then you can buy Red-Cyan glasses to watch the videos played by 3D Video Player. Ce programme comporte le support des fichiers aux formats AVI, Fuji film, FinePix, Real 3D, W1 et une option qui permet de selectionner le decodage pour le format MJPEG.
What is interesting about this player is that the stereoscopic 3D support it offers is also compatible with Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology. So I did download the trial and ran some videos through the player to see how well it will perform and try its features.
The reason you can’t have that in stereoscopic video player, is the same that stops you from using DXVA (hardware accelerated) decoding of video streams in that type of player.
Even if you have created a video with your camcorder, watch them in 3D and bring those moments back to life.
For the Beginner, I really recommend this software to play 3D-Movies which available on the market. I like to test many video player, and I think 3D Video PLayer is very good software, and it have good interface.
Il est en mesure de faire l’affichage des images aux formats JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG et BMP, des formats stereoscopiques et les fichiers MPO. What I can say is that for certain the player offers some nice touches that are missing in the free 3D Vision Video Player, but on the other hand it is also missing some of the more advanced options available in the free 3D Vision Video Player as well. But you better try the player by yourself, as I said you get a free trial for 7 days which should be enough for you to compare it and decide for yourself. Something that you may also like is the presence of the player menu even in full screen mode, especially useful when using with 3D Vision as this mode requires you to be in full screen.
3D movies are lively and actually it is like you are inside the film with all those characters acting around you.

But, it will unleash its powerful 3D video rendering ability if you click on the 3D button. If you watch the anaglyph 3D mode with your naked eye, all you’ll have is an unpleasant video experience. The effects that I saw at the cinema were nothing compared with an amazing presentation of this movie in 3D. For example even the latest Stereoscopic Player and the 3D Vision Player still don’t have control menu available when you are in full screen mode. Unfortunately, we don’t have large number of 3D movies as compared to normal 2D movies. When you click on 3D button, 3D Video Player switches the mode of the video from normal 2-dimensional to anaglyph 3-dimensional on-the-fly.
Even the coding is not perfect as when I am browsing to see the list of supported multimedia file types, there are Chinese characters that appears instead. The Movavi 3D Media does not have a graphical command menu overlayed when in 3D mode, or a right click menu with options for easier control, so you still have to switch to windowed mode change something and then back again in the full-screen mode.
And having the ability to skip forward or return back is something that is often needed as a feature.
For stereo video player, we need to transform the decoded image to the correct output format, and then send that to the video renderer, meaning that we break the direct connection between the decoder and renderer, and insert a transforming filter between them. If you don’t have those 3D glasses you can buy one or else you can create your own 3D glasses at your home! The last option is something that might’ve justified the purchase of the software for some people, but the lack of such features for a commercial software that also needs some further development may as well keep you a happy user of the free 3D Vision Video Player. But in the sView player you also get other options available in full screen mode, they of course hide automatically when not needed, but as soon as you move the mouse they reappear. If you prefer to watch with naked eye, then just turn off the 3D mode and now 3D Video Player turns into normal movie player. Another thing that might be good for some not so advanced users is the fact that Movavi 3D Media Player is handling better with the support of different containers and codecs for the video files, less problematic than the 3D Vision Video Player, but also does not have the advanced filters and codecs tweaking menu that can also be quite helpful if you are a ore advanced user… especially regarding the use of additional DS filters.
For viewing stereoscopic 3D photos you need to run a separate executable, but the functionality it offers is pretty similar, it is just limited to viewing photos, and the photo player also supports viewing with 3D Vision.
I know because I’ve tried them and researched alot on codecs and rendering and containers, ect.

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