I used to think that having disposable cameras at each table at a wedding reception was such a fabulously brilliant idea. But now the quality of the disposable film cameras is too shoddy for any possible framers, plus the kind of people who are going to take photos will have already brought their own cameras.
That's not to say you don't want more photos taken than your pro photog will take — just make it easy on your guests to upload them all to one place! Once you've settled on the service, you need the cards so people know where to send photos. Design and print out your message onto business card-size paper (or just cut printed sheets to that size), then place in a festive box or display on each table. If you're really into the design of your invites, you can inquire with your invitation vendor about printing up these cards with your invite design.
This I love they idea with photo sites that can help you collect all photos from the guest.
Wedding Snap's iPhone & Android wedding apps directly gather the pictures your guests take at your wedding in one online album, within seconds, without having to scout around Facebook or beg your guests for months. We loved it as we got hold of all the photos and could show them off easily to family and friends on the internet in an online wedding album.
Another choice is to rent a photo sharing device with software that knows to omit older pictures from sharing, and then lets guests easily select which photos they want to share with you.

Another option is have a younger relative volunteer to download images directly from people's digitals at the wedding if you have a laptop and a card reader. Video sharing has become amazingly popular over the past few years as a way to show off talents (if we can call them that) and just about everything else.  What if you just want to share a nice audio track you made?  What if all you have is a mic and no video camera?
Well, I’m going to tell you about two options you have to share that track around the Internet. YouMicro doesn’t let anyone comment on any file which seems a little strange, but you can embed your audio file anywhere on the web. Both of these sites offer you the ability to upload your songs and share them around the Internet.  I think that Muziboo is a little better overall because of the ability to join and make communities, but both sites are worth checking out. To further drive a stake in the heart of this old trend, last year the majority of you voted that you no longer loved it. It may be easiest to use the site you're already using for photo sharing — MobileMe, Flickr, and Picasa provide you with an email address or URL to give out (see my instructions on how to do it in Picasa).
This seller from Etsy makes a wedding photo-sharing kit for $25, but this is also a simple DIY. Some of these devices even attach to a flatscreen, so guests can see the photos that they just shared! You can upload your song and share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

You just share the link to your uploaded music, and your friends will be able to listen to your song and rate it.
You can embed any song to your blog or website as well as download them to your hard drive.
He is a technology reporter of a national daily newspaper and an online news agency of Bangladesh. We discuss technology, programs, tricks, tips, software, windows, internet tools, guides, howto. Instead of cameras on tables, you just place cards with a URL or email address for your guests, and leave it to them to upload after the event. But also consider newer site iRave — it also gives you both a URL or email address, and it has settings that let you approve photos before they're up, preventing any pic leaks of champagne-induced embarrassments. Free of charge up to 1GB of photos in each album and you can have as many albums as you like. The account set up is and login is a little easier at Muziboo, since you can use your Facebook account to login.

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