Why Website Conversion Optimization?Visual elements on a website—from colours, to images, to typography, all affect how people react and behave—a poorly structured page can give bad impressions to visitors, while an optimized one gives credibility to the product and services offered.
Website conversion optimization is the process of improving the way visitors interact with your website through optimizing visual elements by rearranging, enhancing or emphasizing certain visual elements to establish or improve visual hierarchy. Nova Solutions guarantees that your newly optimized website will generate at least twice of amount of business that the previous website did; over 9 years of experience and solid results have given us the knowledge required to tackle any website with confidence. Nova Solutions uses extensive monitoring and analysis in order to pinpoint exactly what aspects of the website can be improved in design or structure. Nova’s technical team in charge of conversion rate optimization works in close conjunction with a web interface designer who augments visual elements based on feedback, in order to achieve proper hierarchy and cohesion of visual elements. Whereas other services may be designed to increase the amount of visitor traffic to your website, website conversion optimization by Nova Solutions focuses on increasing the conversion rate for Toronto businesses—meaning the percentage of visitors that turn into costumers. Summary: Optimizing web videos has become more important as the use and size of videos has increased on the Web. While streaming-media files make up only a small portion of the total web objects on the average web page, less than 1.3% according to Levering & Cutler (2006), a small fraction of streaming media is responsible for nearly half of the streaming media traffic (Chesire et a.
Movies optimized for the web should be short in duration, small in dimension, and optimized with the appropriate codec.
Use this data rate formula to help target your movie for the right delivery medium (especially with H.264). After you've captured your video while minimizing noise edit any unnecessary frames and add titles and effects.
You'll need to make some decisions here to give the best compromise between quality and size. The unoptimized 30 second video we received was 6.8 MB and the optimized video was 816K at 360x240 and 544K at 234x156, more than ten times smaller. Increase conversions with adaptive multivariate testing to squeeze more leads out of your exiating traffic. Improve your site's look, usability and accessibility for a more credible and successful website.
If these things are important to you, they are likely also important to your website visitors. If your website falls behind in some of these areas, proper web page optimization may not be a luxury.
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Nova’s website conversion optimization for Toronto businesses aims to maximize the potential of these elements by careful rearrangement and revision. Website conversion optimization, when properly utilized, leads customers through a designated and established path to maximize the chances of success—by whatever metrics that success is measured.
The process also includes monitoring visitor behaviour as well as the effects of any paid advertising on conversion rate. The optimization process takes anywhere from two to three months depending on the traffic to the website.
The largest benefit of this process is the increase of efficiency in the website—through website conversion optimization, you can potentially double your business without increasing your advertising budget. We have seen movies that are 12 to 20 minutes long auto-loaded on home pages some 90-150MB in file size!
The key to optimizing movies on the web is to break them up into smaller segments that are a few minutes long at most.
Here is an example of the settings we used for optimizing a video in Quicktime Pro for a dentist (Fort Lauderdale Dentist) client we have in Florida (see Figure 2). First create a clean, noise-free video with the minimum amount of zooms, pans, and background detail and movement as possible.
With its acquisition of YouTube, Google now dominates the top video sharing sites with over 4.4 times as many unique users as its nearest competitor. Ask a friend or colleague for some honest feedback or, even better, get an objective evaluation by an Internet consultant specializing in web optimization. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.Be Sociable, Share! This can either be as simple as successfully transmitting information to the visitor, to something more complex such as booking an appointment or making a purchase. Monitoring precise conversion rates of the website allows for a better understanding of the website’s operations for both the client and Nova, who then can collaborate to find the best solutions to improve the function of the website; optimizing the website may include tasks as simple as rearranging certain elements to adding completely new functions. In fact, YouTube is responsible for about 10% of all traffic on the Internet (Nowak 2007) and is growing at over 162% a year (see Table 1). The more noise in your original, the less it can be compressed, and the larger the final result. People are more accepting of temporal compression (over time) than spatial compression (frame per frame). Edit out the parts of the movie that aren't essential to your message, crop fuzzy edges, and reduce the dimensions to keep them to a reasonable file size.

You must compress the size of your video so it can be successfully streamed (or downloaded) to your target audience.
Then prepare your video for compression by cropping fuzzy edges, adjusting contrast and gamma, and delete any unnecessary frames. Using a custom HTML rendering engine called WebSeer, the authors took a pseudo-random sample based on the DMOZ directory and found the proportion of image, text, form, and object usage and visual weight for the average web page. Google is preparing to be the next giant of telecommunications." A story about how Google is asking the FCC to buy up wireless spectrum.
If you can answer the questions above with “yes” ("my content is easy to read" etc.), chances are that your visitors will also like what they see. Through rearranging and adding or eliminating visual elements, the process increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the website—making it a more pleasant experience for the user, who is then more likely to recognize the company as a viable solution to whatever they are looking for.
Consequently the optimization of streaming media, movies in particular, is important to minimize load times, reduce bandwidth bills, and maximize web page speed.
You can cut the frame rate from 15fps to 10fps or even 8fps, each frame will have 50 percent more data per frame for the same file size, which will increase the quality of the picture. Less frustration and more satisfaction for your visitors will mean a better chance that you will see them again. This means: longer time spent per page and per visit, and a higher percentage of conversions from browser to customer.
The minimum dimensions should be 320x240 pixels, anything much smaller has less impact and is hard to view. Finally after editing out nonessential content, reducing dimensions and frame rate, optimize your videos with different codecs to see which creates the smallest acceptable file. Finally Episode Pro offers maximum control over video compression with the ability to compress to H.264, Flash, ipod, and other formats (see Figure 1).
Remember that doubling image size (320x240 to 640x480) requires a 4X (not 2X) increase in data rate.

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