Far from the smokey rooms of Mad Men and the old-school ad campaign that told consumers what they were supposed to like, modern marketing whizzes have decided they are just much, much too lazy for that.
What it Was:An impossibly random campaign by Old Spice that featured a man whose rugged handsomeness was matched only by his rapid-fire surreality.
Why it Went ViralThere are few cultural forces more powerful than the 18-25 demographic, and history has shown that there’s nothing they like more than surreal, nonsensical humor that they can quote endlessly.
What it Was:In January 2009, Tourism Queensland hosted a somewhat unorthodox contest, the winner of which would be put up in a posh hotel, their only responsibility being to tour the islands of the Great Barrier Reef and blog about it for six months. Why it Went ViralThe average “Come Visit Sunny [insert cash-strapped location]” campaign runs into the millions of dollars. What it Was:On the 9th anniversary of their maiden voyage, Virgin Blue gave away 1000 plane tickets for $9 each through their Twitter. Why it Went ViralA lot of companies have free ticket giveaways, and we’re all familiar with the “fill out a survey, get $2 off your next order” receipts that precisely no one ever participates in. What it Was:Back in the days when YouTube was something of a nascent novelty and streaming video was considered new, an obscure Blender company started a campaign now famously known as Will it Blend?. What it Was:An average web page of moderate popularity will receive a few thousand hits, and they’ll take home a tiny slice of ad revenue.
Why it Went ViralPut simply, The Blair Witch campaign was a new and exciting way to market.
What it Was:As big name companies started to realize they could trick their customers into doing all the advertising at a fraction of the cost with viral marketing, they began recruiting all sorts of independent artists to create videos.
Why it Went ViralThe sheer scale and cleverness of this idea means that it would spread across the Internet with or without any outside help. What it Was:To advertise their newest line of shoes, Nike hired NBA star Kobe Bryant to jump over a bunch of crazy things. Why it Went ViralKobe Bryant has a vertical jump somewhere in the neighborhood of 38 inches.
What it Was:Just about every movie with a solid fan base on the internet that is released nowadays comes pre-packaged with a lame viral marketing campaign.
Why it Went ViralBack in the day when a studio had a product they really wanted to permeate every corner of the market, they did an old-fashioned advertising blitz. Why it Went ViralThere’s an important lesson for viral marketers in the Cloverfield campaign, and that is celebrity still matters. What it Was:In early 2007, a video surfaced of some hopelessly northern-hemisphere bound surfers using dynamite to create the waves they so longed for. Why it Went ViralNo matter where you are, what you do, or how upstanding you may be, sometimes you just want to blow something up.
What it Was:Often referenced as one of the first viral campaigns that actively involved millions of Internet users, the Subservient Chicken was a promotion for Burger King’s Chicken TenderCrisp sandwich.
What it Was:Back when artists were stubbornly refusing to admit that CDs were dead, studios were suing customers left and right, and seemingly no one was committed to creating music people actually wanted (instead of being told they wanted), Ok Go put together a few treadmills and created an Internet sensation.
Why it Went ViralIn 2006, everyone was sick of hearing about millionaires arguing with millionaires who then sued dirt-poor college students for millions of dollars over a couple of downloaded songs. What it Was:Though Google is well-known for being perhaps the largest company in the world with perhaps the smallest advertising budget, they consistently engage in a strategy that generates a massive amount of word-of-mouth advertising.
Why it Went ViralIf viral marketing has taught advertisers anything, it’s that the biggest celebrity in the world means next to nothing compared with your close friends and family. What it Was:When the presidential election rolled around in 2008, a lot had changed since 2004.
Why it Went ViralThere’s nothing Americans love more than loudly voicing their opinions while doing little to nothing about them. Hi guys, after a couple of weeks without posting we are back to talk about Viral Marketing. Viral Marketing refers to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of pathological and computer viruses.
The audience has just seen my campaign. They think it was interesting, unexpected and their emotions have reached a high level, we must seize this moment in wich we have their full attention. Build some sort of connection with the audience. Give the possibility to comment is an effective way of achieving a conversation. Lets remember that a good viral campaign create strong emotions, this means that some people will really like it and others won`t. This is a collection with the best Viral Marketing Campaigns, and some tips on how to build an effective campaign…. This time we are going to see a collection with the best Viral Marketing Campaigns, and some tips on how to build an effective campaign…. Dumb Ways to Die campaign is targeted towards people who arena€™t interested in hearing (another) safety message. Buy my Barina was designed by David Johns, a Sydney Digital Director to sell his 1999 Barina.
