Based on our previous post, we have received emails from some of you asking to explain a little further on what VSLs were and how you can implement it for your own businesses. Let me first explain the psychology behind this – the best way for a human mind to learn is by engaging in more senses. After breaking down the concept of VSLs, we derived a framework which you can implement to your businesses as well. Another interesting note is that people love breakthrough stories – how pain can be the best teacher. Sound truly passionate about your product and how it sheds light on what people take as the truth. Give a guarantee they will get a full refund if they are not satisfied with your product or that it did not help them. Mindvalley Insights brings you latest trainings in Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Culture Hacks - Straight from Mindvalley. Whether you run an ecommerce site, a blog, or a brick and mortar business, you’ll love this guide. Now, with the help of Devesh Khanal of Devesh Design, we’ve put them all in one place. And you can easily sort through the 100+ techniques based on your individual conversion goals. So if you have an expensive or complex product, don’t be shy about providing people with A LOT of information. More landing pages means you can make more personal offers and search engines can send more targeted traffic.
Instead of making a user submit the entire form to see if they’ve made a mistake, inline validation give them a heads up as they work. Several case studies (including this one) found that inline validation boosts form completion rates.
Another example: EventBrite recently started to encourage customers to share their purchase on social media. Use directional cues to point users towards where you want them to focus (for example, to important forms or buttons). Incorporate video in your sales funnellist building, e-commerce, Saas and web appsdesignnoYou can’t go 5-minutes in the conversion optimization world without reading a case study where video boosted conversions. There are many different types of video you can use in your marketing: Demo videos, explainer videos, case studies, testimonials, you name it.
Bei einem Einkauf helfen Ihnen die Bewertungen von Kunden und die Bestseller Liste von Amazon in der jeweiligen Kategorie. Ever feel like everyone’s trying to do the same thing, and it’s near impossible to break away from the pack and distinguish yourself? Read on for seven actionable insights that will help you set yourself, your business, and your blog, apart… to shine… and to rise above the rest. Deep in the heart of the Central African Republic, hundreds of people wait anxiously as the drill lurches to life, thrusting into the red African earth.
The machine roars, echoing through the rainforest as it plunges deeper and deeper underground, desperately searching for water.
Crystal clear water erupts from the ground like a fountain, blasting from the earth and glistening in the afternoon sun.
Not only are they helping millions of people get access to clean and safe drinking water… they are also marketing geniuses.
In this post I’m going to dissect their “business” strategy and give you 7 key lessons that you can apply to your own online ventures. Regardless of your goals (philanthropic or otherwise), these lessons will help you ignite a firestorm of support, stand out from the crowd, and change thousands of lives for the better. Over the past few years I’ve noticed that there’s an “epidemic” ravaging the western world.
A “fulfillment deficit” that is leaving people tired and depressed… deprived of one of our most basic human needs: purpose. To take this a step further, I believe that deep down all people want to make a difference. Okay so you understand that people are hungry for meaning… and will jump at the chance to fill this emotional void. If you can be a medium through which people can solve their pressing problems AND make a positive difference in the world, attracting a community of raving fans will be considerably easier.
Well… In essence, a “superstar story” is a unique, remarkable and easy to remember STORY that differentiates you from your competition and sparks frenzied interest and support from your audience. It’s a goal, mission or objective that people naturally want to rally behind and share with everyone they know. Base your existence around a (near impossible) goal that you’re trying to reach, a ridiculous experiment that people will CARE about… and watch your business skyrocket.
It took you directly into the lives of the Bayaka people and made you FEEL their pain… and their hope for a better future.
Before we dive into the “nitty gritty” of incorporating stories into your business, there’s something I want to share with you.
As Blake MyCoskie (founder of Toms Shoes) writes in his phenomenal book Start Something That Matters, “A good story transcends boundaries, breaks barriers, and opens doors.
Toms shoes: “With every pair you purchase, Toms will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. YouTube rivals Google in traffic-driving power, videos are shared more than any other form of content… and video sales letters can literally TRIPLE your conversion rate overnight. Yet, despite this mountain of evidence… very few people are utilizing the power of video in their business.
