Ten years ago in October, Apple announced a game-changing device: the $400 5GB iPod Classic.
It's hard to think of a single device that has changed the tech industry in the last 10 years as much as the original iPod. When Apple launched the iPod in 2001, portable CD players and cassette-tape based Sony Walkman ruled the portable music landscape.
A series of quick updates expanded the hard drive, replaced the mechanical scroll wheel with the touch-sensitive style users are familiar with today, and brought Windows compatibility to the iPod.
While the iPod was always a relatively successful product, it took a while to really take off. A large part of that jump in popularity can be attributed to the launch of the iTunes Music Store in 2003. Apple continued to upgrade the iPod over the years and it gained features such as a color screen and video playback and for a while it seemed like the iPod would always be Apple's flagship gadget. The practically button-less touchscreen phone soon became the standard for the design of most iDevices. Experts say the real turning point will come when Apple is able to release a 128GB iPod Touch. But, even if the iconic iPod Classic dies, you'll still be able to see its influence in the tech DNA of almost every device Apple sells. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. The evolving role of analysis as a teaching and learning tool to enhance performance improvement in Sport. As one of the leading Major League Soccer franchises, Dynamo has an extensive academy and player development programme. Performa Sports Marketing Director, Joseph Turley said “We are delighted that our first Major League Soccer customer is Houston Dynamo. According to Performa Sports Marketing Director, Joe Turley "we are delighted that New York GAA are using Performa Sports to support their player and talent development strategies for the future. Performa Sports is looking forward to playing its part at the biggest annual convention for soccer coaches and administrators in America at the NSCAA's 67th Annual Convention. Register for your chance to win a 12-month subscription to Performa Sports innovative real-time performance analysis iPad application. We have three free-prize draw licenses up for grabs for attendees at the NSCAA Convention in Philadelphia. In the build up to the new year we will be giving you the opportunity to win a selection of weekly prizes until the 1st Jan 2014.
Performa Sports is proud to support the Craig Bellamy Foundation in Sierra Leone, helping young people achieve their potential through sport and education.
Please note that by entering this free prize draw competition, winners argee to supply a suitable photo of himself or herself with their prize for promotional purposes.
We hope you like the new update of Performa Sports and please share a review of your experience on the App Store. We have two free prize draw licenses up for grabs for delegates and attendees at the IRB Conference. Be the first to know about product updates and the latest advances in Performance Analysis. The Certificate for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) is a framework within Ulster University with a range of short courses of study which can be undertaken at any stage in life, regardless of prior qualifications. Developed in partnership with Ulster University this foundational half-day training module is designed to help coaches learn how to harness the power of performance analysis to enhance the coaching process and improve performance communication.
Developed by Ulster University and Performa Sports, this half-day training module is designed to help coaches understand the core principles of analysis, learn how to shape key performance indicators for sport and be able to effectively and efficently leverage performance analysis as a teaching aid in the coaching process to improve performance learning.
Course attendees who complete the foundation coaching course have the option of moving onto our Level 4 CPPD course with Ulster University which goes into more depth in technical, tactical, video analysis and performance communication. There aren't too many, other than this free prize draw is only open to attendees at the Sporting Excellence Conference at the Beaffy House Hotel, Co. Coach Educator - to Coach - to Player: this seminar focuses on the evolving role of analysis as a teaching and learning tool to enhance performance improvement in Sport.
Three-time All Ireland winner, Peter Canavan will be sharing his experiences of using analysis with the Tyrone U21’s who won the 2015 All Ireland Title. A limited number of places are available for in-person or online attendance with the event being streamed live online. 2015 marked another successful year for the sports teams we work with, which made our top 7 selection all the more difficult. To win an All Ireland title requires great sacrifice, determination and talent, winning two-in-a-row tells you everything you need to know about this exceptional group of camogie players and their management team. According to Niall, "2015 was a very successful year for Cork Camogie, in retaining our All Ireland Senior title last September. Playing an attractive and cohesive style of football all season Galway county champions Corofin lifted the Andy Merrigan Cup on St. A recipe for success is when a talened and driven group of players work closely with an experienced and equally driven management team. Martin shares his highlights of 2015, saying "it was a great year for the Tyrone Under 21 team, with the County collecting their fifth All Ireland title at this level.
The 2015 League of Ireland First Division Champions didn't achieve their success by chance. Shane commented that "winning the League of Ireland First Division this season was the culmination of 4 years of very hard work. Based in New Jersey, the Rider Broncs reached the Women’s College Soccer-Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Championship (MAAC) semi-finals.
According to Owen, "Performa Sports was introduced to St Louis Grammar School Ballymena in September 2015 and already, in this short time frame, has made a significant impact across the school in a number of different ways. With 70% of what happens in a game being missed and the evolving dynamic of learning styles, performance analysis has become an integral part of the coaching process.