The campaign was mentioned in national and international newspapers, and featured on TV here and overseas on Sunrise, The Project, Good Morning America, NBC, CBS, ABC News and CNN. Due to the success of the campaign, the car will be auctioned off and the money will now be donated to the Cancer Council). The Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign was designed to show women the gap between how they view themselves versus how others do. The Real Beauty Sketches campaign was successful as it was relatable and thought provoking.
The advertisement appears as any YouTube video does for 20 seconds and then the viewer has to decide, by clicking on the video between a€?shoot the beara€™, or a€?dona€™t shoot the beara€™. This campaign was successful because it created interest in a generally low-interest product. Study your diploma in business at a time that suits you Why attend a careers expo What is it like to study at Didasko Institute of Business What is e-learning and why should you consider it?
There are times when suddenly a video or meme makes you gaze in awe and you’re left with your jaw dropped!
Viral marketing is believed to be one of the most powerful ways to make a business stand out! Viral marketing is believed to be one of the most powerful ways to make a business stand out from the crowd. So, here’s the burning question of all time – Is there any one key for successful marketing?
While I was looking out for ways to create a buzz in the market, I found some interesting advertising stunts done by renowned businesses from around the globe.
When talking about bringing a business marketing to the realm of the practical world, it becomes hard not to mention the famous and super hilarious American television network TNT’s “Push to add drama” button campaign.
The campaign received tremendous applause because people could see themselves reacting to those situations. Later, the television network also made a sequel to this video with the title “A dramatic surprise on an ice cold day” in Netherlands which had over 15 million views at the time I was writing this post. Give your audience something real to experience and they’ll never let you slip from their memory.
On a similar note, Burger King, launched a campaign with the tagline – “Chicken the way you like it”. Do you know early in the year 2007, Barack Obama was a name with less than 10% of brand recognition – the name of this one term senator was often considered to sound funny. It was because rather than following the cow’s path, like his competitors, he took advantage of the social media channels by reaching out to people through Facebook and Youtube.
He broke down traditional barriers with in-action photographs, videos, and issue-oriented calls-to-action upon its visitors daily — and ultimately, rode that online popularity all the way to the White House.

If the freakin’ president of the USA can be a past master at social media, then why can’t you.
Also, there’s this another scary movie, Cloverfield, where mystery was created through its untitled trailers. Join The Nimble Customer Care Team for an open question & answer session, Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 9:30 AM Pacific. We'll discuss best practices, give advice on data migration, help you compare Nimble to other solutions, and answer pretty much any question you might have!
A viral campaign is a marketing blitz that essentially creates a pitch which is cool and interesting enough that consumers will spread it on its own. Spawning catchphrases like silverfish he caught with his hands, the Old Spice Guy inspired reams of jokes, impressions, and even contemplations about how he was good for race relations in America. This is the demographic that spreads things on the Internet first and foremost, and are often the chief drivers of what is considered “cool”. Tourism Queensland simply fired two or three marketing experts, put their salary up for grabs, and generated more attention than any star-studded California tourism ad.
As dangerous as free money giveaways can be, this one went off without a hitch and vastly raised the profile of the adolescent Virgin Blue.
The difference is that, as a social media outlet, Virgin Blue exists in the same universe as you and your closest friends. The videos showed off the power of these durable blenders as they pulverized all sorts of expensive electronics.
Alex Tew thought that this plan was for suckers, so he decided to turn his entire homepage into a space for advertisements. That is why dancing Jesuses and animated .gifs dominated the Internet before we all got sick of them. This unassuming movie used a dirt cheap guerrilla campaign that told the story of some vanished Maryland teens and their “recovered” footage of supernatural events. They could have been selling “Mysterious Dog Food” and it still would have incited customers. That means that from a standing position, he can jump a little over three feet into the air. Usually it’s some code hidden on a site that reveals some middling detail about the movie and everyone yawns. Abrams was working on what was rumored to be the most imaginative re-telling of the giant monster story since Godzilla.
Any other viral blitz for a big monster retool would have needed a heaping helping more of cleverness and originality if J.J. The video was produced by apparel maker Quicksilver, and thanks to a subsequent showing on Mythbusters, the video cemented the company’s place in the public’s mind.
This is probably the most illegal thing you’ve thought about today (the FBI is now tracking you, you’re welcome).
It began as a television ad with the tagline “Chicken the way you want it”, but quickly migrated online, and allowed users to type commands which an actor in a chicken suit would then follow live.
Add to that the fact that it allowed millions of users to not just absorb, but actively interact with an ad campaign, ensured that customers would come if for nothing more than sheer sadistic pleasure. Ok Go was not only a complex, interesting video set to a catchy, original song, but it also showed musicians and consumers a new future of music. When unveiling their now-pervasive e-mail service, admission was granted solely on the basis of a very select set of invites. Not only did the exclusive Gmail invite create the feeling of an elite club, but it harnessed the tightest aspect of the social network to serve as salespeople.
