The Producers is based around the character of Max Bialystock, a down and out Broadway producer whose latest work flopped on opening night.
Set in New York in 1959, the show opens with Max Bialystock’s musical version of Hamlet, “Funny Boy” closing after one terrible performance [Opening Night]. The following day a nervy accountant, Leo Bloom, visits Max’s office to assess his books however Leo is told to wait in the bathroom as an ‘investor’ of Max’s (an old lady that deals in sexual favours) visits the office, leaving Max with a cheque to invest in his next play.  Whilst in the toilet, Leo reveals his secret dream of becoming a Broadway producer. The producers then go in search of a terrible director, calling upon the overtly glitzy, gay Roger De Bris to take on the challenge.
On returning to the office Max and meet with Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yansen Tallen Hallen Svaden Swanson who wishes to act in their forthcoming production.
During the auditions for the role of Hitler a string of questionable actors are rejected by Roger. Disaster strikes on opening night [It’s Bad Luck to Say ‘Good Luck’ on Opening Night] as Franz takes a tumble down the stairs and ironically breaks his leg resulting in a last minute cast change with Roger becoming the new and extremely gay Hitler.
Back at the office things have gone from bad to worse for the producers [Where Did We Go Right].
Reeling in jail, Max receives a postcard from Leo in Rio and sings Betrayed.  Leo and Ulla arrive at Max’s trial in an attempt to convince the judge that Max is a good man [Tell Him].
During their jail time, Max and Leo write a new Broadway musical starring Roger and Ulla [Prisoners of Love].
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Max, plagued by his former success and scrabbling to stay afloat, experiences a change in fortune when downtrodden accountant, Leo Bloom, discovers there is money to be made in Max’s theatrical failure.  As a result, the two formerly defeated business men form an unlikely union with the goal of creating the world’s worst musical. Max tells a seedy crowd of his past achievements and vows to make a victorious comeback to his former glory [King of Broadway].
After a rocky start with Max, Leo announces that he has found a problem with Max’s accounts:  he has raised more money for the play than he spent putting it on. At first Roger and his assistant Carmen Ghia refuse the offer due to the play’s political subject matter [Keep It Gay] however Max persuades them with the prospect of fame and fortune and Roger agrees with the proviso that the play is altered so that the Germans win the war.
The producers are wowed by Ulla’s beauty in her audition [When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It] and decide to hire her as their “secretary-slash-receptionist” instead. In a burst of energy and inspiration Franz performs his own rendition of Haben Sie Gehort Das Deutsche Band which lands him the lead. The curtain rises on the show and Max and Leo watch in delight at the unfolding theatrical disaster [Springtime for Hitler (Part 1), Heil Myself, Springtime for Hitler (Part 2)].
The pair are set free by the Governor and the producers become celebrated Broadway kings who walk away in a cheery sunset ending [Leo & Max]. If you’re interested in other production shows, you might consider the Phantom of the Opera or the Blue Man Group, or see our list of Las Vegas shows.
This leads Leo to the realisation that a producer could make more money with a flop than a hit.

Max and Leo go to the playwright’s home to discover him reminiscing about the former glory days of the Third Reich [In Old Bavaria].
Unfortunately the audience mistake Roger’s outrageously camp performance for satire and the show receives great praise and popularity. In a fit of rage over Roger’s disrespectful portrayal of the almighty Hitler, Franz bursts in the office with a gun. As a result of the characters combined brainpower and ludicrous behaviour Spring Time for Hitler is born in Broadway.
In light of this information Max proposes the ultimate scheme: to find the worst play to be directed by the worst director in town to be opened with the worst cast on Broadway. Liebkind agrees to sign an agreement with the producers so long as they promise never to dishonour the legacy of “Adolf Elizabeth Hitler” and the pair join Liebkind in singing Hitler’s favourite song, Der Guten Tag Hop Clop, to seal the deal. Meanwhile the pair will raise two million dollars from old lady investors, open and swiftly close the failed show and move to Rio with their two million dollar profit.
Police hear the scuffle and arrest both Max and Franz, who comically breaks his other leg in his attempt to escape.  Ulla finds Leo hiding and convinces him that the two of them should take the two million dollars and run away to Rio instead [That Face (Reprise 2)].

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