Charity: water introduces each of their projects and promotions with a specially created video. And as their thriving YouTube channel and MASSIVE impact illustrates… it’s working wonders for them. By leaving visitor experience to chance and not strategically crafting a homepage that is proven to convert… you are leaving SO many opt-ins on the table. Not only is video a killer conversion and sales strategy… it’s also a great way to drive automated traffic. By creating video content and syndicating it around the web you slowly build up an “army” of videos that can be leveraged to build your list. People watch your videos, enjoy your content, then follow your call to action and join your list. In a series of rigorous split tests (Both from Jon Benson and Ryan Deis)… it’s been proven that these bland, “ugly” sales letters actually convert 3X better than the conventional long form sales letter. If you’re selling any kind of product and aren’t getting the conversions you want… I HIGHLY recommend you switch to video. For more info on how to create killer video sales letters I recommend you check out Lewis Howes’ interviews with James Wedmore. In 2004, after spending years promoting top nightclubs and fashion events… living selfishly and arrogantly by his own admission… Scott decided to make a change. He signed up for volunteer service aboard a floating hospital called Mercy Ships and embarked on a new journey that he hasn’t looked back from since. People are hungry to be led. They WANT to follow someone who has a bigger vision than they do. Whether you like it or not, you will be judged based on how your business “looks.” While content is king… design is a strong and equally formidable queen. But as the competition online continues to increase, your chances of “making it” with an out-of-the-box design are getting smaller and smaller. Charity Water is harnessing social media, reciprocity, and social proof (three key marketing tools) to raise thousands of dollars for clean drinking water.
But not only have they created this completely automated way of raising money… they’ve also built My Charity Water, a free interface where you can start your own fundraising campaign and track your results in real time. In essence, a “motif” is a unique and intriguing “experience” that sets you apart from your competition.
For example, Naomi Dunford’s “motif” is her personality and “colorful” language. D Bnonn Tennant’s is a cowboy theme.
In order to capture your full attention and get you to take action, what would that website have to do?
I know I’ve given you a ton of information in this post… but hopefully you’ve gotten at least a few key takeaways. Logan Marshall is on a mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs change the world with their message. If you’re one of them, check out the cinematic trailer to his upcoming blog.
More or less its a letter written specifically to target a particular audience to persuade them to make a specific purchase, or leave their email, or some other measurement of successful conversion.
You yourself have seen the old salesletters and they have been with us for a long, long time because they have traditionally worked well. But we marketers are growing up and into video – even some really BAD video salesletters do well. Ryan shows you the nitty gritty formula of how to put together a winning video sales letter (VSL). Learn all the strategies that Ryan has used to put together some of their biggest converting sales messages in a very long time. Whatever product you have, you’ll need a red hot sales letter, and our sales letter only service is the ideal option to get your started. Many of our customers start-out by asking us to produce nothing but a sales letter for them, but once they see the results of our salesletter copy writing service, they’re so impressed by the standard of service, the attention to detail, and of course, the conversion rates, that they commission us to handle the lot – email promotions, squeeze pages, back-end offers, the whole shebang! So if you’d like to test out our sales copy writing service, without committing too much money up-front, then our sales letter only package is the perfect option for you. If you’re interested in commissioning us to write a red hot sales letter for you, then feel free to contact us today for a quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. These days, video sales letters are becoming more and more popular as a tool for conveying sales messages and converting prospects into customers. And in the last few years, savvy marketers have cottoned onto this fact and started to address their customers via videos with greater regularity. Here at Red Hot Sales Letters, we’ve written tons of video sales letter scripts for a wide variety of clients, and we’d love to do the same for you, too. So if you’re looking for a video sales letter script on its own, or as part of a wider direct response copywriting package, you’re in exactly the right place. If you’re about to launch an internet marketing product, then it might well be time to start thinking about building a list of people to promote it to. In case you’re not sure, a squeeze page (or data capture page) allows you to collect targeted email addresses by giving your prospects something free in return, such as an e-book, video series, special report or newsletter, for example. Here at Red Hot Sales Letters, we’ve written squeeze pages for a wide variety of online marketers, in a number of different niches, and we can do the same for you, too. So if you’re interesting in building a list of hot, hungry and laser-targeted prospects that are specifically interested in YOUR product, then contact us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
