Pad Website Design specialise in delivering high quality web content at a competitive price to maximise the online impact of your business.
If existing branding and marketing elements are already in place, Pad Website Design pay specific attention to these areas to ensure that the new website design links seamlessly with your existing brand identity. Our websites consist of a core website design - or launchPad - that forms the basis of the completed site and to which additional modules of functionality can be bolted.
Website templates are initially designed using industry standard design software Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. To complete the website, high impact written content is combined with a carefully selected portfolio of images to create pages that are tidy, organised and appealing to visitors. For online selling capability, the shoppingPad module takes the core launchPad design and bolts on a sophisticated, fully featured e-commerce package which can be fully controlled and administered by the client. A new feature available on NewsletterMonitor is the selection of filters based on  email types: in this post we want to share with you some examples of announcement emails, focused on launch of a new website, for mobile too. The approach is interesting: they give a sneak peek of the new contents available on the website, such as the area in which users can create their own gallery. In the email by FingerHut we can see the same use of the image and a focus on the key features.
When launching a new website, it’s interesting to watch out if some new benefits are shown. In the email by C&C California we can see an list of new benefits for the users, such as larger images, the option related to Pinterest, and so on. Businesses come to me when they are annoyed that searching on the Internet finds all their competitors – but not them. This entry was posted in Blog, Marketing and tagged marketing, questions and answers, Quick Questions and Answers about Marketing, teena hughes, tips, videos on February 29, 2016 by Teena Hughes. This is a preview of How to Schedule Your Posts on an Editorial Calendar inside your Website.

This entry was posted in Marketing, Plugins and tagged Editorial Calendar, marketing, scheduling, spreadsheets, task, To Do Lists, wordpress on April 8, 2014 by Teena Hughes. This entry was posted in Article, Blog, Marketing and tagged clients, hosting, How to Launch a Website, internet, marketing, sales, technology, teenahughes, theme, traffic on May 2, 2013 by Teena Hughes. One of the fundamentals of having a business online is making sure your shiny new website design is working well for you. You set up your site, work out your Sales Funnel, create an irrestible free offer in exchange for an email name, and then launch your site. You start marketing yourself, getting mentioned in other places on the internet, press releases, articles, social media (just to name a few), and if your product or service is interesting enough to get visiters popping over to your site, you’ve done a great job! This entry was posted in Blog, Marketing and tagged customers, internet, irresistible offer, marketing, new website design, offer, technology on February 6, 2013 by Teena Hughes. This entry was posted in Blog, Marketing, Videos and tagged dropbox, easy, gmail, google, internet, lastpass, manage, marketing, skype, surveymonkey, technology on January 26, 2013 by Teena Hughes.
With the amazing free tools available on the internet, it’s possible to set up an entire marketing campaign -for free -cool! You could do some social media -Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin -choose the ones you’re most comfortable with. This entry was posted in Blog, Marketing, Videos and tagged blog posts, facebook, FAQs, How do I do marketing on a small budget, internet, linkedin, marketing, orum posts, PDFs, podcasts, presentations, press releases, Q&A, slideshows, small budget, technology, twitter, videos, web pages, white papers on January 25, 2013 by Teena Hughes. This entry was posted in Blog, Marketing, Questions and tagged find my video creation business, google, internet, location, marketing, questions, seo, technology, video seo on November 29, 2012 by Teena Hughes.
This entry was posted in Blog, Get Branded and tagged branding, internet, marketing, media, technology, teena hughes, testimonials, Why you need a Media page on November 19, 2012 by Teena Hughes. This entry was posted in Blog, Marketing and tagged branding, domains, hosting, how do i, internet, marketing, technology, websites on October 19, 2012 by Teena Hughes. These days everyone is pretty much overwhelmed by hype, pretence and blather – do you treat current customers like gold?

This entry was posted in Blog, Marketing, Twitter Tip and tagged clients, customers, internet, marketing, postcard, technology, Treat current customers like gold on October 18, 2012 by Teena Hughes.
Through the understanding of your business and by listening to your exact requirements, Pad Website Design will provide an online marketing solution that compliment other areas of your marketing portfolio.
If you are a new company that does not yet have branding or you are looking to rebrand, Pad Website Design can also help with this. A typical launchPad website functions as a simple online brochure and consists of a set of web pages with a contact form allowing visitors to contact you directly from the website. Once the template has been approved by the client, the template design is transposed into a W3C compliant XHTML code template set which can then be tested for ease of navigation and overall functionality.
Another interesting element to be noticed is the use of search option in the header; a new post on this topic will come soon!
It’s interesting to notice how hey highlight the optimization of their website with an image of a smartphone to show how it looks like.
It’s remarkable the use of pre-header to highlight the new mobile site, with a link and a call to action to drive subscribers directly to it. The interesting aspect of this communication is the offer of a free shipping to thanks subscribers’ loyalty. NewsletterMonitor is the benchmarking platform for email marketing with over 2 million emails from more than 10.000 brands. Many people type questions into a search engine and into Youtube, hoping to find an answer.

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