Facebook had replaced even porn as the most popular site on the Internet, and advertisers had spent four years refining the methods to tap in to this incredibly powerful organizing tool. This campaign allowed supporters to both state their opinions and actively participate with minimum effort. Whether it’s a software company, or a media house, viral marketing never fails to get the attention of your target customer. Viral marketing occurs when a campaign is passed person to person, most commonly via email, and Social Media. The message is to promote rail safety and, the strategy was to provide something people wanted to hear, rather than what they needed to. The video, which features fireball special effects, slow motion, and slick action footage (think The Fast and the Furious) was designed to get the attention of someone looking to purchase a car.
In it several women describe their looks to a FBI trained sketch artist he draws them based on only this as he cannot see the women.
It also left viewers feeling warmth and happiness towards the women in the film as they realized they are more beautiful than they thought. The premise of the advertisement relates to how Tipp-Ex allows you to erase and re-write a story. The viewer soon finds out that the character doesna€™t want to shoot the bear, he then picks up the roll of Tip-ex (shown in an ad next to the video box) and uses it on the video title, and asks you to then fill the gap a€“a€? A hunter ________ a beara€™. The very next thing you do is – quickly forward it to your folks to knock them down with feather.
Businesses are experimenting every now and then, from funny to thrilling and from bitter to horror, to come up with something new and innovative that audience would love and share with each other. Well, what I’ve experienced and observed till now is that if one thing works for you, then it might or might not work for someone else. Let’s take a look over them to know how and why they left a mark, plus, what we can learn from them? Even if you watch the video now, which has over 53 million views till date, I guarantee you’ll never be tired of it. By simply uploading the pictures of their own, folks or loved ones, users could watch them dancing as Christmas elves. A website was created where users were able to create a man with a chicken suit and could make him dance and perform other funny moves. Based on this concept was the Blair Witch Project – a horror movie relating to the story of three students who disappeared while hiking through the Black Hills near Maryland making a documentary of a local legend known as Blair Witch.
This fueled the media speculation about the film’s plot and led to a huge hype, ultimately driving colossal traffic to its website as viewers were seeking more information about it. With such simple yet unique efforts these businesses exploded their message to hundreds, to thousands, to millions and so on… Same can happen to your business if you can offer something extraordinary to your audience. You’d better follow their example if your goal is to be the next YouTube superstar!getting your brand noticed via social media is getting more and more difficult. But just to show that he was one step above The Most Interesting Man in the World, Old Spice Guy took to Twitter, spreading his fame by answering questions posed by regular folks and Twitterverse god Ashton Kutcher. It succeeded because even a lottery of $150,000 doesn’t tap into the fact that most people will hear about this job, stare lustily at the fluorescent lights above their cubicle, and promptly apply. If a guy handed you a coupon on the street, he might as well say “trashcan’s on the corner to your left”. Alex’s idea was not only novel, but he somehow turned the most bald-faced money-making scheme into an interesting story. The story spread like wildfire on the developing internet of the time, filtering its way into the mainstream in the most subtle way possible.
People were enticed by the ambiguous veracity of the whole ordeal, and it didn’t hurt that the movie itself was fresh, innovative, and scary as hell.
This video of intricate masterpieces created using LEDs attached to carefully herded sheep garnered a jaw-dropping 12 million views.
By comparison, the Old Spice Guy ad, which debuted at the Super Bowl, only managed about 60% more views than this video of some guys and their sheep.

The videos popped up all over the Internet, to collective calls of “Nuh uh” and “no way” and “it’s totally a ‘shop I can tell by the pixels”. While that sounds very ho hum as a set of numbers, very few people realize that this makes Kobe Bryant (and most NBA players) absolute physical gods that put most mortals to shame. The Dark Knight, true to form, decided to take viral marketing to the next level with what was perhaps the most complex, intricate, and realistic campaign in history. The idea was to put the product at the top of the consumers’ mind so that when they decided they needed, say, a casserole dish, they thought of the company in the ads. Dynamite surfing plays off the edginess of both surfing and weapons-grade explosives combined with a clever, ultimately harmless, fusion of the two to create an advertising message that resonates with just about anyone.
The campaign was wildly successful, and the subservient chicken website remains online to this day.
One where a band or artist’s brand was just as important as how many records they sold, and that brand could only be stoked by making incredibly clever music and videos to hand out for free. Like some sort of drug-dealing ring, you could only join if you were invited by a current member.
The fact that it far outstripped its competitors in features and functionality didn’t hurt either.