You need to consider how you’re going to go about building a list of hungry prospects, how you’re going to get your sales letter in front of them when it’s ready, and how you’re going to deliver the final product! We’ll happily create a squeeze page for you that sucks up sign-ups like there’s no tomorrow, we’ll create a series of exciting, response-inducing email promotions to drive prospects towards your sales letter, and we’ll even create a nice little download page for you, should you want one! If you’d like us to create a complete front-end package for you, please contact us today for a quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
If you’re looking for a complete front-end AND back-end package, by adding an upsell or two onto the back-end of your sales funnel, then we can help with that, too! So not only will you receive a sales letter for your front-end product, copy for your squeeze page (so that you can build your list of prospects), and a promotional email (to drive those prospects straight towards your sales letter), you’ll also receive a back-end sales letter as well, allowing you to explode the profitability of your sales funnel.
So if you’d like to opt for the complete sales copy writing package and have the front-end AND back-end copy taken care of for you, then please contact us today for a quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
Once completed, we’ll send you a formatted Word document via email, complete with potential images, that you can then print out and send to your prospects. So if you’d like a piece of direct mail to drum up some business, look no further than Red Hot Sales Letters. Go ahead and contact us today for a completely free, no-obligation quote, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Unfortunately, when it comes to constructing beautifully written, downright manipulative and high-converting sales copy, some online sales copywriters just don’t cut it. And if you’re unfortunate enough to commission one of them to write your sales letter, you could well end up with a flat and lifeless turkey with no chance of pulling in the big bucks! Here at Red Hot Sales Letters, we’ve been asked to resuscitate, repair and reinvigorate a number of failing sales letters, frequently transforming them into instant money-makers. Go ahead and contact us today for a completely free, no-obligation quote, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. The Warrior Forum is the web’s principal forum for internet marketers, and it houses a special section that allows members to sell their products and services to fellow “warriors”.

Luckily for you, we’ve written WSOs for a number of online marketers, achieving spectacular conversion rates in the process, and because of this, our warrior clients ALWAYS come back!
So if you’d like to hire a vastly experienced and proven salesletter copywriter for your next WSO, then contact us today for a quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. With Red Hot Sales Letters, you can also benefit from our in-house design team, allowing you to get the entire project done in one go, and all under one roof!
This is far more cost-effective and a whole lot quicker than having the sales copywriting and the web design carried out by different parties, and it removes the potential for confusion and costly delays, too. So if you’d like your sales letter designed as well as written, our team of talented and experienced web designers and developers will be happy to help. Using Google’s Keyword Research Tool, you can quickly uncover the exact questions, topics and issues your buyers are searching for, and you can market your videos accordingly. Do this properly, and your video will start to get ranked at the top of YouTube and Google for your keyword. If your video does not tell people what to do or where to go after the video ends, your viewers are simply going to move on and forget about you completely. Here are three ways you can add a call to action to each of your existing videos to convert each view into highly targeted traffic.
Use the Call-to-Action Overlay: This powerful, fully customized banner ad allows you to direct viewers straight to your site by clicking on the button right inside your video.
This is one of my favorite strategies, because 99% of video marketers simply fail to do it!
Using magical software, YouTube will now index every single word of your transcript (your video’s dialog) and incorporate it into its search algorithms. Uploading your transcript is as simple as selecting the .txt file and uploading it to YouTube.
Anyone who has ever had experience with SEO knows that Google loves backlinks to your website.
