Why on earth microsoft can’t make things easy and just include an mp-4 extension for media player automaticly is baffling! Divx is an option would it not be that you get all in Chinese because they link you to it at the divx webpage ( why nobody can tell or knows ).. To solve this issue, download Elecard MPEG-4 Codec Pack or try Faasoft Video Converter to change MP4 to WMP supported formats. Just google search Step by Step Guide to Convert MP4 to Windows Media Player with iDealshare VideoGo, you will find a detailed guide.
There is another chance that you can play .mp4 files directly on your computer and no extra plugins needed.
Windows Media player is the most popular video player build-in all windows system, ita€™s free and easy-to-use.
Codecs are nothing more than interpreters that tell Windows Media Player how to play a file. Basic a€“ As its name suggests, the Basic package contains the codecs needed to play the most popular file formats in Windows Media Player.
Standard a€“ The Standard package contains everything included in the Basic package plus a number of other useful codecs including the MPEG-2 codec for DVDs. Full a€“ The Full package contains everything in the Standard package plus the more popular ACM and VFE codecs. Mega a€“ The king of audio codec packages, the Mega contains everything included in the Full package plus additional ACM and VFW codecs and additional DirectShow filters.

64-bit a€“ Even though Windows Media Player is a 32-bit application, you still need the 64-bit K-Lite download in addition to a 32-bit package listed above. When you select a file to download from Codec Guide, you will be offered a number of downloads and locations. When setting up the media player for the first time it gives you a list of file extensions to play and nowhere in there is mp-4. Most phones only have mp-4 extenions, how the heck are you suppose to play them on your computer?? If it doesn’t work in Windows Media Player though I recommend you just download and use VLC for those files.
Why not try Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player for free, which can Play any videos or audios like MP4, MOV and RMVB, etc. Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player is a versatile media player dealing with almost all the media formats including Blu-ray. Unfortunately, windows media player supports only certain kinds of files because it only ships with certain video and audio codes, not works for camera mp4 or mov video, YouTube downloaded flv video, blu-ray ripped mkv video, etc.
This is like how a web browser interprets the information from a website so it knows how to display it on your monitor.
This pack is available in five varieties and your choices depend on whether you are running the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 7. As the website explains, this is because Windows Media Center and Windows Explorer are 64-bit applications.

In fact, a recent survey on a technology site showed just as many users using this pack as the official Microsoft pack. VLC is widely known as a player that plays everything and it’s invaluable on any computer because of that. But with some extra codes installed, Windows Media Player can be more powerful to supports almost all video formats.
Which mirror site to choose for downloading is irrelevant because they all lead to the same file. And this step by step guide will teach you how to install the right code to enable windows media player plays mp4, mov, mkv, flv, ts, HD video. According to the Windows Media Player Help file, it does ship with the most common codecs including Windows Media Audio, Windows Media Video, and MP3.
Now, you can use windows media player to play almost all video formats including AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, MOV, TS, MOD, MKV, FLV, M2TS video, etc.

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