Generate a flood of interest, engagement, social buzz and user generated content with a branded photo contest powered by NextBee.
Create a cascade of referrals by rewarding your top customers with coupons, and their friends who use them with more coupons.
Sometimes all it takes is one powerful voice championing your brand to reach, and blow past, the tipping point of self sustaining marketing momentum.
The promotion works like this: identify a VIP customer and send them 5 (or 10, or 20, it's up to you) coupons to give to their friends. You're in control of every variable - discount or reward offered, number of coupons, caps on total sharing, etc. Without any special programming from you, we will integrate the notification, distribution and redemption of the coupons directly into your current shopping flow and users accounts. Send a personalized email to the initial coupon recipient with a unique referral link that they can send to their friends. Our system will track how many times each link has been used and automatically deactivate new coupons being generated from it once the pre-determined number of people have used it to make a purchase. The dynamics of viral coupons can be integrated into your existing rewards, loyalty programs, and social media marketing efforts as well. Give coupons to the first ten users who write a review about a new product; to customers who are the most active over a certain time period, or to loyalty members who accumulate a specific number of points.
Our modular system can be used to harness the time tested marketing value of coupons - with a viral twist - in whatever way you think will have the most impact. We're the first to admit that attaining virality isn't an exact science - every campaign can have different outcomes and different breakage factors - which is why we've developed the most comprehensive analytics package on the market. This gives you insights into not only user engagement, but also on how this engagement drives sales. At NextBee we're passionate about maximizing your marketing efforts by finding new, innovative ways to spread brand awareness and leverage your most valuable asset: your happy customers.
Our SAAS pricing plans only require a small setup fee, a month to month contract and flat monthly rate. Nextbeea€™s focus on customer service, data-driven results-based tracking and ROI positive campaigns deliver results you can count on and win back your business month after month. NextBee is the industry leader providing innovative marketing solutions to companies with tech-savvy consumer bases.
Designed to fit together the pieces of the ever changing technological landscape, our state of the art platform gives you the ability to create custom sweepstakes promotions that speak directly to your audience and integrate seamlessly with your brand. Harnessing the power of word-of-mouth recommendations, building customer loyalty and advocacy, and leveraging the ever increasing potential of social media connections to maximize ROI are at the heart of everything we do. For a full rundown of all the ways NextBee can generate mobile social media buzz for your business, and to get an idea of just how excited and dedicated our team is about innovation and service, call us today for a demo. For a full list of all the features available to you when running a Facebook Fan Builder promotion with NextBee, and to get an idea of just how excited and dedicated our team is about innovation and service, call us today for a demo and we will be happy to help guide you to sucess. Viral Marketing involves a concept, idea, name or product with features that encourage dissemination among potential users, buyers or adopters, using THEIR own resources.