Whether you hire someone to do this for you, use a service or do it yourself, adding a few backlinks or inbound links to your video AND your channel URL will make a considerable difference in where your videos will rank, and ultimately how many views you’ll receive. Getting to the #1 spot in YouTube search results can make a difference of several thousand views! I like to embed my video on my blog and share the blog post with my email subscribers and my social media followers. Make sure to include a simple call to action and ask your friends and fans to share the video with their friends for that extra boost.
In February 2014 we started with 43 elements that almost always worked to boost conversions.
Instead of sweating the details you should launch these as your control, monitor, and then iterate. Here are 48 marketing elements we’ve tested time and time again, across several industries that just tend to work. Page layout is incredibly important and if you’re lacking any or all of these elements, you’re going to want to fix that immediately. Here’s a perfect example – yes, people will click and interact below the fold but notice there is a much higher click density above the fold.
The ‘Download Now’ button above the fold received a total of 3687 versus the below the fold button that received only 528 clicks.
Either way, you need to make sure a page visitor knows which action on the page is the correct one to take.
For example when we ran this test on Survival Life we saw a 10% increase in clicks on the ‘Join FPA’ link in the navigation while maintaining Family Protection Agency membership purchases between the two variants. In other words by increasing the sales page visit volume we were able to get more raw sales when we changed the color of the text to red.
These are the more overt elements that push a visitor’s attention to a specific portion of your site. Subtle arrows draw the eye toward back to the opt–in form on your page, and they can be surprisingly effective.
We tested this out on Survival Life to see if a content slider actually increased content consumption or just caused distractions. A quiz or poll that’s relevant to your sales message can increase engagement on your sales page. The key is to keep it relevant and include the words “see results below.” Then, of course, place the results in a space that encourages visitors to read the rest of your sales copy. We started using triggered pops upon exit intent and we got 2,689 more leads in just 14 days.
Instead of trying a last ditch effort with visitors who are about to leave, but we should try to engage with people who are invested in our content. A picture is worth more than a thousand words, it could actually be the difference between a positive or negative ROI on your next campaign. If you’re not a Photoshop wizard, just use something like Canva or Pixlr Express to make changes.
When you write your caption, make sure to add a text CTA to try and get the conversion right there. Not only are images with copy on them bad for SEO they render terribly and give your page a cheap look.
Videos are an extremely powerful type of rich media that can help convert new and returning visitors Here’s what we’ve learned from testing our videos.
If you have an element on your page that looks like a video but doesn’t function like a video, then you are going to confuse your visitors. Sure they’ll click the element, but they won’t get the desired end result of watching the video! In fact, we’ve found that there is no real statistical significance between having a javascript message, making the image load the opt-in form, or not making the image clickable at all. The length of your video is definitely dependent upon the size of the offer, e,g., a shorter video can get the job down for a low dollar offer and visa versa for a high ticket item.
That said, we’ve tested tons of VSLs over the years and found the sweet spot to be between 12 and 24 minutes.
Similar to the autoplay functions, make sure that you hold on to your audience’s attention by not letting them browse other content while your video plays in the background! When it comes to variables that whisper, rarely do you find one that DOUBLES conversions, but the magic buy button does. Much like the video control buttons, a click–to–play video reduces the control you have over your message. Facebook has also helped set a new standard (in fact even YouTube does this on embedded posts). Interestingly enough it is how you launch the AUDIO on your videos that will make or break your campaign. Think about it, you’re in an office and are taking a well-deserved break and digging through some articles when BAM your speakers start blaring some ad’s message.
Now had this happened and you were able to put headphones on or check your speaker volume the reaction would have been much different. While the typeface you use on your sales page may seem trivial, we’ve seen up to a 30% higher conversion rate by simply using a san serif font.
There were times here where it would make sense to reiterate the CTA, but we only did this at the bottom where very few people actually arrive.
The hotter areas (or the section in red) indicate that there should be another CTA in that region. If you can fit a success story into your order form, maybe along the margin, it will boost your conversions by up to 33%. Some of you may think social proof could be a distraction, but when done correctly it will really help boost conversions.
This is just common sense and one of those ‘best practices’ that shouldn’t even be questioned.
