How to get More Local Customers Today the first place that people look for a business is online using their mobile phone or computer. We’ve worked with countless businesses over the last few years, to help them improve their online reputation and to help them grow and reach new clients. Pinterest launched early in 2010 It was initially a closed beta project for a select group of users. To get the most out of social media for your business, You need to think of it in a completely different way than you would for your personal life. Facebook has long been one of the most powerful sites on the internet, and is definitely one of the most popular. Businesses Seem To Fall Into Two Clear Categories Online: Those that know how important their online presence is and who stay on top of it at all times, and those that dona€™t. It seems that the deal that Google struck with Twitter back in February this year, to make it easier to show Tweets on search is finally coming to fruition here in the UK.
Email Is Still One Of The Best Ways To keep in touch with both your customer base and people who are interested in your business but who may not be customers yet.
Every Time Somebody Types in a Local Search With a business identifier, for example, a€?dentist St Albansa€?, Google will list the businesses that it deems to be most relevant. If Therea€™s One Thing You Can Take For Granted About Digital Marketing, ita€™s that it changes all the time. Quite often we consult with business owners who are frustrated, No, down-right angry, that after investing heavily on a new website design their main competition and even businesses that they feel they are far better than, outrank them in Google and subsequently gain the majority of new business. When it comes to planning your website, Ita€™s not always easy to visualise all the key elements that you need to fit into it.
A  This week there was a story that made the national news About a lady who was so terrified of the dentist that she spent 10 years trying to fix her own teeth with superglue. Social Media is a really powerful marketing tool, After all it is where most of your customers spend their time online a€“ no matter what line of business you are in. Ita€™s Time To Re-Think Video Marketing Wea€™ve spent a lot of time recently talking about online videos and how great they are. 5 Steps To Create A Winning Video Marketing Strategy Video is a fantastic way to grab peoplea€™s attention, but it can also be expensive and time consuming to produce, something that leaves many small businesses feeling that ita€™s not worth their resources. Build An Unbreakable Chain Of Referrals Winning customers and keeping them is a huge part building a successful business, but the icing on the cake is having those customers send their friends, family and associates to you as a referral.
5 Ways To Add Social Proof To Your Website The term Social Proof seems to be popping up more and more in relation to brands and marketing, although the concept itself is far from new. Your Reputation Is and Always Has Been Your Biggest Competitive Advantage Reputation has always been important to any business.
Boost your Business Profile by Starting a Blog If getting in front of new customers is a priority for any business, getting in front of the biggest number of potential clients possible right now, for the least cost, is usually the main goal. Small Business Internet Marketing a€“ 7 Things Decision Makers Should Know The ways in which businesses can now communicate with potential and existing clients continues to grow at break neck pace. The Review of Reviews a€“ Why Opinions Matter Internet shopping and reviews have gone hand in hand for some time now.
The Most Expensive Thing in Your Business is a One Time Client Businesses of all sizes could do well to think more carefully about customer retention. Why Online Business Reputation Management Should be On Your Radar A lot of business leaders are so busy running their businesses that they dona€™t have time to focus on building marketing systems that get them new clients, let alone worry about their business reputation management online.
Take Responsibility For Your Online Reputation When it comes toA the positioning of your brand online, it might be easy to assume that the brand reputation you have spent years cultivating in the business world will come with it. 7 Ways To Get People To Visit Your Business Website Getting a new website is an exciting time for any business, but that joy can soon be overshadowed when you find out that visiting numbers are small and conversions are few and far between. This entry was posted in Regina's Thoughts and tagged event, foundation center, Why You Should Use Podcasting To Reach Your Audiences on April 9, 2015 by pse_marie.
If you have any type of website on the internet and want people searching to be able to find you, you want to be using Google Plus. This search was done on my computer so I went over to my Mom’s and got on her computer. Still number one in the search, still has my photo with the post but no Google+ symbol next to the post. My Magic Turtle Bars, Number one in the search and I haven’t even completed typing in the search.
That first post is of course me posting a photo on G+ with the link in the comments and and good hashtags.