Ulster University School of Sport and Performa Sports have teamed up to host a seminar on the evolving role of analysis as a coaching tool to enhance performance improvement and athlete learning in Sport. Three-time All Ireland winner Peter Canavan, UEFA A-License coach Kyle Ferguson and respected coach educator Tandy Haughey both from Ulster University School of Sport will share their experiences of putting analysis into practice. Developments in technology now mean that Sports Science is readily available at all levels of sports performance. Hosts Kilmacud Crokes ended an 18-year wait to re-claim their All Ireland Football 7s Title with a consistent and composed team performance throughout. Game video was imported directly into the iPad app and synced with the live game data to instantly create video analysis and a range of filterable events. Performance data was pushed directly to Performa Sports Cloud Analytics Platform from the iPad app to generate individual player profiles and analysis. Congratulations to Kilmacud Crokes, the FBD All Ireland Football 7s Champions who also earned a Performa Sports performance analysis and coaching software license. Congratulations to Johnny Munroe from Tyrone club Carrickmore, who's burst of pace and well placed powerful strike into the bottom far corner of the net against St. Now in its 43rd year, the famous FBD All Ireland Football 7s hosted at Kilmacud Crokes sees the top gaelic footballers and clubs compete at high intensity and skill. The mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us is an adaptation of an upcoming console-based fighting game of the same name, set to launch this month. Injustice: Gods Among Us on mobile makes use of a simple touch-based control scheme that eschews the clumsy virtual stick-and-buttons configuration used by many other iOS fighting games.
Successfully landing attacks builds up a power bar at the bottom of the screen, and when one of the segments of this bar is filled, a special move may be unleashed. Playing battles with the same cards gradually depletes their energy bars and causes them to increase in experience. On the whole, Injustice: Gods Among Us is a solid mobile game with excellent production values, but it could have been considerably more than it is. A good implementation of fighting game mechanics on touchscreens, but the overall game experience feels a bit hollow.
This Tuesday the iPod Classic (now $250 with 160GB storage), with its signature click wheel design and massive storage capacity, is rumored to play its last digital tune.
When Steve Jobs announced the iPod at the Apple campus on October 24, 2001, digital music foreign to most except for geeks and Napster music pirates. Apple was still in recovery from its disastrous turn in the 1990s without Jobs, and the few gadgets Apple had put out, such as the Newton tablet, were commercial failures. The screen is a low resolution black-and-white LCD and the hardware is little more than a 5GB 1.8-inch hard drive with some buttons strapped to it.
But the next big thing in iPods would come in 2003, when Jobs introduced a new way to buy music for the device. According to Apple's own sales figures the iPod took a year and a half to sell its millionth iPod in May of 2003.
When the service was launched, music piracy was rampant thanks to services like the original peer-to-peer file sharing software called Napster, and the music labels were actively hostile to the idea of putting music online. Over the years, the iPod stopped being a single device and started to be the core of a family of Apple music players and other digital devices. Apple introduced the iPod Touch the next year for those who wanted the sleek new interface without the AT&T contract.
As more consmers put their music on their phones and tablets, or even stream it using services such as Spotify, the iPod seems increasingly out-dated. But Apple's interest in the device has waned--in fact, Apple hasn't even refreshed the iPod Classic's hardware since September 2009, which is basically an eternity for an Apple product.
For years, the iPod Classic banked on a huge physical hard drive that allowed users to store massive amounts of content. The 128GB threshold is enough space for Apple to court most customers, even those who have a lot of music. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
This packed schedule and constant drive for talent identification and effective skills enhancement, demands a flexible, user-friendly and highly efficient performance analysis solution that can be used consistently across all of it’s coaching staff. I'd seen what they were doing with other clients, like the Craig Bellamy Academy, and how easy it was to take to the pitch, said Tom Harris, Technical Co-ordinator with Houston Dynamo.
For the Dynamo it is important to develop our own players so we can constantly compete for the MLS Cup. Prizes will be shipped to the selected prize winners via a third party operator and as such the competition organisers cannot take responsibility for any loss, damage or delay that may occur. You can study small courses which can be built up to achieve an award (60 credits in total) from the University. This course is not a pre-requisite to complete the Level 4 CPPD module but provides a solid foundation to build upon.
Chris Cushion from Loughborough University to Dublin to speak about the importance of coach behaviour analysis and how Leicester City Football Club are using this to their advantage. Runner-up PFAI Manager of Year, Shane Keegan who led Wexford Youths to the League of Ireland First Division Title will discuss his coaching process using analysis.
Online attendees who are unable to attend the live webinar can reserve a private video link to watch later. To contribute to this success was extremely special for me as the performance analyst to the team, and for it to be the second in as many years, made it even more fulfilling.
Under the tutilage of Manager Feargal Logan and All Ireland Winners Peter Canavan and Brian Doher, the Tyrone U21s went on to win the Ulster and All Ireland titles. Performa Sports helped to play a vital role in our Preparation, Performances and after match Analysis. We have closely followed the progress of this talented group of footballers since first meeting their Manager Shane Keegan back in 2013.