I know this seems simple enough, but this is a huge mistake people still make despite its incredible impact on conversions.
The person who clicked this ad has no question about whether the page they are on is the right page. The ad doesn’t really set an expectation, and the landing page is espousing some other ‘business speak’ mantra. This single gif is a reflection of the behavior of thousands of people when they hit our carts. Don’t make the mistake we made with your checkout page, make the price viewable above the fold.
Our old cart did this much better than our updated one and we did see a dip in conversions when we removed the product image from the checkout page. Thankfully a few of our high ticket items still have the product shot in the cart – and keep an eye on our cats in 2016 as we try some new ways to do this even better.
We suggest removing navigation on your checkout pages and landing pages while leaving it everywhere else!
Ultra–specific, benefit rich bullet points – Don’t list features; list what those features will do for people. Definite call-to-action – Say something like “Get free instant access!” right inside your order button. Here’s a perfect example – we tried a short form layout for our $1 trial versus our standard sales letter.
We add a button below the fold, but are testing some new concepts that we’ll be able to report on next year!
This may surprise you, but our split–tests have shown that “special reports” make much more attractive lead magnets than videos.
Even better, presenting the exact same content in a hand–drawn format got us a 128% increase in opt–ins over a video lead magnet.
However, if you are giving away more valuable content you want to ask for more information! That said, if you need at minimum 4 form fields, you might as well ask for more information because the conversion rate doesn’t really change until you hit an 8th field.
The purpose of an email subject line boils down to one thing and one thing ONLY: Getting the message opened. In addition, confusing, shocking, or just plain weird subject lines can boost open rates as well. We’ve found that we get a bump in open rates when we use shorter subject lines instead of longer ones.
A short, punchy subject line gets straight to the point and leaves you plenty of room for this next conversion booster: the second subject line! If there’s a video included in your offer, we recommend using a screen shot of that video (play button visible) in your email. STOP using images for buttons in your emails – they take longer to load, won’t show up if images are turned off, and depending on the amount of content in the email could actually hurt deliverability (based on the image to text ratio). For example when we started using this in our emails we saw a healthy 22% lift in CTR and 38% lift in EPC. We’ve found from testing Unicode symbols that they do give a nice bump to open rates (generally in the high single digits). Word of caution: don’t use Unicode symbols in EVERY email – the practice will become stale. Whenever you test you’ll find (more often than not) that there are tons of elements that just don’t move the needle. Let the DM Team and 7,944 other members in the DM Engage Facebook Group know which split test always works for your business. Justin Rondeau is the Director of Optimization at DigitalMarketer and runs all of the optimization efforts and split tests at DM and is active among our other properties. A top-rated domestic and international speaker, Rondeau has spent his entire career working on optimization campaigns and has helped train some of the leading optimization teams at Fortune 500 companies. Rondeau has run hundreds of tests for both B2B and eCommerce brands and has has analyzed 3,000+ tests across virtually every industry.
This framework has been used for our top selling products and have been a sure-fire way to convert those numbers for us. It also keeps the viewer engaged depending on the speed of the slide transitions of the video.
If you just threw an anger fit challenging conventional thinking with no solid backing, you can pretty much kiss this product goodbye. In the world of CRO, you can easily leverage this by featuring Facebook likes, number of customers, number of users, number of downloads, or any other indication of the number of people that trust your brand. For example, you could offer a free trial or a monthly membership over a pricey annual plan.A  You can also emphasize smaller commitments in your sales copy. But if you have 10 customers and 50 Facebook Likes, your social proof can actually work against you.

For larger commitments, complex software, and expensive products, try a long-form sales page. Copywriters have long known that this action-oriented copy is more persuasive and powerful. Ever spend 10-minutes to fill out a form, only to see a “You need to accept the terms of service” error message? Use copy that clearly tells people about the #1 benefit people will get from your product or service. Qualitative survey not only hooks you up with compelling copy, but can help you build a better product. In the case study below by Ecommerce Partners, an interactive zoom boosted sales at an online shoe store by 51%. However, large gaps (especially around the fold) can fool people into thinking that they’ve reached the end of the page. That way, you so you can see which features slow them down, hang them up, or are hard to use.