Just start doing a few searches on Google, see where your posts are popping up and see who else pops up. Aimee, That’s one a lot of people are still trying to figure out, It may just be a matter of time for Google to update and make changes.
About that head and shoulder thing and why the results are different on your computer and your friend’s computer. Really wonderful post you put together.You definitely make it obvious that they do help our sites in the search engines. We are a family that loves baking, good food, good times spent with family and friends, and exploring new places. I used to think that, if my moisturizer already contained antioxidants, then buying a serum with antioxidants was just a waste of money. In fact, serums contain anti-aging or skin-lightening ingredients and barely anything else. Sign up to my newsletter and receive a free ebook, \"The Smart Girl\'s Guide To Moisturizers\"!

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Ia€™m also sure that if you have a business, youa€™ll also have some form of social media account for that business.
In business, social media isna€™t just about liking everything your friends do, or sharing pictures of all your meals. For small businesses in particular, keeping a steady flow of new clients coming through on top of serving existing clients and tackling the day to day running of your business can be a constant struggle.
Now instead of having 7 businesses represented in search results with local intent, there are only 3. And while this is something that has been a mere inevitably for a long time the data suggests that people are now more reliant on their mobile phones than ever before. It was a session designed specifically for small businesses who are aiming to grow through using Facebook. It seems there are countless different ways to attract peoplesa€™ attention, but unless you know how to execute any of them properly then standing out online can be virtually impossible.
So nowa€™s as good a time as any to take a moment to reflect whether or not you are on track to meet your annual goals. Ita€™s important to consider what the main of your website is, for example: Do you want to use it to attract new customers? If not, or if youa€™ve never even attempted any online marketing then youa€™re most likely missing out on a huge chunk of your potential customer base, even if you think that offline marketing suits you better. Unfortunately, very few businesses, whether B2B or B2C get their social media strategy right. Online Reviews are now used by consumers for almost all products and services to help them make purchase decisions, choose holidays or restaurants and to help make informed choices about local service providers such as Dentists, Estate Agents, Car Dealerships or Solicitors. The truth is though, that unless you are using video correctly it will add no value whatsoever to your business.
For many businesses, word of mouth and referrals from customers has been a big part of their growth strategy. One recent blog that caught my attention was The Morning Rituals Of 15 Highly Successful Small Business Owners. Would you prefer to build a business that no-one knows anything about, so that every new customer is hard won from cold calls? Letting more people know about your business today than yesterday is part and parcel of being in business, growing a business and ultimately making a success of business.
Wea€™ve said it many times before, but a website really is a non-negotiable part of doing business. As a business owner, when somebody publishes something online about your business which casts your business in a negative light for everyone to see it can be quite distressing. She has never looked at my website, doesn’t do GoogleA +, her computer is for playingA solitaire. The first 4 photos are mine, In fact, most of the first page was related in some way to my blog.
I’ve been going on about this for a while now but your post is full of really good evidence! I read an article from Joshua Berg the other day that talked about updating page rank and it may take a year for it to update. If you use recipe markup or a recipe plugin, there will be an image you have selected that appears in the recipe.
That’s what I do, 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes (sometimes more) at night for G+. I usually open up hangouts and put them in the background to listen to while I’m editing photos, multi-tasking! Over on the right of the top of the google search, you’ll see a head and shoulders and a globe. Many of our most cherished family times have been cooking together in the kitchen at holidays or family gatherings. Skincare gimmicks that suck your money dry but provide little benefits if you’re already using a well-formulated moisturizer. Moisturizers, on the other hand, are full of occlusive emollients that help keep skin hydrated by forming a barrier that prevents water loss, and thickeners that give them a richer texture.
Pour a pea-sized amount on your hand and apply it on your skin after a AHA or BHA exfoliant but before your moisturizer.
It also has antioxidant and hydrating properties, which makes it a great choice for mature, dry skin. I like hydrating serums, but it’s when I started using those with retinol and vitamin c that I saw a big improvement. I love serums, especially under makeup, because they’re usually lightweight, but moisturizing!