Like so many Internet superstars, Obama’s campaign realized that, in the modern world, being successful in politics is more about brand management than anything else. Combined with the interactivity and the close social connections that social media brings along with it, they were given a perfect storm of a platform for a political campaign. If a community picks up a video and starts recutting them into hundreds, you know you have a great viral campaign on your hands. In other words, if going viral for a restaurant means to offer free burgers, then this might not work for a business of selling deodorants. Coming from an intense background in science and biotechnology, he likes to relate advancements in technology with real-life activities. Billed as “The Best Job in the World”, the campaign generated massive amounts of attention and thousands of applicants. But if your friend mentions him, then he shows up in your living room with a $200 discount, you will remember his company’s name, and so will all the people you mention it to who never even ended up with tickets that are cheaper than the cab ride to the airport.
Today we watch whole movies online without batting an eye, but back then cats doing silly things were king. Combined with a super low barrier to entry for advertisers looking to capitalize on fame, it’s one of those ideas that sounds ridiculous, but when it works everyone swears they thought of it first. With it’s original budget in the thousands of dollars and the marketing campaign that cost virtually nothing, The Blair Witch ended up as one of the most profitable movies of all time. While he looks average height next to a bunch of other basketball players on the court, in real life he towers over just about everybody and has been known to accidentally crush a man’s skull just by gently palming it. To describe all aspects of this campaign would take a few days; needless to say it included a whole bevy of websites, guerrilla campaigns that plastered cities, and real live recruitment into the Joker’s “army” via cellphones hidden in cakes. The Dark Knight decided to do the same thing, but at a fraction of the cost with viral marketing.
Abrams, there was inevitably a massive viral marketing campaign surrounding the whole affair. Sure the mystery, the dire warnings, and the air-tight secrecy whipped fans in to a fervor, but they would have never showed up if they hadn’t been looking for Abrams’ trademark guerrilla campaign as soon as the movie was announced.
This could have easily been a commercial, but distributing it virally enshrines its subversive status. Today, despite arriving on the scene a good decade after the current big players, Gmail is the third-largest e-mail client.
The campaign of Barack Obama took advantage of this like few before him, creating Facebook pages in the early stages of the campaign, as well as reaching out to all corners of social media to recruit and energize followers. Though it may seem rather immaterial compared to nuts and bolts get out the vote canvassing, remember that modern presidential elections have often been decided but just a few million votes–which is absolute peanuts as far as gathering fans on the Internet goes. At the time when it was launched in the year 2006, the idea of such an interactive e-card was a bit less popular but completely awesome. 278,000 tweets are shared every 60 second on Twitter.And that’s just in a minute, can you imagine in a day? The whole phenomenon is either heartening in the sense that advertising has been forced to a new level of originality, or incredibly depressing as consumerism has finally cemented itself as having all the qualities of a virulent social disease. It wasn’t just an ad about how awesome this place you will never have the money to visit is… it was about how much your job sucks. Will it Blend fell perfectly into this voyeuristic niche, not to mention the fact that they blended the latest, greatest, and most expensive gadgets around. In late 2007 and early 2008 it was impossible to read a single sci-fi or tech blog without hear about the latest, totally mind-blowing update to the Dark Knight campaign. Fake company websites, phantom product promotions, and speculation about what Japanese deep-sea drilling had to do with New York created the most popular viral marketing campaign for a movie until the Dark Knight appeared shortly thereafter. Six years and over half a billion shares later, it almost became a Christmas cult for the people. It’s insane!Fighting in the crowdSo how is it possible to break through and gain an epic win with your marketing campaigns? Through this, a blender company ended up getting more exposure than almost any other product at the time. Not that one of the biggest movie events of the summer needed any help, but it did end up grossing over half a billion — at the time ranking it as the second highest grossing movie of all time behind Titanic. We see lots of funny stuff going viral on YouTube, but we also see angry political rants get shared” Berger says. CHIPOTLE The fast food Mexican chain Chipotle realized this fantastic animated movie accompanied by a mobile game. The video, thanks to the Academy Award-winning design firm Moonbot, combined a perfect mix of emotions and brand awareness. The video hit 114 million views just in the first month and was uploaded in 25 languages to 33 of its official YouTube channels.
In the experiment the same club with the same amount of people registered in two different nights a lower number of drinks sales. Because the DJ was Armin Van Buuren and people, when the music is good, drink slower and less. The campaign was a risky and big move for Heineken because, actually, it was against their own interest.
The video, showcasing the GoPro camera in action and a fireman saving a kitten, hit 5 million views in just a week and over 22 million in total. This was the first of the GoPro’s videos series that made the action camera popular and brought the firm filed for an IPO this February.
After the clip was spotlighted on sites like The Huffington Post it reached 6 million views in and 278,000 shares in just a week.
The video was named ad of the day by Adweek and gained 6 million views in the first month online. VOLVO TRUCKSVan Damme’s epic split is probably one of the best video ad for engagements and social media shares.

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