Today’s incredible guest post is from Logan Marshall, creator of the upcoming blog Free Life Project (Check out his video trailer) and offers 7 in-depth insights you can glean from one of the most innovative social entrepreneurs out there.
Children leap from their mother’s laps and sprint into the water, dancing and laughing as the clear liquid rains from the sky. Instead of fighting through the tangle of look-alike blogs, do something that fundamentally contradicts your business intuition: give. The Invisible Children KONY 2012 video has been viewed over 80 MILLION times in less than two weeks! A vision for a better future: To bring clean and safe drinking water to every person of the planet. If you want a killer design, get a killer designer. Learn web design or invest in a custom site, get an “eye popping” logo, focus on first impressions, keep it clean. It’s Charity Water’s brilliant new idea for how to raise money by harnessing the power of social media. This “experience” can be based on your personality, a common theme, an intriguing story, or even a simple idea. There are a set of “Industry Norms” for how things are sold, priced, delivered, marketed etc. With this in mind, I have consciously positioned my business AGAINST this raging river of conformity. Over the course of one week, their entire staff made 250 personal video thank your messages for donors large and small.
The salesletter is designed to be informative and should appeal to the needs of the reader.
Get cool quick: by the second paragraph you should be coming out as the smart dude or dudette that you are with all the great stuff you are bringing to the table. Ryan did a split test and found that the Video Sales letter totally out performed the old style sales letter, he switched. These are strategies that you can begin to implement immediately so you too can pump up your conversions and sales.
We’ve written everything from 1-page direct mailers, to 40-page monsters, and our conversion rates are pretty monstrous too, all the way along that spectrum! This is generally known as a Warrior Forum Special Offer (or WSO for short), and here at Red Hot Sales Letters, we know EXACTLY how to write them!
In fact, writing for this market requires a very different approach, tone and style, due to the fact that every single member of the forum is an internet marketer themselves!
This is the easiest step, but if you want more views, sometimes you’ve just got to ask! As long as you have created a “video of value” that is worth seeing and worth sharing, the views will happen!
In general people identify images first, move to large text, then to the ‘action area’ or your CTA. Sure, the concept of the fold has changed (it is way more elastic) due to the variety of screen sizes and devices that consumer your content. There are overt ways to do this such as using arrows or contrasting colors as well as more subtle ways of doing this such as using a person’s eye-line or slight accent colors.
Be careful with this one though; you want to make sure that the content or link you’re drawing attention to is VERY strong. Sliders and animations disrupt eye movement and compete with your CTA (even if your CTA is just all content clicks). Though it wasn’t a huge win, we saw that when we removed the slider there was a 4.32% increase in clicks on the content links (the posts displayed in the slider window).
Obviously it is best to get rid of it, but I know we all have political and technical constraints. Triggered pops by their very nature are disruptive; the real trick is trying not to be offensive. After a while we thought that there might be a better way to get an offer in front of someone. We tried out a triggered pop based on how far the visitor scrolls down the page and saw a 300% increase in opt-ins. In nearly all of our tests on lead gen forms for webinars when we include a picture of the instructor we see a big lift in opt-in rates.
An element’s proximity dictates how much exposure it gets and captions are close to eye-catching images! If you have an image of a person on the page, make sure their gaze is in the direction of your main CTA. Your VSL is only a powerful sales mechanism if you can hold your prospect’s attention – don’t let them tune you out while they read the latest clickbait article to pass the time. When the order button isn’t visible when the prospect first arrives, your video sales page looks like regular content… not a sales page. More often than not, click-to-play allows the prospect to procrastinate watching the video… and they never actually watch it. The video will play on mute and the visitor has to take the extra action to hear the content.
You don’t want your coworkers to hear that you are taking a break and quickly close the window! For those of you not familiar with typographer terminology, that means a font without those little “feet” at the bottom. Obviously it makes sense to have the CTA at the top – as that area gets the most attention (just look at the intensity on the scroll map).