The follower limit is been in place as a way for Twitter to try and stop Spam accounts, or what it calls aggressive following. But been found online and getting new clients to select your business over your competition is even harder. Within a couple of months that plan was unrecognisable with reality so it was time to revaluate and replan.

Whether theya€™re researching a holiday destination, looking at cars or getting ideas for a project, the vast majority of browsers are browsing for information. Answering Yes because you uploaded a video to YouTube 3 years ago, or you invested in a corporate video of you in your 90a€™s power suit, does not count. Or would you want a business that people know about, trust and happily approach to do business with? Business Excellence in a Disruptive age Tom Peters says, a€?Excellent customer service is no longer good enough.
I spoke to a prospect earlier today who said that he doesna€™t do any marketing, online or otherwise. In this workshop, we’ll guide you in the process of planning a podcast that will work for your organization and your clients. She has a secret stash she hides from the kids and she has at least one bite of something chocolatey every day.
That image may also appear in search results, along with rating information if you have that.
After all, google still knows it’s you and your browsing history if you use the browser you always log in under, even on the globe. But one of the things I don’t like is this attitude that if someone adds you, you have to add them back.
We invite you into our kitchens to share our love of all things chocolate and more (other desserts and even some healthy options). Yep, a lot of skincare products are unnecessary gimmicks designed to separate you from your money, but serum isn’t one of them. These ingredients are good for skin, but they take up so much space that antioxidants tend to get lost in the formula. The barrier moisturizers create on the skin keep water in but can also keep active ingredients out. I sometimes skip the moisturizer on my oily t-zone, but on my dry cheeks, it’s a must. Up to now I used only hydrating serums and now I’ve started with Vitamin C, anti-ageing, oil blends and different anti-oxidants. Which affordable serum You would recommend for this type of skin and which moisturizer will go well with it?
Posted by Leif Martinez - May 17, 2011 - Bing, Business, Facebook - No Comments BufferPin It I dare you to search for a product review in Google!
She creates easy recipes any skill level can achieve to satisfy the sweet tooth in everyone! I did just do a search of your Lemonade Fudge and the results were just like the ones above, right at the top!
And masks may provide a nice pampering experience and a much needed pick me up when your skin is particularly dull and lacklustre. It’s only when, in my mid 20s, I started taking anti-aging seriously, that I began wondering whether I should add a serum to my skincare routine.
If you apply a serum after your moisturizer, it won’t penetrate skin, and therefore work, as well. We all know how it will play out…You will waste time searching through the results to find a relevant answer! In the personalized search it weighs information based on your connections and other google searches. I’ve started putting people in this circle that might end up being someone I want to continue to follow.
Your posts will always be more important in the personalized search – so will those by people you know. In plain English, there is too much crap out there that games the SEO search results that feed into Google, producing less that qualified results. How do you fix this…use Bing!You remember that little blue icon we now see on almost every website with the word “Like”. When you feel it’s relevant, please tap that bad boy, because you are doing your friends a huge favor! Little did you know, you are an unofficial Facebook employee doing your due diligence; by cleaning up the crap results that pull up when doing an online search.
And don’t think of calling Facebook HQ and asking for a paycheck either, the last time we checked Facebook was FREE!
Well, when you combine Microsoft Bing and the juice of the “Like” button you get some really amazing results!Those amazing results are a by-product of your Facebook friends clicking on the “Like” button. This in turn, displays the content that your Facebook friends have “Liked” in the top search results of Bing!
And the really cool factor- it shows you a small thumbnail picture of your friend that has liked the page! Isn’t that why you were clicking the “Like” button, to tell your friends?Don’t you think it’s time to install the “Like” button on your business website? Martinez Named after Leif Ericson, Leif is the Founder and CEO of Jigsaw Social Media based out of Los Angeles, Ca. When he’s not discovering the latest social media tools and working on social media strategies, he can be found snowboarding in Mammoth, surfing in the Pacific or on the motocross track.

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