Most of the products that succeeded in the Internet used a viral marketing strategy, involving social networks, software, discussion sites or collective autorship. The idea and its carrier medium have to be original and innovative, a novelty worth talking about. In most cases we go fast because we had previous experience in the product to be developed. Octopus Link Quadrangulator: a link exchange manager for webmasters interested in increasing traffic. The free version of this software includes a few links to our sites in the generated pages. Disturbing Picture Event from Kaskuser KASKUS Corner KASKUS Playground KASKUS Peduli KASKUS Celeb KASKUS Promo Cinta Indonesiaku Ngampus di KASKUS Jual Beli Zone Product Review Sista Beauty Fashionista Women’s Health Suara KASKUSers Supranatural Budaya Spiritual Surat Pembaca The Lounge Deals Gosip Nyok!
Viral adalah istilah dimana sebuah konten atau ide menyebar dengan luas dari orang yang satu ke orang yang lain. Quote:Menyebarnya (viral) sebuah konten atau post di social media bisa itu bukanlah suatu kebetulan. Seorang profesor yang bernama Jonah Berger, menganalisa 10 ribu konten selama bertahun tahun dan menemukan ada 6 kunci mengapa sebuah konten bisa menjadi viral, dan mengapa 1 konten lebih viral dari pada konten yang lain. Seseorang berbagi karena emosi mereka terpengaruh ketika melihat atau membaca suatu konten. Kita lihat bahwa emosi positif dan negatif sama2 membuat sebuah konten jadi viral dan sering dibicarakan. Tapi yang membedakan sebuah konten menjadi LEBIH VIRAL daripada konten yang lain bukanlah jenis emosinya melainkan adalah LEVEL EMOSI nya. Semakin tinggi level emosi yang terlibat, maka semakin tinggi keinginan orang membagikan konten tsb.
Kita dapat membuat konten yang mempengaruhi emosi pembacanya agar konten tersebut menyebar dengan luas. The Graph adalah sebuah software yang dibuat untuk Anda yang ingin mengetahui tren atau yang sedang panas dibicaraan di pasar. Namun kendalanya Anda pasti tidak bisa memprediksi atau asal tebak, Anda perlu mengikuti tren setiap waktunya.
Software the Graph sangat mudah digunakan untuk Anda yang masih pemula sekalipun, ditambah Anda bisa langsung mengakses group The Graph dan mendapatkan dukungan support dari tim The Graph untuk membantu menjawab segala kebingungan Anda. Subscribe to Our Newsletter to Receive Information About Updates, Improvements and Developments That Will Maximize Your Earning Potential.
Discover How to Submit Your Viral Articles to All of the Top Websites … With a Simple Click of Your Mouse! Your Web-Based Help, Support & Service Desk for Your Site Visitors, Prospects & Customers! NextBee gives you the ability to find that voice and leverage its potential with viral coupons for your top customers.
A friend gets the coupon, makes a purchase and receives 5 coupons of their own to share, and so on.

When their friends click on that link, they can be directed to a landing page on your site (or a microsite) that details the coupon program and prompts them to sign up so they can receive more coupons when they make a purchase (we can also integrate single sign on functionality so that they can sign in with Facebook or Twitter logins). Furthermore, all your data is stored on our multi-tenant system on it's own silo so if there's ever a report you want to see that's not in our standard list, simply send your account manager a quick message and they'll get that report out to you straightaway.
With a viral couponing promotion you can monetize their enthusiasm to attain awareness and reach that's unmatched. No long term contracts, commissions or account management fees mean you never have to worry about hidden fees or budget creep. The modular nature of our platform and our dedication to adaptability ensures innovative marketing solutions tailored to your specific goals with needs. With our Amazon Cloudfront hosted application with auto-scale capability, NextBeea€™s solutions can scale to fit your needs now and well into the future. Nevertheless, we try to define the common aspects of our job here, in order to clarify stages, objectives and times. This software creates many pages, one based on each keyword, designed to rank well in Google and Yahoo.
Jualan Makin Laris Dengan VIRAL MARKETING 0Shares Share Tweet Share Email Subscribe Post Reply Post Reply   View first unread Subscribe this Thread 0 stars - based on 1 vote 5 stars 0 stars 0Shares Share Tweet Share Email Subscribe Poll: Pilih A atau B? Tentu Anda bisa memanfaatkan software ini untuk menemukan banyak calon klien yang haus akan produk baru yang sedang tren atau booming. Dengan The Graph, Anda ga perlu khawatir kalah saingan jualan sekarang Anda bisa memata-matai kondisi pasar yang tentunya sangat penting Anda ketahui sebagai penjual. Each coupon that is redeemed triggers 5 more coupons and incentivizes a new customer to quickly become a new advocate.
Based on your preferences, our team will build everything needed for the program in a matter of weeks, keeping you updated throughout, and your team will only need 1 to 3 hours to integrate the campaign into your site. Once they do make a purchase, they'll be emailed a coupon link and the process starts all over. This is a script in PHP, using a MySQL database, that manages link exchanges among 3 or 4 sites.
This avoids the bad reputation of simple link exchange, that has been abused as a mean to obtain links to websites. We have this script that would be released in a free version, with advertising leading to the page to be promoted. Since most users will encourage link partners to use this tool for mutual equitable linking, the viral effect is assured.

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