Of course, we have to wonder whether any of this is actually from Warner Bros or 42 Entertainment, who is presumed to be doing the campaign after their wildly successful work with The Dark Knight.
I’ve seen a lot of comments and blogs saying this is all fake, though no definitive proof has been provided. At the end of this post you will learn, what is video marketing, why video marketing is best, why you should think about video marketing and what are the types of videos which you can use to promote your products and services? Everyone is running in the rat race of engaging content creation. Businesses are spending most of their time and money on content creation and marketing and their strategies are based on search engine optimized articles or seo-friendly articles.
Quality articles are helpful for search engine visibility and lead generation but most of the businesses are not considering video marketing which is best and which is going to rule the future. Video Marketing is process of communicating with your prospects and customers via series of moving images. Human absorbs visual content easily and most of the people come into visual learners’ category and to engage your audience, your content should be visual in the form of videos, infographics, images et cetera. If you search “How to tie a tie”, in search result you get two options, a video and an article, which you are going to click on?
Most of the How-to search queries are ruled by videos and the amount of How-to queries is enormous.
Internet users have very short attention span and very few people read on internet; most of the internet users scan on World Wide Web. Youtube video thumbnails get listed on Google image search, which means a chance to get noticed and ranked in image search. There are number of reasons how Youtube helps to improve your search engine ranking and why your business should have a Youtube channel. Videos not only make you stand apart from other search results but it helps to increase your click through rate. Videos are like your CTAs (Call to Action) on fire because you can literally show people how to get subscribed or how to buy your product or anything you want your audience should do after watching your video. We have grown up and have been listing, reading and watching stories and that’s why we are habitual to get connected with stories. Movies are engaging and that’s why we could connect with the characters and get involved in the stories. I won’t say video marketing is future because we could see it NOW and it is happening around us. When it comes to digital marketing, video marketing is emerging and very few big companies are involved in video marketing but in future it will happen on large scale and small and medium size businesses will adopt it.
As I said before there are many types of videos but there whiteboard videos and explainer videos are mostly being used on landing pages.
Explainer videos are short marketing videos used to explain your company’s product and service. Whiteboard videos are hand drawn motion graphics which pass on the information through hand  drawn characters, objects and graphics. Pick out a pre-made commercial template from the dozens we offer in a variety of niches and topics, with many more on the way.
Your High Definition video will be ready for you to share on Social Media, upload on YouTube or Vimeo, or post to your site or blog. Videos are enjoyed by all age groups toddlers, kids, teens and old people they all enjoy videos.
BTW, I have the skills to create explainer videos, whiteboard animation, etc and I partened with a Fiverr seller. Businesses will often have entire teams dedicated to communicating with followers, and will spend a significant chunk of their budget acquiring new leads from the Internet. From blogging to pay-per-click advertising, there are plenty of ways to establish a web presence. We’ve all heard the term, “it went viral” when referring to heavily viewed YouTube videos, comedic memes and social media games. We have compiled 5 examples of social media marketing campaigns that went viral to prove just how powerful it can be. Nothing draws the eye more than a mouth watering image; however, giant chocolate bars are certainly nothing new. Non-profit organization WATERisLIFE created a controversial social media campaign that was inspired by humorous memes.  The company – who are dedicated to bringing clean water to the third world – produced a documentary complied of clips of the underprivileged alongside captions of common complaints from the privileged. The video was a huge success and managed to amass over one million views within the first day.
During the build-up to Christmas 2013, Wilkinson Sword released a hostage video featuring three elves who are arguing about whether or not they should shave off Santa’s beard. The video was promoted via the brand’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages and received widespread attention throughout the UK. Voters are now eagerly anticipating the follow-up video this year which will determine the fate of our truly beloved Saint Nicolas.
Aside from establishing a marketing campaign that gets the fans involved, Wilkinson Sword have created an on-going series which will bring voters back each year and remind them of their famous razors – which just so happen to be the perfect stocking filler.
When Heinz launched their new Five Beanz product, they created a quiz on their Facebook page named, “Which bean are you?” Fans used this quiz to determine which bean they were based on questions about their personality.