Make sure the landing page your paid traffic lands on is consistent with the copy and imagery in the ad they clicked.
A visitor in your cart is at their highest level of anxiety, here are a few must haves that more often than not boost conversions in the cart. Satisfaction guarantees and trust seals, even the inexpensive ones, boost conversions by 28%. That said, we’ve seen 1000’s of visitor recordings in the cart that proved to us that you need your price to be immediately seen before a visitor will take any action in your cart. The first goal of your cart is reassurance and the best way to do this is with a product shot, product title, and price. There are a lot of external variables that can hinder a sale and you don’t want your own site to be one of those! We tried testing this on a sales letter including traffic of people who click ‘Join Now’ on the Digital Marketer homepage and saw some VERY interesting results. Remember traffic source and page type matter when you are considering adding or removing navigation.
Here are a few things for you to try out now to get some last minute boosts to your campaigns.
However, short form pages won’t cut it for your core offerings, high ticket, or purchases that require some thought.
The short form layout increased clicks to checkout, but the clicks were actually WAY less qualified.
These consistently get us 20% higher opt–in rates than video content, which has become commonplace in the tech, forex, and marketing spaces. We found that some of our content didn’t convert as well with a single field opt-in because visitors were skeptical of the content’s value!
The multi-step form us very useful – you get a single CTA that doesn’t take up a lot of real estate on your page. Whether you sell weight loss products, business courses or parenting books, use copy that evokes emotion. You should aim to make each landing page 90% unique: different offers, different customer segments, different leadmagents, you name it. Research shows that people are MUCH more motivated to avoid a loss than to gain something new.
Jerry Burger found that people preferred to buy a cupcake that came with two free cookies over a bundle that contained a cupcake and two cookies. Guarantees demonstrate credibility and reduce risk — two things that get potential buyers to pull the trigger.
For example, when you visit a homepage you expect navigation at the top, the cart on the upper right-hand corner and back buttons on the left side. They are a “meaning vehicle.” They give people the satisfaction of knowing that they are (even is a small way) making a difference. As Robert McKee puts it, “Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience. With this in mind, wouldn’t it make sense to OPTIMIZE your homepage in order to maximize conversions? The videos were customized for each individual donor and they were made with enthusiasm and fun. Check them out and think of ways you can break the mold as well. That switch DOUBLED his conversions and his sales in just about all the markets he tried it in. And of course, we can produce a tailor-made package that suits your individual requirements, so if you need a covering letter to send out along with your sales letter, you’ve got it! If not, add it to the beginning of your video’s title, your description and your tags. You can’t turn annotations into clickable links that direct visitors to your website, but you can get people to subscribe, like your video or watch the next one in your playlist.
If you send a prospect to an order form too soon, they may not be ready to convert and you may lose the sale.
This will reduce load times, make your site look cleaner, and won’t cause any message mishaps if your image is broken.
The video draws in the attention, and if the visitor is intrigued they will consume the content. We’ve seen a healthy conversion bump on pages where we load our full sales letter below the video to appease the more skeptical buyers.
The last thing you want is a customer who is ready to convert that can’t take that action immediately! If you are missing any kind of social proof (mostly really great testimonials from real customers) you are leaving money on the table. However, we will be testing even longer fields on our more premium content to see if they actually hurt conversions!
I get it forms are bulky, but lately we’ve seen a conversion boost by keeping that form right on the page.
So if you already have social proof on your landing pages, you may want test removing social proof from your landing pages (or using a different form of social proof).
Removing (or hiding) the coupon field on your checkout page can slash shopping cart abandonment significantly. Depending on the product and industry, one or the other could make a HUGE difference in overall paid conversions. Not the words you think they use…literally the exact words they use to describe their problem. Sometimes the lift in conversions from a lower price will outweigh the lower margins you’ll get. Make those sought-after products and pages easier to find (for example, feature them on your home page). Advertising your giant list makes it sound like someone is going to get slammed with impersonal sales emails.

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