Anthony Myers, Los Búfalos achieved promotion to the Premier Rugby League in Paraguay reaching the Semi-Finals of the National Championship in their first season. Louis Grammar School ended a 27-year wait to be crowned Ulster School's Hurling Champions with a dominant Mageean Cup Final victory over St.

The event will be presented using case studies as examples of technology, processes, workflows, and communication, from both the Player and Coach perspectives. The Monaghan men battled back strongly with Daniel McKenna's penalty narrowing the maring but an inspiraitonal goal by Captain Pat Burke immediately after stemmed the comeback. Performa Sports Founder and Performance Analyst Danny Turley presented the GAA analysis iPad app to winning captain Pat Burke.
As part of the tournament analysis the following contenders were shortlisted from available footage of the knockout stages played at Glenalbyn. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store, and carries a variety of in-app purchases.
Instead, the game removes all responsibility for movement from the player and instead simply requires them to focus on attacking and defending. The exact details vary according to the specific character being controlled, but these moves generally require either rapid tapping or swiping on the screen to build up their power — the more power that is built up before the move is unleashed, the more damage that is inflicted on the opponent, assuming the attack lands.
Cards either take the form of character cards, which can be added to the player’s team, or support cards, which can be used to power up specific characters or groups of characters. The gameplay is a bit shallow and repetitive and the inability to compete against friends will probably mean players will tire of it relatively quickly. Apple dominates the business of selling digital music tracks and has a lock-tight grip on digital music players.
The scroll wheel, or "click wheel" as it was called because of the click, click, click sound it made, actually turned. While the initial service drew criticism for some of the compromises it made (its reliance on DRM to satisfy record labels was a particularly large target) it quickly became the most popular online music service and sold its first million songs in less than a week. To date, according Apple's own quarterly sales figures, the company has sold more than 300 million iPods. If Apple expands the storage space of the Touch to over 100GB at next week's press event, the iPod Classic's 10-year-reign as the world's most popular MP3 player will probably be over. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Using Performa Sports allows us to efficiently monitor all the players in our system from a very analytical stand point.
Weekly winners will be selected at random by a member of the Craig Bellamy Foundation Academy.
Attendees can register directly at the Performa Sports stand on either Saturday 12th or Sunday 13th March, or online. Importantly there will also be a player’s perspective, shared by former inter-county footballer Dermot Carlin, to highlight the link between coach educator, coach, player and the role of analysis as a teaching and learning tool in sport. Special mention should also be made to Niall Collins, a past graduate of our Level 4 CPPD Performance Analysis course for his detailed and insightful analysis behind the scenes and on match day. To reach the top and achieve our goal was testament to the hard work by the players, manager and backroom team. With Manager Stephen Rochford at the helm, a talented group of footballers followed his professional and progressive approach to get to the top of their game.
Players benefited greatly from the use of Performa and made it a key aspect of their development.
A graduate of our Level 4 CPPD Performance Analysis Course, Shane stood out as an accomplished coach with a passion to learn and develop both himself and his players.
Use of the app played an instrumental role in helping the school win it's first Mageean Cup in 27 years. With Burke, Mannion and Egan to the fore as they had been throughout supported by young Darragh Mullin the Crokes confidently closed out the game to claim their fifth All Ireland 7s title. The game is rather demanding due to its high quality graphics, requiring an iPhone 4 at the bare minimum and regularly complaining of a lack of memory if anything else is running in the background. Tapping the screen performs a quick attack, while swiping left or right performs a more powerful attack.
As such, the more character cards the player has, the more they will be able to play in a single session.
While Apple and the iPod can't take all the credit for that change, they've certainly been a driving force behind online music.
The iPod Classic hung around for those who wanted a dedicated music player but Apple had finally released a device that would outshine the classic MP3 player.
Players can view their own performances from each game and look at the statistical data that is collected from them, helping to improve player learning.
The duration of the competition is based on GMT, with each weekly prize draw closing at midnight. Registrations will be checked with the organiser's attendee list to confirm event attendance. The highlights of  the year included our Ulster Final victory over a talented Donegal team, our All Ireland Semi Final win over strong favourites Roscommon and of course that memorable day in Parnell Park when we defeated Tipperary to become All Ireland Champions. It's no coincidence that his managerial ability was also recognised as PFAI runner-up Manager of the Year.
Myers have been using Performa Sports to improve the analysis of their own game to develop a smarter style of play against stronger opposition.
Working with a talented young group of hurlers who are as a determined as their coaches and performance analyst Owen Henry, a graduate of our Level 4 CPPD course, the school are looking forward to their All Ireland semi-final in March 2016. Both Ulster and Leinster were represented in the final four with Monaghan side Truagh Gaels overcoming Carrickmore from Tyrone in a penalty shootout after the gamed ended in a draw. Landing a combo of several attacks in quick succession causes an arrow to appear on the screen, and swiping in the direction of that arrow before it disappears allows the character to perform a more complex move that typically does more damage. Winners will be selected at random, with the first winner being announced at 6pm on Saturday 12th 2016 and the second and final winner being announced at 1.15pm on Sunday 13th March.
Follow its progress with AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social games and developers.

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