In addition, Heinz gave participants who shared the quiz ten times on their Facebook page a goodie bag. Urban Hilton Weiner weren’t a particularly big name before their ‘pay with a selfie’ campaign, but now they’re one of the most talked about brands in fashion. Their marketing campaign awarded those who posted a selfie wearing their clothes, along with the hashtag #urbanselfie, a $10 coupon. This ingenious marketing technique accomplishes everything that any retailer would want from a social media campaign – it exposes people to specific items of clothing, encourages social sharing, and most importantly, gets people in stores and buying clothes they wouldn’t have otherwise purchased. While the $10 coupon may seem excessive and put many companies off taking such a bold move, it’s a small price to pay for such widespread and effective exposure. Internet marketers are now placing an increasing amount of emphasis on building communities via social networks and are integrating each platform to deliver a constant stream of exposure.
Guest Author:  James is a self-employed blogger and wannabe entrepreneur and works with Distinctly Digital. Ryan, I completely agree that striking a chord with your audience is paramount, that is what all 5 of the above have done in one way or another for sure.
This information will be useful for having a proper social media sharing strategy for our business. Regarding videos, I think it can provide a huge impact on social media sites for user engagement. The YouTube channel also points us to a Facebook page, but is any of this in-game or just fan made? Since Anthony Michael Hall is in the GCN footage, either the makers of the video pulled from the previous campaign, where Hall also played a news anchor, or this is official.
I was skeptical from the moment I started looking into it, and now I’m 95% sure it is fake. As a bonus I would like to share one of my favorite video “how to create your first video using Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation or Keynote For FREE.
It makes you laugh and cry and these emotions works as binding between a viewer and a business. Obviously video, now think about one of your audience who searches about your services and they see a video of your competitor, who is going to win you or your competitor? People watch how to do stuff because the instructions are visually clear and concise and it’s easy to watch and follow a video compared to reading an article. If you are still reading this article I am thankful to you and kudos for you because you are an avid reader and learner. Why we need any evidence for that, ask yourself how many articles you have read and how many videos you have watched and what you have enjoyed most. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, the value of one minute of video is 1.8 Million Words. You should not be amazed, if television vanishes from the Earth in few years, Youtube is future of television.
Youtube is not only a free marketing resource it’s an earning opportunity for many Youtubbers.
Video snippets are attractive and cut the SERP clutter and help your audience to make choices. The best examples of it could be an iPhone review and software how-to videos where we could see the actual product in action.
Our television is the biggest example of video marketing but it is ruled by big companies like Namecheap, Coca-Cola etc.
Screencasting videos are also being produced but these videos are mostly how-to tutorial videos and presentation videos. These videos are used on landing pages and home pages to convey about the business shortly and effectively through storytelling and motion graphics. Open our cloud-based editor, change a few lines of text, and publish your video in less than 90 seconds! Videos don’t have barriers like language, a non-English laughs on American prank videos.
Big companies have been using video marketing from many years but nowadays small and medium scale businesses and bloggers are using video marketing to reach out to their audience. With amazing note here is my Youtube Channel where you could subscribe for various types of informative yet fun videos to stay updated with latest ways to, how-to videos.
It seems like you spent 1 and a half month in digging all this valuable information on the web.
It depends on us how we extract most of the juice and how creative and knowledgeable we are.
You’d better follow their example if your goal is to be the next YouTube superstar!getting your brand noticed via social media is getting more and more difficult. Chocolate and Facebook are universally loved and by incorporating the thumb, Cadbury’s have cleverly managed to create an image that’s contemporary, unique and instantly recognizable. What’s genius about this social media campaign is that it was designed to get followers involved.
They’re a great way to get fans actively involved with a marketing campaign without using too much obvious promotion.

Real-time marketing has become the “it” thing in advertising and nowadays all one has to do is login to a social network and within seconds they will be exposed to some form of advert; no matter how discreet it may look. In fact, acquiring a ‘Like’ on Facebook or new follower on Twitter is held in higher regard than unique website traffic. Some are long-term and some are just beginning, but they are what make us connect as human beings. We have few real problems, Knowing this, you snap at attention and note the nature of the message, as well as the cause behind the campaign.
Selling an inspiring dream, solving some pressing problem or bringing awareness to some big issue in a creative way are all means to making an impact with social. You can only go viral when you try not to go viral, meaning, you detach from outcomes and share something truly inspiring, and memorable.
Since the video also includes images of the fire, it’s safe to assume that the Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane has another breakout, and it probably has something to do with Bane, on the of the villains featured in the film, played by Tom Hardy. I’m not sure why fire is so important to this campaign and film, but maybe Batman enthusiasts have a better idea. These videos can be How-To tutorials, Whiteboard Videos, Screencasting Videos, Cute Videos and emotional videos which make them aware about your products and services.
Marketing is no more about sales pitches and reaching to your audience, it’s about how effectively you are able to pass on your message and how you connect with your audience. Now think about it, how much time you need to write 1.8 million words article, let me know your answer in the comments (Please!
Social media is important factor in virality, visual content always has potential to go viral.
You can start your Youtube marketing with your Youtube intro and create your youtube videos of computer screen and with pictures and music. I couldn’t believe we can create such an awesome intro in the Powerpoint presentation, with simple tweaks they created an intro for Youtube channel.
Television shows and film production companies have been using this promotional method for years; but until Heinz, the food industry hadn’t utilized it.
However, what’s most appealing about social media is that unlike other forms of online marketing – such as PPC and SEO – it’s completely free. You will find James at many of the leading technology conferences across the UK and Europe.
The only post on the page from the admins has been a image of actor Matthew Modine as a politician named Nixon, who is supposedly going to become a villain himself. 278,000 tweets are shared every 60 second on Twitter.And that’s just in a minute, can you imagine in a day? Since the success of the Heinz’s quiz many other food companies have gone on to use the same marketing method with huge success. It’s insane!Fighting in the crowdSo how is it possible to break through and gain an epic win with your marketing campaigns? We see lots of funny stuff going viral on YouTube, but we also see angry political rants get shared” Berger says. CHIPOTLE The fast food Mexican chain Chipotle realized this fantastic animated movie accompanied by a mobile game. The video, thanks to the Academy Award-winning design firm Moonbot, combined a perfect mix of emotions and brand awareness. The video hit 114 million views just in the first month and was uploaded in 25 languages to 33 of its official YouTube channels. In the experiment the same club with the same amount of people registered in two different nights a lower number of drinks sales. Because the DJ was Armin Van Buuren and people, when the music is good, drink slower and less. The campaign was a risky and big move for Heineken because, actually, it was against their own interest.
The video, showcasing the GoPro camera in action and a fireman saving a kitten, hit 5 million views in just a week and over 22 million in total.
This was the first of the GoPro’s videos series that made the action camera popular and brought the firm filed for an IPO this February.
After the clip was spotlighted on sites like The Huffington Post it reached 6 million views in and 278,000 shares in just a week. The video was named ad of the day by Adweek and gained 6 million views in the first month online.
VOLVO TRUCKSVan Damme’s epic split is probably one of the best video ad for engagements and social media shares.

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